8 Proven Ways to Fix Photos Not Loading from SD Card

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A awesome galore group reported that they failed to load photograph successful SD card. Why my pictures won't load from SD card? How to retrieve photos from SD paper and hole nan issue? Now, let’s research nan answers together pinch MiniTool Partition Wizard.

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As we each know, SD cards are wide utilized representation cards by group to shop information connected cameras, phones, PCs, and more. However, tons of group brushwood various issues while utilizing an SD card, specified arsenic “Nikon camera not recognizing SD card”, “SD paper transferring truthful slow”, “SD paper showing incorrect size” and “failed to load photograph successful SD card”. Here’s a personification study from nan answers.microsoft.com forum:

My pictures won't load from SD card. I person an SD paper connected my laptop arsenic added memory. I added nan image files from my SD paper (D:) to nan room locations but grounded to load photos. I want to support them connected nan SD paper arsenic nan laptop has constricted storage. Is location a hole for this?https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum

Why My Pictures Won’t Load from SD Card

According to personification reports, nan “photos not loading from SD card” rumor often occurs erstwhile loading pictures connected cameras aliases computers. There are different imaginable reasons why you grounded to load photograph successful SD card; nan astir communal ones are:

  • Loose relationship betwixt nan SD paper and nan camera aliases PC
  • Incompatible image record format
  • Missing thrust missive connected nan SD card
  • Outdated aliases incompatible SD paper driver
  • Corrupted aliases unreadable SD card
  • SD paper infected by microorganism aliases malware
  • Incompatible record strategy pinch your device

Recover Photos from nan SD Card arsenic Soon arsenic Possible

Before you hole nan “picture won’t load from SD card” error, we highly urge you retrieve each important information from nan paper arsenic soon arsenic possible. This is because nan rumor whitethorn bespeak nan SD paper gets corrupted. If you proceed redeeming caller photos connected nan SD card, nan erstwhile information mightiness beryllium overwritten and cannot beryllium recoverable.

How to recover photos from nan SD card? MiniTool Partition Wizard is simply a master data recovery instrumentality that tin retrieve mislaid information from difficult drives, USB drives, SD cards, and more. Besides, it’s a multifunctional disk and partition head that tin extend/resize/move/copy/format partitions, partition difficult drive, person MBR to GPT, clone difficult drive, etc.

MiniTool Partition Wizard DemoClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Step 1. Insert nan SD paper into nan machine and motorboat MiniTool Partition Wizard to participate its main interface.

Step 2. Select nan SD thrust missive under Logical Drives and click Scan. Alternatively, you tin spell to the Devices tab, prime nan SD card, and click Scan.

click Data Recovery connected MiniTool

Step 3. Then hold for nan scan to complete. If you person recovered your derided pictures during nan scanning, click Pause or Stop to get instant information recovery. Also, you tin click Find and type File name in nan hunt barroom to find your desired files quickly.

Step 4. Once nan scan is complete, cheque each items that you request to retrieve and click on Save. You tin click connected Preview to preview nan photos.

click Save connected MiniTool

Step 5. In nan pop-up window, prime a directory aliases thrust to prevention nan selected files and click on OK. Note that you’d amended retrieve nan photos to different drive. Otherwise, nan lost/deleted information could beryllium overwritten.

select a location to prevention recovered information connected MiniTool

Now, you tin commencement fixing nan “photos won’t import from SD card” rumor without immoderate concern.

How to Fix nan “Failed to Load Photo successful SD Card” Error

How to hole it if you can’t load photos successful SD card? Don’t worry. Here we summarize 8 feasible ways to hole nan issue. Let’s effort them successful bid until nan problem gets solved.

# 1. Check nan SD Card Connection

First of all, you should cheque if nan SD is connected to your camera aliases machine properly. To do this work, you tin unplug nan SD paper from your instrumentality and reconnect it to different device/port aliases usage different paper reader, past spot if nan SD paper works. If it still doesn’t work, nan “picture not loading successful SD card” rumor tin beryllium caused by different factors. Just move down to nan pursuing solutions.

# 2. Check nan Image File Format Compatibility

If nan image record format is not compatible pinch your phone, camera, aliases computer, you whitethorn brushwood nan “photos not loading from SD card” error. Usually, record formats for illustration PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, and AVI are wide supported by Windows computers and phones. However, if your pictures person a peculiar record extension, you tin effort converting nan record format to a supported one.

# 3. Assign a Drive Letter for nan SD Card

If nan image won’t load from SD paper connected Windows computers, you tin unfastened Disk Management and spot if nan SD paper thrust missive is missing aliases marked arsenic “*”. If it is, travel nan steps beneath to delegate a thrust missive for nan SD paper truthful that Windows tin admit it.

Step 1. Press nan Win + X keys to unfastened nan discourse paper and prime Disk Management.

Step 2. Right-click nan SD paper and prime Change Drive Letter and Path.


Sometimes you whitethorn brushwood nan “Change thrust missive and paths greyed out” issue. Don’t worry. This post tin thief you lick nan problem.

change Drive missive and paths

Step 3. Click connected Change and prime a thrust missive from nan drop-down menu. Then click connected OK > Yes to corroborate nan change.

Once completed, reconnect nan SD paper and cheque if nan “photos won’t import from SD card” rumor gets fixed.

# 4. Uninstall aliases Update nan Disk Driver

Sometimes nan SD paper driver whitethorn get outdated aliases corrupted, triggering nan “failed to load photograph successful representation card” error. In this case, you tin effort uninstalling aliases updating nan disk driver.

Step 1. Right-click nan Start icon from nan near bottommost surface and prime Device Manager.

Step 2. Expand nan Disk drives category, right-click nan SD paper driver, and prime Uninstall device. Then click connected Uninstall and hold for nan uninstallation to complete.

select Uninstall device

Step 3. Once uninstalled, spell to nan Action tab and prime Scan for hardware changes to reinstall nan disk driver.

select Scan for hardware changes

Now, you tin reboot your strategy and re-plug nan paper to cheque if nan “picture not loading successful SD card” correction disappears.

# 5. Repair nan SD Card Errors

If nan SD paper gets corrupted aliases unreadable, you can’t load photos successful SD card. Here you tin usage nan CHKDSK to check and repair nan SD paper errors. For that:

Step 1. Press the Win + R keys to unfastened the Run dialog box, and past type cmd in it and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys altogether to unfastened nan elevated Command Prompt window.

Step 2. Type nan pursuing bid and press Enter to repair nan SD card. Here you request to replace with nan thrust missive of your SD card.

CHKDSK L: /f /r /x

run CHKDSK successful CMD

However, if nan CHKDSK utilty gets stuck into immoderate issues, specified arsenic “CHKDSK taking forever” and “CHKDSK write-protected error”, usage nan anternative – MiniTool Partition Wizard. This package tin thief you cheque bad sectors and repair record strategy errors connected nan SD paper quickly.

MiniTool Partition Wizard FreeClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

check SD Card correction utilizing MiniTool

# 6. Check nan Virus Infection

Sometimes nan SD paper whitethorn beryllium infected microorganism aliases malware accidentally if you shop immoderate untrusted information connected nan card. In this case, we urge you execute a microorganism scan for nan SD paper utilizing your antivirus package aliases Windows Security. Here’s really to cheque that utilizing Windows Security.

Step 1. Type virus in nan hunt container and click the Virus & threat protection app from nan apical result.

Step 2. Click the Scan options inside the Windows Security window connected nan correct panel.

Step 3. Select Full scan, click Scan now to commencement nan afloat microorganism scan, and hold for nan process to complete. If immoderate suspicious malware is scanned, region them instantly and restart your PC to cheque if nan “failed to load photograph successful representation card” correction is gone.

select Full scan connected Windows Security

# 7. Remove nan Write-Protection from nan SD Card

If you alteration nan write-protection for nan memory, nan image won’t load from SD card. In this case, you tin travel nan guideline beneath to region nan constitute protection from nan card.

Step 1. Open nan Run box again, type diskpart,and hit Enter to entree nan Diskpart utility.

Step 2. Type nan pursuing bid and hit Enter after each 1 to clear nan constitute protection successful nan SD card.

  • list disk
  • select disk * (* mention to nan disk number of nan representation card)
  • attributes disk clear readonly
clear publication only utilizing DiskPart

# 8. Reformat nan SD Card

If nary of nan supra solutions tin hole nan “photos won’t import from SD card” issue, you whitethorn see reformatting nan SD paper to its normal state. This process will delete each files connected nan SD card, truthful we urge you retrieve nan SD paper to different location first arsenic we person shown above. After that, you tin travel nan steps beneath to format nan SD paper to a supported record system.

Step 1. Open nan DiskPart window arsenic we conscionable explained above.

Step 2. In nan pop-up window, type nan pursuing commands successful bid and property Enter after each 1 to reformat nan card.

  • list disk
  • select disk * (replace * pinch nan disk number of your SD card)
  • list partition
  • select partition 1
  • format fs=ntfs quick
format SD paper to NTFS utilizing diskpart

However, nan DiskPart instrumentality has immoderate limitations and often runs into immoderate errors, specified arsenic “can’t format a thrust larger than 32GB to FAT32 aliases exFAT”. “DiskPart format stuck astatine 0%”, etc. Under these situations, you tin usage an expertized SD paper formatter – MiniTool Partition Wizard. It tin format a thrust to NTFS/FAT32/exFAT/Ext4, person NTFS to FAT32 without information loss, and vice versa.

MiniTool Partition Wizard FreeClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

format a thrust utilizing MiniTool

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Now, present comes nan extremity of this post. We person illustrated 8 effective ways to hole nan “picture not loading successful SD card” error. Have you immoderate different solutions to this problem? Please stock them pinch america successful nan pursuing remark area.

In addition, if you person encountered immoderate questions astir MiniTool Partition Wizard, don’t hesitate to interaction america via [email protected] and we will thief you arsenic soon arsenic possible.

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