8 Handy Windows 10 & 11 Command Shortcuts You Can Set Up With NirCmd

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You tin usage NirCmd to make your ain keyboard and desktop shortcuts. Here are immoderate useful commands to get you started.

A Windows 10 laptop

The NirCmd package is simply a command-line instrumentality you tin utilize wrong nan Command Prompt connected immoderate Windows platform. That package enables you to execute galore commands that execute Windows tasks. Some of nan NirCmd commands you tin execute are very useful.

However, it’s not perfect to manually input NirCmd commands to transportation retired Windows tasks. It’s overmuch amended to create Windows 11/10 desktop and hotkey shortcuts for activating nan NirCmd tasks whenever needed. This is really you tin group up respective useful Windows bid shortcuts pinch NirCmd.

How to Set Up NirCmd Command Desktop Shortcuts

You tin group up NirCmd bid shortcuts by creating Windows desktop shortcuts for them. Then you tin delegate hotkeys for activating nan NirCmd commands to their Windows desktop shortcuts. However, first, you must download and extract nan NirCmd command-line inferior arsenic follows:

  1. Open this NirCmd download webpage successful browser software.
  2. Then scroll correct to nan bottommost of that page and click nan Download_NirCmd_64-bit nexus there.
    The Download_NirCmd 64-bit nexus
  3. Next, open File Explorer and spell to nan directory wherever nan NirCmd ZIP archive has been downloaded.
  4. Follow nan instructions successful our how-to unzip files guideline to extract nan nircmd.zip archive. Extract nan NirCmd files to this personification directory path: C:\Users\nircmd-x64

Now that you’ve downloaded and extracted nan NirCmd utility, you tin group up desktop shortcuts for executing nan commands below. These are nan steps for creating a Windows desktop shortcut for a NirCmd command:

  1. Click immoderate area of your Windows desktop pinch nan mouse’s correct fastener and prime nan New and Shortcut options.
    The Shortcut action
  2. Then input (or transcript and paste) 1 of nan NirCmd commands beneath successful nan point location container arsenic follows: C:\Users\nircmd-x64\nircmd.exe NirCmd command
    The Create Shortcut window
  3. Click Next to proceed to nan last measurement successful nan shortcut wizard.
  4. Input a suitable sanction for your NirCmd bid shortcut and prime OK.

The point location container must see nan afloat way of nan extracted nircmd.exe record and 1 of nan NirCmd commands specified below. You will request to modify nan location specified supra by replacing NirCmd command pinch an existent command. For example, you would request to input nan pursuing to create a desktop shortcut for nan first NirCmd bid specified below:

C:\Users\nircmd-x64\nircmd.exe nircmd.exe emptybin

Of course, that desktop shortcut will only activity if you extract NirCmd to nan Users files arsenic instructed above. You tin extract NirCmd anyplace you wish, but nan afloat way of that software’s extracted record must beryllium included successful nan point location container earlier nan command. You tin spot nan afloat way for nan nircmd.exe record by right-clicking it and selecting Properties.

A NirCmd record path

When you’ve created desktop shortcuts for nan commands below, spell up and effort them out. Double-clicking nan desktop shortcuts will execute nan NirCmd commands they’re based on.

How to Set Up NirCmd Command Keyboard Shortcuts

It’s much convenient to person hotkeys for executing nan NirCmd commands. You tin create NirCmd bid hotkeys for desktop shortcuts for illustration this:

  1. Right-click connected a NirCmd desktop shortcut to prime Properties.
  2. Click successful nan Shortcut container and property a cardinal operation to group up a Ctrl + Alt aliases Ctrl + Shift hotkey.
    The Shortcut cardinal container
  3. Then prime Apply to prevention your hotkey.
  4. Click OK to exit nan shortcut’s properties window.

Now property your keyboard shortcut to activate nan NirCmd bid desktop shortcut. However, don’t delete nan NirCmd desktop shortcuts for which you’ve created hotkeys. The hotkeys won’t activity without them.

If you for illustration not to clutter your desktop pinch shortcuts, you tin move them into a subfolder. To do so, right-click nan desktop to prime New > Folder and input a directory title. Drag and driblet nan shortcuts into nan files connected nan desktop.

Examples of Handy Commands You Can Create With NirCmd

Now you tin group up NirCmd desktop and keyboard bid shortcuts that do each kinds of things. Here are 8 useful NirCmd commands to create shortcuts for.

1. Empty nan Recycle Bin

A keyboard shortcut for emptying nan Recycle Bin would undoubtedly beryllium handy, but Windows doesn’t person one. You tin create a desktop shortcut aliases hotkey for emptying nan Recycle Bin pinch this NirCmd command:

nircmd.exe emptybin

2. Center Align All Windows

This NirCmd bid will centrally align each restored down windows. It’s a useful bid for organizing windows connected nan desktop. The bid for centrally aligning windows is:

nircmd.exe win center alltop

3. Log Out of Windows

A hotkey for signing retired of your Windows personification account would beryllium useful. You tin create specified a keyboard shortcut pinch this NirCmd command:

nircmd.exe exitwin logoff

4. Read Out nan Copied Clipboard Item

This NirCmd bid will publication retired nan astir precocious copied matter point connected nan Windows clipboard. Creating a hotkey for it will springiness you a convenient measurement to cheque what matter you’ve copied to nan clipboard. The NirCmd bid for reference a copied clipboard point aloud is:

nircmd.exe speak matter ~$clipboard$

5. Activate Your Windows 11/10 Screensaver

Do you person a screensaver group that you emotion viewing? If so, group up a NirCmd bid shortcut that enables you to instantly activate that screensaver. You tin create a desktop and keyboard shortcut for activating nan screensaver pinch this NirCmd command:

nircmd.exe screensaver

6. Close All Open File Explorer Windows

This NirCmd bid shortcut closes each unfastened File Explorer windows. It will travel successful useful erstwhile you request to adjacent tons of Explorer files windows. The NirCmd bid for closing each unfastened File Explorer windows is:

nircmd.exe triumph adjacent class CabinetWClass

7. Keep nan Calculator connected Top of All Windows

The pre-installed Calculator app is 1 galore users nary uncertainty request erstwhile browsing nan web aliases utilizing different package packages. You tin create a NirCmd bid shortcut that ever keeps Calculator connected apical of different windows erstwhile you’re utilizing that app. To do so, you’ll request to input this bid wrong a desktop shortcut’s point location box:

nircmd.exe triumph settopmost title "Calculator" 1

8. Set nan Brightness Level

This NirCmd bid shortcut will alteration you to set a surface brightness level by pressing a hotkey. Activating this bid changes nan brightness level group wrong Settings. The bid needs to see a brightness worth to set. For example, a NirCmd bid for mounting nan brightness level to 60 percent looks for illustration this:

nircmd.exe setbrightness 60 3

Create Handy Windows Task Shortcuts With NirCmd

Those are conscionable a fewer useful Windows tasks for which you tin create desktop and keyboard shortcuts pinch NirCmd commands. This NirCmd bid reference page shows location are 105 NirCmd commands disposable for creating Windows task shortcuts. So, you tin besides create Windows task shortcuts for adjusting nan volume, mounting show resolution, restarting File Explorer, redeeming screenshots, converting images, and overmuch more!

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