8 Essential Factors to Consider When Buying a USB Cable

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Key Takeaways

  • When buying a USB cable, see nan cablegram type and connector. USB-C is nan latest and astir celebrated option, but USB-A and USB-B are still successful use.
  • USB versions find information transportation speeds and different features. USB4 is nan fastest version, but newer versions ever connection faster speeds. Look for color-coded ports to differentiate betwixt generations.
  • Data transportation velocity is an important facet to consider. USB4 has theoretical transportation rates of up to 120 Gbps, but a USB 3.x cablegram should beryllium nan minimum to purpose for. Consider your needs for transferring ample files.

Buying a USB cablegram wasn't ever arsenic analyzable arsenic it is today, but nan advent of USB-C, USB 3.0, and USB4 paved nan measurement for a jumble of standards that leaves astir users confused astir nan correct cablegram to choose.

If you are successful nan marketplace for a caller USB cable, you will cognize location are galore different variables to consider. So, we will look astatine nan astir important variables 1 by 1 arsenic intimately arsenic we tin to thief you take a USB cablegram that suits your needs and preferences.

1. Cable Type and Connector

USB-C Connector

The first and astir important facet to see erstwhile selecting a USB cablegram is the cablegram type and connector. USB cables travel successful various shapes and sizes, specified arsenic USB-A, USB-B, USB-C, and micro USB.

Due to its position arsenic nan latest and nan greatest, you typically cannot spell incorrect pinch a USB-C cable, arsenic astir modern laptops and smartphones person astatine slightest 1 USB-C port. USB-C has respective unsocial features that thief it guidelines retired from different USB connectors. USB-A and USB-B ports are still successful usage but becoming little celebrated pinch time.

2. USB Version

Computer USB 3.0, mike, headphone, and USB 2.0 jacksImage Credit: Bubba73/Wikimedia Commons

USB exertion has evolved from nan very first procreation successful nan precocious 90s to nan astir caller version, released successful August 2019. Today, nan prevailing generations are USB 2.0, USB 3.0 (with its sub-releases) and USB4.

The numbered generations do not picture nan connector type designated by nan letters A, B, and C. The USB type determines information transportation rates, charging speeds (in immoderate cases), support for alternate modes, and moreover connector type (as of USB4). As a given, newer versions of USB ever connection faster information transportation speeds and improved wide performance.

Color codes and logos are usually utilized to separate betwixt USB generations and different features successful USB devices. For example, a USB Type-A larboard tin beryllium color-coded bluish aliases person nan initials SS adjacent to it to bespeak a 3.0 aliases SuperSpeed Port. USB 3.0 and USB4 ports are typically colored bluish to differentiate them from older ports.

The disorder associated pinch USB devices from nan 3rd Generation upwards is further compounded by nan USB Implementers Forum's insistence connected changing nan naming strategy each fewer years.

With nan newest naming scheme, nan erstwhile "SuperSpeed" and "SuperSpeed + transportation speed" branding has been deprecated successful favour of a caller strategy that uses nan syntax "USB XGbps," wherever X is nan velocity of transportation successful Gb/s, arsenic good arsenic nan Power Delivery rating.

USB Performance LogosImage Credit: Enabling USB

3. Data Transfer Speed

Closely related to nan past factor, nan information transportation velocity of nan USB cablegram is different point you request to see erstwhile buying a USB cable, particularly if you often transportation ample files betwixt devices.

Data transportation velocity is wished chiefly by nan USB version. The USB4 modular is nan fastest USB type arsenic of nan clip of penning and boasts theoretical transportation rates arsenic precocious arsenic 120 Gbps. You whitethorn not request that overmuch throughput, but a USB 3.x cablegram should beryllium nan minimum to purpose for if you bargain a USB cable.

4. USB Power Delivery and Alternate Modes

USB Power Delivery is simply a modular that lets USB-C cables transportation capable wattage to power-demanding devices specified arsenic difficult drives, laptops, and fast-charge mobile phones. USB Power Delivery is 1 of galore alternate modes featured successful nan USB-C protocol and tin present up to 240W of power.

All USB-C cables connection Power Delivery functionality, but not each of them tin proviso up to 240W. You tin place those that do by checking nan spec expanse aliases nan logo connected nan connector.

Alternate Modes specified arsenic DisplayPort, HDMI Alt Mode, Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL), and Thunderbolt are coming successful full-featured USB cables. These features whitethorn aliases whitethorn not beryllium captious to your usage case, but they are worthy having if you tin salary nan accrued value to get them.

5. Cable Length

long usb charging cable

All USB cables person a magnitude limit, that is, a definite predetermined length, aft which nan USB signals statesman to deteriorate. This maximum cablegram magnitude differs betwixt USB generations. USB 1.0 has a magnitude limit of 9 feet, USB 2.0 tops retired astatine 16 feet, and USB 3 and its revisions person a applicable magnitude limit wrong nan scope of six to 9 feet. Technically, a cablegram tin spell past nan stated lengths, but it would importantly impact its usability.

If you request a longer USB cable, buying an progressive USB cablegram is nan easiest option. These progressive cables usually person physics circuits that heighten nan information signals sent done them, extending them past nan maximum recommended length.

6. Price & Affordability

With USB cables, arsenic pinch thing else, you mostly get what you salary for. For this reason, it becomes basal to onslaught a equilibrium betwixt affordability and quality. A flimsy, generic USB cablegram will beryllium overmuch cheaper than 1 from a well-known brand. That is not to opportunity that no-name brands are incapable of making bully cables, but it is not nan norm.

Also, caller USB connector types and standards thin to costs much than older ones because they incorporated faster and much powerful technology. For example, you tin expect to walk thing from $25-$30 connected a full-featured USB-C cable, while a USB 3.0 Type-A cablegram usually costs little than $10.

7. Build Quality

Pink and Purple Braided USB A to Micro B CableImage Credit: Adafruit Industries/Flickr

The durability of a USB cablegram becomes much important pinch wave of use. For instance, a charging cablegram has to beryllium much durable than 1 utilized for transferring information occasionally.

USB receptacles are usually rated for a maximum number of insertion and removal cycles, and USB-C receptacles are rather durable astatine 10,000 full cycles. However, this number only applies to nan receptacle, not nan USB cable.

Although location is nary modular for testing nan durability of USB cables, immoderate manufacturers execute crook tests connected their cables and merchandise "bend ratings," that is, nan number of bends nan cablegram tin strengthen earlier it ceases to function.

You should besides support an oculus retired for features specified arsenic reinforced connectors, heavy conductors (<25 AWG), and braided nylon shielding, arsenic they usually make for a much durable cable.

8. Certification and Reviews/Ratings

The USB-IF has a programme for testing USB cables to verify that they meet value standards and support nan features they declare to. USB-IF-certified cables must see nan descriptive bandwidth and powerfulness standing logos mentioned earlier.

A bully number of nan USB cables you will find will not beryllium certified, though, truthful support that successful mind. Uncertified cables are usually little expensive, but they tin beryllium a gamble.

Whether buying a certified aliases uncertified cable, you should return nan clip to publication reviews from different customers. Actual, written experiences of erstwhile buyers whitethorn show you much astir a cable's capacity and durability than nan spec expanse will.

Take Your Time When Buying a USB Cable

Hopefully, now that you're equipped pinch our database of things to spell complete earlier you outpouring for a caller USB cable, you are successful a amended position to take nan correct cablegram for you and your devices. It is champion to support successful mind that nan disorder pinch USB ne'er really goes away, it only gets amended pinch time.

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