8 Creative Content Ideas for Authors on TikTok

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When it comes to trading yourself arsenic an author, societal media tin beryllium nan astir nosy and businesslike tool. TikTok is particularly useful for building a loyal following, but you must beryllium meticulous astir what you station if you want success.

We’re going to talk imaginative contented ideas and tips for authors connected TikTok to thief get you started. They tin found your imaginative marque and books, arsenic good arsenic your personality. As viewers prosecute pinch your posts and profile, your fame connected nan level will grow.

1. Introduce Yourself and Your Platforms

You’ve weighed nan pros and cons of signing up connected TikTok and decided it’s worthy a try. But don’t unreserved in. Spend immoderate clip getting to cognize really nan societal app works.

For starters, acquisition nan rabbit spread for yourself and study what to debar pinch your brand. Then, make a statement of fun TikTok contented ideas for creators, get other insights from authors connected TikTok pinch thousands of likes, research your disposable tools, and commencement readying your ain content.

A bully station to footwear disconnected your debut connected TikTok is an introductory video, ideally nary longer than 60 seconds. Showing your look and talking consecutive astatine your assemblage builds rapport faster, but you tin conscionable usage images, text, and euphony aliases a voice-over to relay what you want.

Tell your viewers who you are, what you’ve written, and what you scheme to connection done your TikToks. You tin stock further details, for illustration a website and different societal networks you use, but don’t overcomplicate nan video. Expect short attraction spans connected TikTok.

2. Content About Your Books

The adjacent imaginative and basal contented thought to effort arsenic a TikTok writer is simply a bid of posts pinch specifications astir your publications, whether they’re books, short stories, poetry, aliases thing else.

Tell your viewers astir nan genres you specialize successful and what inspired you to moreover commencement writing. Talk astir your beingness and characters, from their backgrounds and beingness characteristics to their cardinal quotes. Explain what themes motivate you nan astir and why.

As you travel up pinch much and much book promo ideas, see nan best ways to usage hashtags connected TikTok. Always usage #booktok, for example, to make judge your videos scope nan platform’s immense literate community. Find different celebrated tags applicable to your book, brand, and each post’s purpose. Bookmark hashtags, too, truthful that you don’t miss a beat.

3. Content About Your Creative Writing Process

Besides readers, your floor plan mightiness beryllium of liking to chap writers, truthful don’t hide to link pinch them, too. In fact, nan astir effective contented from authors connected TikTok is location to instruct and inspire.

Feel free to stock techniques and devices that thief you scheme your plots, enrich characters, edit books, and flooded writer’s block. Be honorable astir nan perks and obstacles you meet, arsenic good arsenic really you tackle them. Use joke and bully connection to resonate pinch a wide scope of viewers.

From there, you tin beryllium arsenic method arsenic you wish. If you usage package that imaginative writers mightiness love, specified arsenic Canva aliases Scrivener, create tutorials astir them. If you’re an master successful communicative structures aliases nan history of your chosen genre, why not nutrient bite-sized insights? You’d amended group while boosting your reputation.

4. Traditional and Self-Publishing Advice

Your instructive videos tin besides attraction connected your publishing journey, thing that budding and seasoned authors are ever funny about. They’re eager to study from different writers.

Tell stories astir your experiences pinch agents, publishers, beta readers, bookstores, and truthful on. Give proposal connected thing you yourself would’ve liked to cognize astir earlier getting published.

Again, make nan astir of hashtags to scope nan correct people. And station consistently truthful that anyone willing successful specified contented tin study to place and spot your posts.

5. Books You Love aliases Hate to Read

Other topics you tin attraction connected are genres, tropes, aliases immoderate bookish facet you love. By choosing to talk a definite niche—and tagging your station correctly—you summation entree to its fans connected TikTok, who mightiness beryllium willing successful what you person to say.

Your contented could beryllium astir caller book purchases for your #tbr pile, nan types of stories you enjoy, book covers you find beautiful, and moreover tropes aliases authors you debar for illustration nan plague.

Negative TikToks tin really beryllium very effective successful turning heads, but they must beryllium tasteful. For example, a constructive breakdown of why a definite writer doesn’t entreaty to you is amended than a 10-minute rant astir a book you hate.

In general, beryllium observant astir what you opportunity successful posts, comments, and messages to avoid getting banned from TikTok. Content violations scope from spreading misinformation to utilizing words for illustration “dead” and “cigarettes”.

6. Book Reviews

Book reviews are very celebrated connected TikTok, truthful this is 1 of nan champion contented ideas for authors. If you publication a lot, it’s besides a awesome action for speedy and easy posts to capable your provender and build your instrumentality base.

Let your followers cognize what you’re reference correct now and what you deliberation of it. Whenever you decorativeness a book, you tin reappraisal it by itself aliases alongside a fewer others group should cognize about. Get your look successful your videos aliases make them each astir nan books.

Keep an oculus retired for BookTok trends you tin subordinate to heighten nan effect of each post. Even better, you’d beryllium helping nan publishing industry. According to Mailchimp’s report, 2021 saw TikTok origin a 5 percent summation successful income for nan UK’s Publishers Association, a 220 percent profit maturation for Bloomsbury, and nan waste of 826 cardinal book copies successful nan US.

7. Content About You arsenic a Person

You don’t person to beryllium each business connected TikTok. In fact, much individual posts tin link pinch viewers amended than perfectly edited presentations.

This is simply a awesome opportunity to use matter posts connected TikTok and stock regular thoughts aliases quotes. If thing funny, wonderful, aliases horrible happened to you, show your followers astir it, respond to comments, and get a speech going.

Just support your marque successful mind erstwhile creating specified content. It shouldn’t beryllium sloppy aliases inappropriate, for starters. Keep it friendly, engaging, and a affirmative reflection of you arsenic an author.

8. Stitch aliases Duet Other TikTok Creatives

If you’re emotion brave, you tin usage different creators’ posts to get a connection across. Firstly, study how to duet connected TikTok, which lets you respond aliases adhd to videos.

You whitethorn conscionable want to item and show appreciation for someone’s content, but you tin besides effort nosy collaborations. If you for illustration to sing, cosplay, aliases play bookish trivia games, for example, showcasing your skills alongside personification else’s publication tin make a batch of likes.

To support a collaborative post’s spotlight connected you, look into what TikTok’s Stitch characteristic tin do. You fundamentally drawback a five-second clip from an existing video and grounds your commentary—three minutes maximum.

Again, this could beryllium for thing positive, for illustration saying convey you for a awesome reappraisal of your book. But retrieve that antagonistic posts tin use your brand, arsenic agelong arsenic they’re tasteful and well-timed.

You’ll travel crossed stitches connected BookTok that condemn different creator’s comments because they’re misleading aliases insulting. You tin travel suit if you person valid arguments to share.

What you mustn’t do is usage nan Stitch, Duet, aliases immoderate different instrumentality connected TikTok to bash group for nary bully reason. That’s maltreatment that tin get your floor plan blacklisted among BookTokers and banned from nan level entirely.

Key Takeaways

  • Use TikTok to present yourself arsenic an author, stock your penning journey, and link pinch your assemblage successful a nosy and engaging way. Remember to support your videos short and attention-grabbing.
  • Create contented astir your books, including specifications astir nan genres you specialize in, your inspiration, and your characters. Utilize hashtags for illustration #booktok to scope nan literate organization connected TikTok.
  • Share your imaginative penning process and supply tips and insights to chap writers. From readying land to overcoming writer's block, connection valuable proposal while showcasing your expertise and boosting your reputation. #TikTok #authors

Put a Unique Spin connected These Ideas to Elevate Your TikTok Author Content

TikTok is 1 of nan champion societal networks for trading yourself arsenic a writer and scholar connected a individual and master level. Your thoughts, tastes, and mundane experiences matter arsenic overmuch arsenic your book trailers and sales.

So, spell up and present yourself, stock your opinions, collaborate pinch chap creators, and interact pinch commenters arsenic overmuch arsenic possible—all pinch a individual touch. Building a beardown beingness connected TikTok and nurturing your narration pinch its users will lead to instant attraction erstwhile you denote a book motorboat aliases different important occasions.

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