8 Brainstorming Tools Marketers Need to Try in 2023

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We’ve each been there: staring intensely astatine nan screen, consenting ideas to travel to our minds.When words aliases ideas aren't shooting retired of our minds aliases fingertips, we cognize we've entered a writers' artifact rut.

This is wherever brainstorming devices travel in. By helping america make and shape ideas, they tin thief some individual marketers, aliases teams who are ever brainstorming

With features for illustration virtual whiteboards, mind maps, and voting systems, today's brainstorming devices foster businesslike thought procreation and collaboration among squad members, sloppy of their beingness location.

In this post, we will cover:

  • AI Brainstorming Tools
  • Collaborative Brainstorming Tools
  • Note-Taking Brainstorming Tools
  • Free Brainstorming Tools
  • Brainstorming Templates
  • Brainstorming vs. Mind Mapping

Get Started pinch HubSpot's AI Campaign Assistant

AI Brainstorming Tools

HubSpot AI Content Writer

HubSpot AI Content Writer

Get started pinch nan AI Content Writer

HubSpot AI Content Writer is simply a brainstorming instrumentality that tin thief you erstwhile you’re stuck. If you request to create content, whether it's an email, a landing page, a blog post, aliases a societal post, you tin show nan package nan assemblage you’re penning to, nan connection you want to communicate, nan length, and nan reside you’d for illustration to convey.

HubSpot AI Content Writer

For example, I gave it a punctual to brainstorm ideas for a blog station astir really to group up an e-commerce shop. In return, I received a database of blog station ideas I tin pursue.

HubSpot AI Content Writer

You tin besides usage AI Content Writer to make outlines, headlines, and contented ideas successful a pinch. 

Price: HubSpot AI Content Writer is disposable arsenic portion of CMS Hub, which offers a free version, Starter astatine $23 per month, Professional astatine $360 per month, and Enterprise astatine $1,200 per month.

Collaborative Brainstorming Tools




If you for illustration sticky notes, Lucidspark mightiness beryllium nan brainstorming instrumentality for you. The package is an interactive whiteboard that supports real-time collaboration by allowing you to chat, time off comments, respond pinch emojis, and ballot connected ideas. You tin simply type your ideas connected a sticky note, aliases usage drafting devices to people thing up, and resistance aliases stock your thoughts to nan canvas. 

Lucidspark besides offers customizable brainstorming templates for brainwriting, conception summaries, storyboarding, mind mapping, and wireframes. Lucid supports basal Excel import for Individual and Team accounts.

Pricing: Free type available. Individual astatine $7.95, Team astatine $9 per user, and civilization pricing for Enterprise.




Like Lucidspark, Miro is simply a collaborative brainstorming instrumentality that fosters an unfastened teamwork style pinch a whiteboard personification experience. It besides offers much than 200 brainstorming templates includingstickies, personification communicative maps, and brainwriting. Additional features for illustration chat, comments, sticky notes, and video let you to bounce ideas disconnected your squad and stitchery feedback.

Miro tin besides import information from spreadsheets and integrates pinch celebrated devices for illustration G Suite, Microsoft Teams (and Excel), Slack, and Zoom.

Pricing: Miro offers a Free version, Starter astatine $8 per personnel per month, Business astatine $16 per personnel per month, and civilization pricing for Enterprise.




Milanote is different online whiteboard that enables you to collaborate pinch teams. You tin constitute notes and to-do lists; upload images, Excel documents and creation files; prevention text, images, and links from nan web; and adhd notes and photos from your phone.

Unlike akin whiteboarding devices connected this list, Milanote's geared towards creation and imaginative teams pinch its expertise to support creation files.

Pricing: Milanote offers a free type pinch paid plans starting astatine $9.99 per personification per period and squad upgrades starting astatine $49 per period (billed annually).

Note-Taking Brainstorming Tools


TheBrain is simply a note-taking brainstorming instrumentality pinch AI features. It intends to digitize your thoughts and shape everything you request for brainstorming successful 1 spot by enabling you to return notes and prevention files, web pages, images, and emails to nan platform. Though it's note-heavy, you tin besides building and visualize nan penning pinch outline view, thought icons, and embedding of images, videos, and links into your notes.

You tin besides make outlines and contented by leveraging TheBrain’s AI capabilities.

Pricing: Free type available. Pro Service astatine $15 per group per month, Pro License astatine $219 one-time, and Pro Combo (License and Cloud Services) astatine $299 per spot per year.

Evernote Teams

Evernote Teams


Evernote Teams is simply a note-based collaboration instrumentality pinch brainstorming features. You tin entree shared notebooks and spaces and collaborate successful real-time by editing notes pinch squad members.

Evernote Teams integrates pinch Google Suite, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Pricing: Free proceedings available. Pricing disposable upon request.

Free Brainstorming Tools

HubSpot Campaign Assistant 

HubSpot Campaign Assistant


HubSpot Campaign Assistant is simply a free AI-powered brainstorming instrumentality for trading campaigns. If you’re encountering roadblocks, Campaign Assistant tin thief you brainstorm trading campaigns, whether you request transcript for a landing page, trading email, aliases Google ad.

HubSpot Campaign Assistant

You tin stock specifications astir your run and prime a reside of sound that aligns pinch your brand. With conscionable a fewer clicks, you'll person transcript highlighting your trading points and incorporating your desired telephone to action. 

For example, erstwhile I utilized this instrumentality to create an email trading run for an online Halloween waste astatine a costume shop that besides sells Halloween location decor, I gave nan instrumentality a explanation of what nan run was about, cardinal facets my assemblage should cognize about, a call-to-action, and a penning style. 

Within seconds, Campaign Assistant generated a ready-to-use email successful an excited and humorous tone.

HubSpot Campaign Assistant

Pricing: Free.

Google Docs

Google Docs


You’re astir apt already acquainted pinch Google Docs. It's a classical brainstorming instrumentality that enables you to type retired ideas, and collaborate pinch your squad by sharing docs. 

I usage Google Docs connected a astir regular ground — successful fact, I wrote nan draught for this blog station connected Google Docs. Before delving into a blog post, I would create a abstracted archive for to brainstorm a bully outline.

Google Docs besides integrates pinch different celebrated brainstorming tools, making it a adjuvant supplementary software.

Pricing: Free

Brainstorming Templates

Brainstorming tin beryllium intimidating, particularly erstwhile you’re staring astatine a blank slate. This is really brainstorming templates tin help.

Brainstorming templates are pre-designed frameworks aliases structures that guideline and shape nan brainstorming process. These templates supply a starting constituent for teams to make ideas and promote system thinking. Whether successful nan shape of mind maps, SWOT analysis, aliases determination matrices, these templates thief individuals and teams research different angles, foster collaboration, and guarantee that nary important areas are overlooked.

By utilizing brainstorming templates, teams tin streamline their ideation process, enactment focused, and yet summation their chances of generating innovative and effective solutions.

Here are immoderate brainstorming templates:

  • HubSpot's Free Brainstorming Template 

HubSpot Free Brainstorming Template

  • Asana
  • Canva
  • Lucidspark
  • Miro

Brainstorming vs. Mind Mapping

Brainstorming and mind mapping are 2 chopped techniques employed successful nan imaginative process. While brainstorming focuses connected generating a ample amount of ideas without immoderate information aliases organization, mind mapping involves visually organizing and establishing relationships among these ideas. In brainstorming, ideas tin beryllium random and diverse, allowing for a free travel of creativity.

On nan different hand, mind mapping uses a cardinal constituent arsenic a starting constituent and branches retired to link related sub-topics and ideas, creating a system and hierarchical ocular representation. Brainstorming is nan first measurement successful thought generation, while mind mapping facilitates nan statement and knowing of these ideas for further improvement and implementation.

Get Started With Brainstorming Tools

From capturing and organizing ideas to leveraging artificial intelligence for contented generation, brainstorming devices person go essential. With their intuitive interfaces and powerful features, brainstorming devices empower you and your squad to unleash creativity, deliberation extracurricular nan box, and find unsocial solutions to analyzable problems.

Get started pinch devices for illustration HubSpot’s AI Campaign Assistant..


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