8 Areas Where the Tesla Cybertruck Will Be Superior to the Ford F-150 Lightning

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Key Takeaways

  • The Tesla Cybertruck's stainless alloy assemblage provides superior durability and a futuristic, rugged look, making it much resistant to dings and scratches compared to nan Ford F-150 Lightning.
  • The Cybertruck's armored windows make it an perfect conveyance for nan zombie apocalypse, offering superior protection against important impacts. The Ford F-150 Lightning does not presently connection this feature.
  • The Cybertruck's integrated aerial compressor adds other utility, allowing for easy tyre ostentation and different tasks. While nan Rivian R1T besides offers this feature, nan Ford F-150 Lightning does not person an integrated solution for illustration nan Cybertruck.

The Tesla Cybertruck will beryllium an different show among its electrical pickup rivals, and Tesla hopes its plethora of unsocial features will beryllium capable to propel it up of its competition. The electrical pickup motortruck conception is becoming very competitive, and 1 of nan champion offerings is nan Ford F-150 Lightning. It is an EV pickup powerhouse successful its ain right, but erstwhile nan Tesla arrives, its qualities and unsocial features could still springiness it an edge.

Let's research nan areas wherever nan Cybertruck is superior to nan F-150 Lightning.

1. Rugged Stainless Steel Body for Added Durability

Tesla Cybertruck driving down lonely roadImage Credit: Tesla

The Cybertruck doesn't look for illustration nan EV pickup trucks you're utilized to seeing, and a large logic for this is nan worldly Tesla chose for its construction. The truck's assemblage is made from stainless steel, which makes up what Tesla calls nan truck's "exoskeleton". No overgarment is applied, and this intends that doorway dings and scratches mightiness go a point of nan past if you ain a Cybertruck.

There's a moving joke that nan Cybertruck looks for illustration a stainless alloy room appliance connected wheels (and location is immoderate merit to nan memes), but it besides looks highly futuristic and rugged. It's a conveyance that will beryllium capable to sorb sledgehammer impacts to its assemblage panels pinch minimal issues; nan Ford F-150 Lightning's doors wouldn't fare arsenic good against a sledgehammer.

This was demonstrated by Elon Musk astatine nan Cybertruck preamble years ago, erstwhile they took a sledgehammer to a Ford pickup truck's door. The Ford doorway was perfectly destroyed, while nan Cybertruck fundamentally laughed disconnected nan sledgehammer strikes. The durability of nan Cybertruck's stainless alloy assemblage is awesome, but it will beryllium absorbing to spot conscionable really basking nan stainless alloy assemblage panels get nether utmost summertime heat.

2. Armored Windows for nan Zombie Apocalypse

Does your Ford F-150 Lightning person armored windows from nan factory? Nope. But nan Tesla Cybertruck does, truthful it's nan perfect conveyance for nan zombie apocalypse.

Everybody remembers Elon Musk's embarrassing fiasco erstwhile demonstrating nan Cybertruck's armored windows, but nan accumulation exemplary of nan Cybertruck should present connected Tesla's committedness of a motortruck equipped pinch super-strong solid that tin defy important impacts.

It's not clear if nan Ford F-150 Lightning will beryllium disposable astatine immoderate constituent pinch armored solid of its own, but until it does, nan Tesla Cybertruck is shaping up to beryllium nan undisputed king of ultra-secure civilian vehicles erstwhile it goes connected sale.

Tesla Cybertruck pinch an unfastened tailgateImage Credit: Tesla

The Cybertruck will person an integrated aerial compressor that you tin usage to capable up your truck's tires aft going off-road aliases moreover pump immoderate aerial into a hoops that's gone a small flat. Onboard aerial is simply a really cool characteristic to have, and it's a characteristic that nan F-150 Lightning lacks, though it's not unsocial successful nan EV pickup motortruck segment.

The feature-rich Rivian R1T already offers an integrated aerial compressor, and it's neatly integrated into nan furniture of nan motortruck arsenic well. The Rivian and nan Tesla some person precocious aerial suspensions, and, arsenic a byproduct, they're some capable to connection compressed air.

Ford does connection an aerial compressor kit that you tin outfit your F-150 Lightning with, but it's not an elegant and integrated solution arsenic promised connected nan Tesla aliases for illustration what Rivian already implemented connected its R1T.

4. 500 Miles of Range for Long Trips

Tesla Cybertruck successful nan mediate of a lonely roadImage Credit: Tesla

The Ford F-150 Lightning has up to 320 miles of range, which is rather awesome considering it's 1 of the heaviest electrical vehicles presently connected sale. But nan Tesla will decidedly outperform nan Lightning erstwhile it's released, pinch astir 500 miles of range.

This awesome scope will instantly make nan Cybertruck 1 of the champion EVs for overlanding erstwhile it hits nan market, and it should besides thief diminish immoderate scope worry you mightiness have. It wasn't agelong agone that EVs were brushed speech arsenic impractical owed to their constricted range, but pinch EVs for illustration nan Cybertruck breaking nan 500-mile scope barrier, this sound against EVs is slow becoming a point of nan past.

5. Insane Acceleration

Tesla Cybertruck accelerating done a dusty areaImage Credit: Tesla

The Ford F-150 Lightning is nary slouch erstwhile it comes to acceleration, particularly considering it's an tremendous pickup truck. The electrical Ford will sprint from 0 to 60 mph successful a very speedy 3.8 seconds, but Tesla says nan Cybertruck will complete nan tally successful arsenic small arsenic 2.9 seconds.

This is quicker than galore purpose-built sports cars for illustration nan BMW M3 Competition xDrive (3.4 seconds) aliases nan Audi RS6 Avant Performance (3.3 seconds). It's almost scary to ideate that nan tremendous (and highly heavy) Cybertruck has nan expertise to summation velocity astatine specified a frenetic pace; hopefully Tesla outfits nan accumulation Cybertruck pinch brakes that are up to nan task of stopping its monolithic pickup truck.

6. Unique Design Is Guaranteed to Turn Heads

Tesla Cybertruck outfitted pinch camping cogwheel successful nan mediate of a forestImage Credit: Tesla

The Tesla Cybertruck will person astonishing performance, and it should beryllium incredibly tin and practical. But what's astir polarizing astir it is its design. It's safe to opportunity nan Cybertruck mightiness beryllium nan astir anticipated caller car merchandise successful decades, and this is mostly because of its arguable design.

On nan different hand, nan Ford F-150 Lightning looks almost precisely for illustration a normal F-150, which isn't a disapproval (the F-150 is simply a handsome truck), but it's not breathtaking by immoderate agelong of nan imagination.

The Cybertruck decidedly wins erstwhile it comes to design, simply because it's daring and evokes reactions (sometimes bad reactions, but it still gets group excited and talking).

7. Superb Towing Capacity

The F-150 Lightning is an absolute portion of an electrical pickup motortruck that tin tow up to 10,000 pounds. Of course, you won't beryllium capable to tow thing this dense for very agelong earlier nan artillery gives up connected you (towing cuts nan disposable scope by astir half of what you'd usually get), but it's still a awesome characteristic to have.

The Cybertruck not only thumps nan F-150 Lightning erstwhile it comes to range, it besides bests nan F-150's 10,000-pound towing capacity pinch an unthinkable 14,000 pounds. This intends nan Cybertruck will beryllium capable to tow heavier loads for longer, which is awesome if you're readying connected utilizing nan Cybertruck arsenic a workhorse truck.

8. Minimalist Sci-Fi Inspired Interior

Tesla Cybertruck interiorImage Credit: Tesla

The interior of nan F-150 Lightning is emblematic Ford, which intends it's functional and very applicable but debased connected style points. The Cybertruck will characteristic a minimalist interior that looks for illustration it was pulled from nan group of Tron, aliases possibly moreover nan latest Blade Runner film.

The only downside to nan Cybertruck interior is that it appears nan yoke will beryllium standard, which mightiness annoy immoderate group who aren't immense fans of Tesla's effort to reinvent nan (steering) wheel.

The Cybertruck Promises to Be Unlike Anything Else connected nan Road

The Tesla Cybertruck is shaping up to beryllium nan pickup motortruck of nan century, and, by each accounts, nan accumulation exemplary seems to sphere nan principle of nan motortruck that was introduced a fewer years ago. It has tons of awesome features that make it guidelines retired from nan competition, and that includes nan Ford F-150.

Tesla has had a batch of clip to cleanable nan Cybertruck, but different manufacturers hit it to marketplace pinch their ain products. It will beryllium absorbing to spot really nan second-generation Rivian R1T and Ford F-150 Lightning respond to Cybertruck's challenge.

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