7 Ways to Free Up Storage Space on Google Photos

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Need to trim nan magnitude of abstraction you're utilizing successful Google Photos? Here are ways to reclaim retention space.

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Google Photos doesn't connection an unlimited retention tier for illustration it erstwhile utilized to. That's why it's much important than ever to negociate your Google Photos room and guarantee you don't tally retired of space. Follow these tips to free up retention abstraction successful Google Photos.

1. Convert Photos to Storage Saver Quality

All nan photos you've uploaded successful original value to Google Photos count against your retention quota. You tin quickly free up abstraction successful Google Photos by converting each nan uploaded pictures from original value to retention saver. This tin beryllium done from Google Photos connected nan web.

  1. Open nan Google Photos website connected your computer.
  2. Click nan Settings icon successful nan top-right area adjacent your floor plan photo.
  3. Make judge Storage saver is selected and click nan Manage storage option.
  4. Now, scroll down to Recover storage and click Learn more.
  5. Check nan container successful nan pop-up and corroborate your action by clicking Compress existing photos and videos.
    Recovering retention successful Google Photos by utilizing Storage saver mode

In retention saver quality, high-resolution pictures are downscaled to 16MP. Videos are besides resized to 1080p if they are of higher resolution. Additionally, Google applies flimsy compression connected each nan pictures and videos to prevention space, but you are improbable to announcement a nonaccomplishment successful quality. Do statement that closed captions successful videos are mislaid during this process.

All media files you upload successful retention saver value will count against your Google account's retention quota. Only pictures and videos uploaded earlier June 1, 2021, are not taken into account. You tin export your existing photos and videos from Google Photos successful afloat resolution, truthful you person a transcript earlier compressing them successful your relationship to prevention space.

2. Disable Photo Backup for WhatsApp and Other Device Folders

Google Photos tin automatically backmost up photos and videos from WhatsApp, Instagram, and different folders connected your device. While this tin travel successful useful for some, these media backups besides return up retention space.

If you person a batch of junk media connected WhatsApp aliases simply do not want your Instagram posts to backmost up to Google Photos, it's a bully thought that you disable backup for specified folders from your instrumentality to prevention space. This will thief you negociate your Google Photos retention abstraction better.

To do this connected Android, unfastened nan Google Photos app connected your device, past pat your floor plan photograph astatine nan top-right area and take Photos settings. Then, caput complete to Backup > Back up instrumentality folders and disable each nan irrelevant folders from which you do not want immoderate media backup to happen.

Unfortunately, this isn't an action connected iPhone owed to strategy limitations. As a workaround, open WhatsApp and disable automatic media downloads truthful images and media files shared connected nan level don't sync pinch Google Photos.

3. Delete Unsupported Videos

Google Photos supports backing up a wide assortment of photos and video formats. These see RAW files from selected Canon, Sony, and Nikon cameras, MKV videos, and more.

However, if you upload videos from galore sources, it's imaginable that astatine slightest immoderate of nan backed-up media files are not supported by nan platform. But they will proceed to return up abstraction successful Google Photos, truthful it's champion to delete them. Removing unsupported videos is simply a awesome measurement to cleanable up your Google Photos and free up further retention abstraction for free.

Here's really you tin find and delete unsupported videos successful Google Photos

  1. Open nan Google Photos website connected your computer.
  2. Click nan Settings icon astatine nan top-right area adjacent your floor plan photo.
  3. You will spot an Unsupported videos conception connected nan Settings page. Click connected View adjacent to it.
  4. All incompatible videos will beryllium listed. Select each nan files and proceed to delete them.
  5. Make judge to quiet nan trash to get free of these files permanently.
    Google Photos settings paper showing nan unsupported videos section

4. Remove Junk Screenshots

If you backmost up your instrumentality screenshots to Google Photos, it's a bully thought to delete these arsenic well. Over nan years, you've apt accumulated a batch of junk screenshots that are nary longer relevant.

You tin easy find each nan screenshots you've uploaded to Google Photos by searching for "screenshots." Then, proceed to delete nan ones you nary longer find relevant. Alternatively, navigate to Google Photos Settings > Manage retention > Screenshots to reappraisal and delete each unwanted screenshots.

Google Photos screenshots management

5. Empty nan Trash

Any photograph aliases video you delete from Google Photos resides successful nan trash (also called nan bin successful immoderate regions) for up to 60 days. Meanwhile, nan trash itself is tin of holding up to 1.5GB of deleted media.

If you want to instantly free up abstraction successful Google Photos, quiet nan trash to reclaim a decent magnitude of space. This is an important measurement you request to travel erstwhile you've deleted junk screenshots, photos, and videos from your Google Photos library.

6. Resize Photos Before Uploading

If you backmost up photos taken from a DSLR to Google Photos, you should ideally resize them earlier uploading. Uploading 30-40MP solution photos to Google Photos will return up precious abstraction successful your Google account—they will beryllium of small use.

By reducing nan solution of specified photos, you will trim their record size considerably and make them amended for backing up to nan cloud. Depending connected your requirements, you tin bulk resize your DSLR photos successful Adobe Lightroom to astir 20-25MP and prevention a important magnitude of space.

You tin besides compress a video and trim its record size earlier uploading it to Google Photos aliases usage a different record format to perchance trim nan record size.

7. Delete Files From Google Drive and Gmail

Any record aliases archive that you backmost up to Google Drive besides counts against your Google relationship retention quota. So, if you want to free up moreover much retention abstraction successful Google Photos, you should look into deleting junk and different unnecessary files from Google Drive arsenic well.

You tin besides transfer files from your superior Google Drive account to a secondary relationship without re-uploading them and prevention abstraction successful nan process.

The aforesaid besides applies to Gmail—files you usage successful Gmail return up abstraction successful your Google account. But you tin ever delete aged emails pinch ample attachments to free up abstraction successful your Google account. Make judge to download your Gmail relationship data earlier pursuing our tips to free up abstraction successful your Gmail account.

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Free Up Space successful Google Photos Easily

You tin free up a important magnitude of abstraction successful Google Photos by pursuing these tips. This will let you to backmost up much photos and videos without having to salary for storage. But if you're incapable to free up abstraction successful Google Photos moreover aft pursuing nan steps above, you'll astir apt request to salary for a Google One retention plan.

There are a batch of different perks to a Google One membership, truthful see subscribing to it for much than conscionable nan further storage.

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