7 Ways to Fix Chrome’s “Result_Code_Hung” Error

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Google Chrome’s “Result_Code_Hung” correction sometimes appears retired of nan bluish and prevents you from accessing your sites. It’s highly frustrating arsenic you can’t load nan tract contempt aggregate attempts. Many items tin origin Chrome to show this error. We’ll show you really to hole those items to put an extremity to your Chrome issue.

Some reasons why Chrome doesn’t fto you entree your sites are that your net relationship is faulty, your DNS servers aren’t working, Chrome’s cached information is corrupted, and more.

1. Ensure Your Internet Connection Is Working

When you person issues loading a tract successful your web browsers, nan first point to cheque is your net connection. Your browsers can’t load your sites if your relationship isn’t working.

You tin trial your net relationship by launching a non-Chrome browser connected your machine and trying to entree a site. Your tract won’t load if your relationship is faulty.

There are respective ways to effort to resolve your net relationship problems. A basal hole you tin use is to reboot your router. If that doesn’t work, disconnect and reconnect to your Wi-Fi network, reboot your computer, aliases lastly, speak to your net work supplier (ISP).

2. Refresh Your Web Page to Fix an Error Code successful Chrome

After ensuring your net relationship is working, reload your existent web page successful Chrome to spot if that fixes your issue. Your web browser aliases web page whitethorn beryllium experiencing a insignificant glitch, which you tin resoluteness by reloading nan web page.

You tin do that by selecting nan refresh icon beside Chrome’s reside bar. Alternatively, you tin property Ctrl + R (Windows and Linux) aliases Command + Shift + R (Mac) connected your keyboard.

Chrome will reload your web page and show you nan page’s contents.

3. Update Your Google Chrome Web Browser

Chrome automatically updates itself erstwhile an update is available. However, nan browser whitethorn neglect to update if there’s a problem pinch your strategy aliases nan browser itself. In this case, get Chrome to update manually and spot if that resolves your issue.

Updating Chrome fixes galore existing issues successful nan browser, and this tin resoluteness your “Result_Code_Hung” error.

  1. Launch Chrome connected your computer.
  2. Select nan 3 dots successful Chrome’s top-right area and take Help > About Google Chrome.
  1. Let Chrome cheque for and instal nan disposable updates.
  2. Restart your browser to bring your updates into effect.

4. Use Custom Secure DNS successful Chrome

One point that tin origin Chrome not to load your sites is simply a faulty DNS server. Your configured DNS servers whitethorn not beryllium moving correctly, causing you to beryllium incapable to entree your sites.

One measurement to get astir that is to use an replacement DNS server. You tin do this from wrong Chrome, and we’ll show you how.

  1. Open Chrome, prime nan 3 dots successful nan top-right corner, and take Settings.
  2. Select Privacy and security successful nan near sidebar.
  1. Choose Security connected nan correct pane.
  2. Select nan With drop-down paper successful nan Use unafraid DNS conception and take an replacement DNS server. If you aren’t judge what action to choose, spell for Google (Public DNS).
  1. Close and reopen Chrome, past effort to unfastened your site.

5. Clear Chrome’s Cache Files

Like each different web browsers, Chrome caches various web files to velocity up your browsing sessions successful nan browser. This cached information lets Chrome quickly service your desired content, giving you a smoother experience.

Sometimes, these cached files go corrupted, causing various issues successful your browser. Your “Result_Code_Hung” whitethorn person resulted from Chrome’s bad cache. In this case, you tin clear your cache files to resoluteness your issue.

You don’t suffer your saved items successful nan browser erstwhile you do this.

  1. Launch Chrome, prime nan 3 dots successful nan top-right corner, and take Settings.
  2. Select Privacy and security successful nan near sidebar.
  1. Choose Clear browsing data connected nan correct pane.
  2. Select All time from nan Time range drop-down menu.
  1. Enable nan Cached images and files option.
  2. Select Clear data astatine nan bottom.
  3. Restart Chrome and entree your site.

6. Turn Off Chrome’s Browser Extensions

You tin install various extensions successful Chrome to adhd much features to your browser. Sometimes, you whitethorn extremity up installing an add-on that causes issues pinch your browser. This whitethorn beryllium nan lawsuit pinch you.

Chrome whitethorn beryllium moving a faulty extension, which is preventing you from accessing your sites. In this case, find nan culprit hold by turning disconnected each your Chrome extensions and re-enabling 1 hold astatine a time.

  1. Access your hold database by selecting nan 3 dots successful Chrome’s top-right area and choosing Extensions > Manage Extensions.
  2. Turn disconnected each your extensions.
  1. Try to load your site.
  2. If your tract opens, alteration 1 hold astatine a time. Once you find nan culprit extension, region that point by choosing Remove.

7. Reset Chrome to nan Factory Settings

If your “Result_Code_Hung” Chrome correction still isn’t fixed, your browser settings mightiness beryllium incorrect. You aliases personification other whitethorn person misconfigured a mounting action successful Chrome, causing nan browser to beryllium incapable to load your sites.

In this case, you tin hole each your mounting issues by bringing nan default mounting values. When you reset Chrome, you suffer your settings, shortcuts, cookies, and different tract data. Your extensions are abnormal but aren’t removed. Your individual items, for illustration your browsing history, passwords, and bookmarks, are retained.

  1. Access Chrome’s Settings menu.
  2. Select Reset settings successful nan near sidebar.
  3. Choose Restore settings to their original defaults connected nan right.
  1. Select Reset settings successful nan prompt.
  1. Restart Chrome.

Several Ways to Resolve a Result_Code_Hung Error successful Chrome

Chrome displays a “Result_Code_Hung” correction for various reasons and blocks your entree to your site. If you proceed to get this error, usage nan methods described supra to resoluteness your issue. In astir cases, it’s highly easy to hole this problem and commencement accessing your favourite sites again. Good luck!

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