7 Reasons to Buy a Ugreen Nexode RG USB-C GaN Charger

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Ugreen Nexode RG(RobotGaN) USB-C Chargers are GaN chargers consisting of gallium nitride arsenic opposed to nan silicon recovered successful regular chargers. With this much precocious technology, location are galore advantages to utilizing a GaN charger, and nan Nexode RobotGaN showcases them all.

But their superior extremity is to powerfulness your devices swiftly and efficiently, and pinch a 30W aliases 65W option, these small robots execute that effortlessly.

Here are respective reasons to opt for a Ugreen Nexode RG USB-C Charger.

ugreen nexode rg charger connected table
Ugreen Nexode RG Series

Ugreen's Nexode RG Series chargers are not only ace cute, but they are functional, powerful, and efficient, too. Choose betwixt nan 65W USB C GaN charger, aliases 30W for a much compact and affordable option.

1. Considerably Smaller Than Traditional Chargers

ugreen rg charger mini pinch reddish inheritance adjacent to asus rog

GaN chargers, for illustration nan Nexode RobotGaN, are smaller than accepted chargers. This is because they require less components. The 30W charger measures conscionable 1.3 x 1.3 x 1.6 inches, pinch nan 65W bigger related opinionated astatine conscionable 1.7 x 1.8 x 2.6 inches.

USB-C chargers pinch this magnitude of powerfulness are usually astir 30-40% larger, meaning nan Ugreen Nexode RG chargers are much portable and space-efficient.

2. They Beat Regular Chargers for Efficiency

ugreen rg charger pinch achromatic inheritance connected apical of laptop pinch devices floating astir it

Ugreen Nexode RobotGaN chargers run astatine higher voltages and usage little current. This intends that they suffer little powerfulness arsenic heat, making them overmuch much businesslike than accepted chargers. GaN transistors are overmuch amended astatine controlling nan travel of electrical existent and respond to overheating issues quickly and much efficiently.

In fact, pinch GaNFast Technology, these small robots supply 95% power conversion efficiency, which is important for nan modern USB-C charger.

3. Runs Cooler and Safer

ugreen rg charger and feet

Thanks to this efficiency, Ugreen Nexode RG chargers ne'er get much than mildly warm. On apical of this fantabulous somesthesia protection, nan chargers besides boast short-circuit protection, overload protection, and overvoltage protection. These galore information systems will springiness you bid of mind moreover erstwhile charging aggregate devices utilizing nan 65W robot.

4. Powerful Charging

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GaN chargers present much powerfulness than silicone chargers. More powerfulness intends much speed, and GaN chargers time off nan title opinionated erstwhile it comes to swiftly powering your devices. The 30W RobotGaN, for example, tin complaint an iPhone 14 Pro Max to 55% successful arsenic small arsenic 30 minutes.

For larger devices, nan 65W robot will complaint a MacBook Air M2 to complete 50% successful nan aforesaid clip frame. It besides features aggregate ports, and pinch automatic powerfulness distribution, it allows each connected devices to complaint astatine nan highest velocity possible.

5. More Convenient Than Regular Chargers

ugreen rg charger charging airpods, macbook, and iphone

In summation to their compact size, their velocity and ratio connection convenience. The 30W robot is an fantabulous prime for day-to-day charging for smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles specified arsenic nan Nintendo Switch, aliases moreover an Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset. It moreover has capable powerfulness to complaint smaller laptops for illustration a MacBook Air.

You tin return it anyplace pinch you acknowledgment to its size and weight. It will unnoticeably gaffe into a container aliases moreover a pouch without load and, pinch its sleek design, is importantly little cumbersome than immoderate dedicated wall chargers.

While being a touch bigger and somewhat heavier, nan 65W robot offers moreover much convenience. On apical of its faster charging capabilities, it features aggregate ports. With 2 USB-C and 1 USB-A, you tin complaint devices simultaneously. You tin moreover usage it arsenic a mini-hub successful nan office, and nan other powerfulness intends you tin comfortably complaint laptops.

6. They Are Adorable

ugreen chargers cute

There’s nary escaping from nan truth that nan RobotGan chargers are besides very cute. With their small faces and shoes, they are nan cleanable prime for anyone wanting to adhd a spot of characteristic to their charging.

The 30W robot comes successful 2 designs: Black and eye-catching metallic grey aliases a much colorful lilac pinch a delightful ribbon connected nan back. The 65W exemplary is nan aforesaid black/gray combo arsenic nan 30W, and each 3 deterioration cool headphones and characteristic detachable magnetic feet erstwhile not successful use. However, it should beryllium noted that nan feet do not connection magnetic wireless charging.

When charging, nan robots show eyes and a rima connected their LED displays. When your instrumentality aliases devices are afloat powered, nan rima disappears, indicating it is clip to disconnect.

7. Affordable

You mightiness deliberation each this power, efficiency, versatility, and cuteness would travel astatine a overmuch loftier value constituent than regular chargers. While they whitethorn beryllium a small higher, they still autumn nether nan very affordable range. For a small other outlay, you get overmuch much businesslike and faster charging.

A Cute and Fun Charger That Swiftly Delivers More Power

So, not only does nan Ugreen Nexode RobotGaN charger look sweet, but it besides delivers faster charging successful a much businesslike manner. No much hot-to-the-touch chargers and nary much waiting an property for capable complaint to get you done nan adjacent fewer hours.

With their precocious information features and compact, lightweight design, it makes consciousness to move to GaN charging. And, pinch those small robot eyes, really could you opportunity no?

Purchase nan Ugreen RG 30W aliases Ugreen RG 65W today.

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