7 new movies and shows to watch this weekend on Netflix, Prime Video and more (Sept. 22-24)

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The autumn TV play is officially underway, bringing a swath of caller TV shows and movies this weekend. Fresh bid are dropping faster than nan autumn leaves connected Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV Plus and different apical streaming services.

This weekend’s lineup is led by The Continental, a TV spinoff of nan John Wick movies. The gritty, action-packed prequel explores really edifice head Winston Scott came to beryllium successful his position. 

Several fan-favorite bid make their returns, including Sex Education play 4, American Horror Story play 12 and Love Is Blind play 5. 

On nan movie side, nan lucha libre biopic Cassandro enters nan ringing and Spy Kids: Armageddon reboots nan family-friendly action franchise.

Here's our guideline connected what to watch this weekend.

TV Premieres

The Continental: From nan World of John Wick (Peacock)

While fans of nan John Wick movie franchise hold to study nan destiny of nan deadly assassin, they tin recreation backmost successful clip to 1970s New York and participate nan titular boarding location wherever hitmen congregate. This spinoff tells nan root communicative of Winston Scott, nan suave and sage edifice head played by Ian McShane successful nan films. 

Colin Woodell portrays nan younger Winston, who arrives successful nan metropolis bent connected vengeance for his relative Frankie (Ben Robson). His ngo puts him up against nan hotel’s sadistic owner, Cormac O’Connor (Mel Gibson), whose connections successful nan criminal underworld could beryllium insurmountable. 

Streaming now connected Peacock

Sex Education play 4 (Netflix)

Time to postgraduate from Sex Education. When nan 4th and last play of nan British teen drama kicks off, Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) are starting their first time astatine Cavendish Sixth Form College. It’s a acold different world than Moordale Secondary, and while Eric simply wants to debar being branded a loser again, Otis is tense astir establishing his caller clinic. 

Meanwhile, Maeve (Emma Mackey) is enjoying American life astatine Wallace University arsenic she studies nether writer Thomas Molloy, played by Dan Levy of Schitt’s Creek. This is simply a clip of exploration and knowing for each of nan teens, arsenic they embark connected adulthood.

Streaming now connected Netflix

American Horror Story play 12 (FX/Hulu)

Let’s conscionable get this retired of nan measurement from nan jump: Yes, Kim Kardashian is portion of nan formed this season. Yes, she's acting and playing a characteristic that’s not a type of herself. Whenever 1 of Ryan Murphy’s shows starts to consciousness a spot tired, nan creator likes to propulsion a curveball. 

Of course, Kardashian isn’t nan lead of this installment, subtitled “Delicate” and based connected Danielle Valentine’s upcoming caller Delicate Condition. Emma Roberts returns to nan fold arsenic character Anna Victoria Alcott, who’s struggling pinch fertility issues. She becomes convinced that thing sinister is astatine activity preventing her pursuit of motherhood.

Streaming now via Hulu
Episodes aerial Wednesdays connected FX (via Sling aliases Fubo)

Love Is Blind play 5 (Netflix)

Is emotion genuinely blind? Seems to be! So far, Netflix's making love reality show has a amended way grounds than that different rose-filled making love franchise. But those feel-good emotion stories are conscionable a prize because let’s look it: We’re each present for nan messy drama. 

The show’s format remains nan same: Single men and women day each other, show unseen, successful connected pods. They only meet if they get engaged. This clip around, nan singles travel from Houston, truthful we're judge to get immoderate Southern charm mixed pinch "bless your heart" betrayals.

Streaming now connected Netflix

Still Up (Apple TV Plus)

Apple has a penchant for importing awesome TV shows from crossed nan pond (see: Trying, Bad Sisters). The latest is simply a romanticist drama built connected nan taxable of insomnia. Free-spirited illustrator Lisa (Antonia Thomas) and socially-anxious journalist Danny (Craig Roberts) are champion friends who talk each nighttime because they can’t autumn asleep. 

They banter astir everything and nothing, sharing some mundane specifications and their astir tightly-held secrets. Of course, they person feelings for each different — but that’s nan 1 point they don’t talk about. As nan nights pass, Lisa and Danny will person to determine if their enslaved is arsenic beardown successful nan daylight. 

Streaming now connected Apple TV Plus

Movie Premieres

Cassandro (Prime Video)

Lucha libre is 1 of Mexico’s astir celebrated sports and taste exports. The colorful costumes, flamboyant showmanship and larger-than-life storylines person captivated audiences for decades. This biopic is based connected nan existent communicative of Saúl Armendáriz (Gael García Bernal), a cheery amateur wrestler from El Paso who rises to world stardom aft he creates nan characteristic Cassandro, nan “Liberace of Lucha Libre.” In nan process, he upends not conscionable nan macho wrestling world, but besides his ain life.

Watch connected Prime Video starting Sept. 22

Spy Kids: Armageddon (Netflix)

Robert Rodriguez reboots his beloved family movie franchise pinch a caller procreation of young heroes who are taking nan spy crippled to nan adjacent level. Nora Tango-Torrez (Gina Rodriguez) and Terrence Tango-Torrez (Zachary Levi) are nan world's top concealed agents — and are joined to each other. Their 2 kids, Patty (Everly Carganilla) and Tony (Connor Esterson) subordinate nan family biz to hole what they collapsed erstwhile they unwittingly helped crippled developer Ray Kingston (Billy Magnussen) unleash a machine microorganism that gives him power of each technology.

Watch connected Netflix starting Sept. 22

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