7 Lightweight Windows Browsers Tested for RAM Usage: Which Is the Best?

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Using a resource-intensive browser connected a low-end machine tin adversely impact its performance. So, nan optimum solution is opting for a lightweight browser replacement that doesn't drain memory. We tested nan RAM depletion of various resource-efficient browsers truthful that you tin prime nan lightest 1 for your needs.

How Were nan Tests Carried Out?

The assets depletion of browsers depends connected really you usage them. While a browser whitethorn beryllium little resource-demanding erstwhile moving web apps, it whitethorn not beryllium arsenic resource-efficient erstwhile playing videos.

For this reason, we chose 7 lightweight browsers: K-Meleon, Falkon, SlimBrowser, Pale Moon, Maxthon, SeaMonkey, and UR Browser. Then, we tested them considering 3 emblematic mundane scenarios: entertainment, office, and work.

Task Manager showing nan assets depletion of different browsers and process.

To simplify nan comparison of assets depletion by different browsers, we kept nan processes consistent, i.e., we ran nan aforesaid processes for each script crossed each browsers.

Here are nan processes we ran connected nan browsers erstwhile testing representation depletion for each mundane scenario:

1. Entertainment: Using a browser for intermezo typically involves surfing YouTube, streaming movies, listening to euphony online, etc. We ran 4 different processes successful abstracted tabs to thoroughly measure representation usage for entertainment. Among them were 2 YouTube videos (one was paused, and nan different was actively playing), a movie, and a song.

2. Work: In nan office, we chiefly usage browsers to tally web apps, spell done our emails successful an email client, occasionally watch YouTube tutorials, aliases activity successful a CMS (content guidance system). Thus, to trial RAM consumption, we ran processes successful 4 tabs: 1 pinch Google Sheets, nan 2nd pinch a contented guidance system, different pinch an email client, and nan 4th pinch a YouTube tutorial.

3. General Use: This includes reference news, scrolling Twitter aliases Facebook, and shopping online. Therefore, for illustration successful nan erstwhile usage cases, we opened 4 tabs: 1 for Twitter, 1 for Facebook, different for an online shopping website, and nan past for a news article.

We utilized nan Windows Task Manager to measurement RAM consumption, not nan built-in task managers offered by immoderate browsers. So, checking assets depletion via a built-in task head connected immoderate of nan tested browsers whitethorn disagree from nan values mentioned below.

An Overview of RAM Consumption by Various Browsers

Here is simply a array showing really overmuch RAM each browser consumed for nan 3 usage cases mentioned above:

Browser Name

Use Case

Memory Consumption (MBs)








General Use









General Use


Slim Browser







General Use


Pale Moon







General Use









General Use









General Use


UR Browser







General Use


There are a fewer conclusions you tin tie from nan results gathered during testing:

  • K-Meleon consumes nan slightest resources, while Falkon is nan astir resource-hungry.
  • K-Meleon and SeaMonkey devour very small representation erstwhile idle, while SlimBrowser consumes nan most.
  • After K-Meleon and SeaMonkey, Pale Moon is your champion prime for watching YouTube videos, streaming movies, and listening to euphony and agency work.
  • UR Browser appears to beryllium nan champion action for wide web browsing aft K-Meleon and SeaMonkey.

The testing was conducted connected a Microsoft Surface 3 laptop pinch 16GB of RAM. Considering that nan existent assets depletion of immoderate app aliases browser depends connected various factors, including nan RAM's efficiency, nan device's manufacturer, its age, nan existent RAM usage of nan browsers tested supra whitethorn somewhat disagree connected your device.

Why K-Meleon and SeaMonkey Might Not Be nan Best Choice?

Slack website saying that k-meleon browser isn't supported.

K-Meleon and SeaMonkey are nan slightest resource-intensive browsers, but they whitethorn not beryllium nan champion prime for nan supra usage cases.

Compared to nan different browsers connected this list, K-Meleon is highly slow, and its interface isn't intuitive, truthful it whitethorn return a while to get utilized to it. Most importantly, nan browser doesn't support mainstream web apps for illustration Slack. Using societal media web apps connected K-Meleon is besides challenging, arsenic they often return errors.

SeaMonkey, connected nan different hand, has an arsenic analyzable interface. Many basal features, specified arsenic opening a caller tab, are buried successful nan browser menus. Likewise, you request to right-click and unfastened nan discourse paper to adjacent a tab. Therefore, utilizing it arsenic your superior browser will undoubtedly impede your productivity.

Considering each nan disadvantages that each browser has, it is adjacent to opportunity that K-Meleon and SeaMonkey aren't nan champion choices for regular use. Despite being nan slightest resource-intensive, these reasons make some browsers unfit for our usage cases. To study much astir nan tested browsers' features and limitations, cheque retired our guideline connected nan best aged and low-end browsers.

If your RAM depletion spikes to 100 percent successful Task Manager moreover erstwhile your browser is idle and you person nary tabs open, your RAM could beryllium adjacent exhaustion.

Which Browser Should You Use?

After eliminating K-Meleon and SeaMonkey, Pale Moon and UR Browser became nan 2 apical contenders to beryllium nan astir lightweight and feature-rich browsers.

1. Pale Moon

Pale Moon is based connected a derivative of nan Gecko rendering motor (Goanna) and builds connected a difficult fork of nan Mozilla codification called UXP. The browser is fast, has a elemental personification interface, and offers high-end security. Furthermore, it is nan slightest resource-intensive browser for work-related usage aft K-Meleon and SeaMonkey.

Therefore, Pale Moon should beryllium your first prime if you are looking for a feature-rich, little demanding browser for usage successful nan office.

A website unfastened successful nan Pale Moon browser.

Download: Pale Moon for Windows

2. UR Browser

The UR Browser is built pinch Chromium but has been stripped of immoderate Google trackers for enhanced privateness protection. The browser has an easy-to-use interface, supports extensions connected nan Chrome web store, and offers precocious privateness features. Also, nan browser is equipped pinch a built-in ad-blocker and VPN.

Combining these features makes UR Browser a bully prime for intermezo and wide use, particularly if you are switching from Chrome.

A website unfastened successful nan UR browser.

Download: UR Browser for Windows

Use a Lightweight Browser to Lower Your RAM Usage

Excessive representation depletion by a browser tin importantly effect instrumentality performance. Thus, you should usage a browser that strains your RAM nan least. Hopefully, our testing has fixed you an thought of which browser is little resource-intensive for work, entertainment, and wide use.

However, it would not beryllium wise to take a browser solely based connected really fewer resources it consumes. Instead, you should besides see further features and integrations it offers, including support for extensions, nan easiness of managing downloads, privateness protection, and more.

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