7 Landscape Photographers to Follow on Instagram and Improve Your Skills

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These Instagram accounts are not only awesome sources of inspiration for scenery photography but besides valuable resources to amended your skills.

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It tin look that capturing landscapes is arsenic easy arsenic pointing your camera astatine a upland aliases section that looks bully and pressing nan shutter button. However, arsenic immoderate knowledgeable scenery photographer will show you, it’s overmuch much analyzable than that.

Instagram is simply a adjuvant instrumentality for uncovering scenery photographers to follow; cheque retired these astonishing accounts to amended your skills.

1. James Popsys

James Popsys is simply a photographer from nan UK who lives successful Wales. In summation to his celebrated YouTube transmission pinch complete 200,000 subscribers, he has a beautiful Instagram page. There, he showcases his scenery shots from Britain and further afield. In 2023, he moreover went to Svalbard—a Norwegian land that is arsenic adjacent arsenic astir humans will get to nan North Pole.

We tin study a batch from James’ Instagram page. The first point you’ll announcement is that he doesn’t needfully attraction astir shooting vertically; he happily posts scenery shots pinch borders astir them. On apical of that, nan measurement that he captures agleam colors is peculiarly captivating. James besides adopts a minimalistic style to galore of his images, pinch 1 aliases 2 main subjects astatine most.

If you want to go an precocious scenery photographer successful nan future, see checking retired these top scenery photography tips arsenic a starting point.

2. Mads Peter Iversen

Mads Peter Iversen has been 1 of nan biggest scenery photographers connected Instagram for a while now, and that nickname is afloat deserved. As of September 2023, nan Dane has complete 1 cardinal followers connected nan platform.

When looking astatine Mads’ photos, it’s clear that he’s an master astatine capturing melodramatic shots. You tin besides get inspiration for galore photography concepts, specified arsenic using starring lines.

Iversen is besides a maestro of lighting. Many of his Instagram shots characteristic nan sun cutting done his shots to spot much of an accent connected nan main subjects.

3. Hugo Korhonen

Hugo Korhonen is simply a photographer based successful Kuopio, 1 of nan main cities successful nan Finnish Lakeland. Blessed pinch beautiful landscapes astir him, he has taken afloat advantage of that and honed his photography trade to create and stock stunning images.

If you’re looking for inspiration to photograph nan nighttime sky, Hugo’s page is good worthy checking out. He’s sewage plentifulness of pictures showcasing nan Northern Lights, and you’ll spot really he’s capable to drawback specified vibrant greens successful his photos. On apical of that, you tin besides get immoderate ideas for really to framework group successful your scenery shots.

We person a afloat guideline connected how to return amended photos of nan nighttime sky if you want immoderate guidance earlier stepping retired pinch your camera.

4. Arnúlfur (That Icelandic Guy)

Arnúlfur goes by nan sanction of That Icelandic Guy connected Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. His Instagram page is mostly dedicated to his homeland of Iceland, though he besides takes pictures crossed nan Nordic region. This includes Sweden, wherever he now resides.

One of nan champion things astir Arnúlfur’s page is that he besides provides tips and tutorials connected different method aspects of photography. On apical of that, he offers imaginative photoshoot ideas that you tin try.

When looking astatine his photos, you tin study astir really to usage complementing colors successful your ain images. Moreover, you’ll observe ideas for utilizing reflections and incorporating bodies of water—such arsenic rivers and lakes—into your scenery shots.

5. Nigel Danson

Nigel Danson is 1 of nan best-known British scenery photographers. He has complete 400,000 YouTube subscribers, on pinch much than 200,000 connected Instagram.

One of nan astir striking aspects of his Instagram photos is nan measurement that he uses textures from objects successful nature, specified arsenic trees and cliffs. Many of Nigel’s photos are besides taken pinch a faster shutter speed, meaning that you tin get ideas for your ain photoshoots if you typically usage a tripod.

If you’re not utilizing a tripod astatine nan moment, you whitethorn want to see nan galore benefits of utilizing a tripod successful photography. That way, you tin perchance heighten your scenery shots moreover further.

6. Julia Kivelä

Julia Kivelä is simply a Finnish photographer, and a batch of her activity has been featured connected nan Finnish Tourism Board’s website. She besides has an Instagram relationship dedicated to quality photography. Many of her shots are from Finland, but you’ll besides find a fistful from different countries.

The measurement that Julia uses lighting to create a calming consciousness successful her photos is thing that we tin besides study from arsenic photographers. On apical of that, it’s worthy reasoning astir nan measurement that she positions group successful her landscapes. While nan group are an important facet of her photos, nan surrounding landscapes are arsenic basal to nan story.

If you haven’t yet sewage a lens for your scenery photography endeavors, see checking retired nan best focal lengths for outdoor photographers.

7. Cody Duncan (Distant North)

Cody Duncan is an American photographer based successful Lofoten, an archipelago situated supra nan Arctic Circle successful Norway. He has respective useful resources for travelers readying trips successful Lofoten, and his Instagram page is simply a large root of scenery photography inspiration.

The measurement that Cody uses reflections to seizure nan beauty of Lofoten’s mountains and landscapes is thing that you tin see erstwhile framing your ain photos. On apical of that, you tin besides study really to utilize nan different lighting successful each season—even if you unrecorded successful a spot wherever overmuch of nan wintertime is acold and dark.

If you’re willing successful long-exposure photography, you tin besides usage his Instagram page to find really you want nan h2o and different elements to look successful your pictures. If you’re now convinced that you want to bargain a tripod, don’t hide these top things to see erstwhile choosing a tripod.

Follow These Instagrammers to Improve Your Landscape Photography Skills

When utilized correctly, Instagram tin beryllium an fantabulous instrumentality for helping you study much astir framing and method aspects related to scenery photography. You tin besides usage nan app to find cool places that you want to photograph, on pinch speedy tutorials to amended your skills.

Each of these scenery photographers connected Instagram has a immense magnitude of worth to offer; it’s worthy checking retired their pages.

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