7 EV Myths and Misconceptions Debunked

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There's nary denying that EVs are now a mainstream action among drivers astir nan world. But pinch this wide take of EVs has travel a slew of myths and misconceptions, immoderate of which beryllium acold from nan truth. So, what are nan astir communal EV myths, and what's nan reality?

1. EVs Are Carbon Neutral

It's often assumed that, without nan request for gasoline aliases diesel, EVs are carbon-neutral by default. But this is acold from nan case.

What's important to retrieve astir EVs is that they still require resources successful nan manufacturing process. Not only do nan exterior assemblage and interior furnishings of an EV request to beryllium built, but nan artillery itself requires various dense metals, including lithium, cobalt, and nickel. These metals request to beryllium originated via mining aliases extraction, 2 processes that tin person a nasty effect connected nan environment.

For instance, lithium is simply a cardinal constituent successful emblematic EV batteries. As EV request rises, truthful does nan request for lithium. According to a Statista report, 130,000 metric tons of lithium were mined successful 2022 alone, truthful nan request for this dense metallic is evident.

The problem present arises successful nan mining process. Lithium mining tin ruin nan surrounding environment, including nan places wherever group live. As stated successful an MIT Climate Portal article, each ton of lithium mined accounts for nan merchandise of 15 tonnes of CO2, 1 of nan astir salient gases fueling world warming. The beingness mining process tin besides displace some wildlife and people, depleting nan biodiversity of nan area.

What's more, it's important to statement that EVs still require substance successful nan shape of electricity. While galore countries are making moves to slow modulation to renewable power sources, nan immense mostly of energy still comes from coal, oil, and earthy gas.

In nan US successful 2023, conscionable 20 percent of power is originated from renewable resources, pinch 68 percent being from petroleum and earthy gas, and 11 percent being from ember (according to USA Facts). Evidently, location is still a immense reliance connected non-renewable resources.

2. All EVs Are Expensive

While EVs are mostly pricier than ICEs, they're not each expensive. It's commonly thought that EVs are pricey because Tesla, a highly celebrated EV brand, sells its vehicles astatine a beautiful precocious value point. Even nan cheapest Tesla connected nan market, nan Model 3, comes successful astatine conscionable nether $40,000, which is measurement retired of nan value range of galore prospective buyers.

There are rather a fewer costly EV models retired location extracurricular of Tesla's range, specified arsenic BMW's EV series. But interest not, these are conscionable 2 of galore automotive brands offering EVs. Many well-established manufacturers, including Ford, Nissan, Mercedes, Audi, and Chevrolet, connection their ain EVs, immoderate of which travel astatine an affordable price.

If you're looking for a caller EV but are still aiming for an moreover debased price, you could see nan Smart EQ Fortwo, though statement that this is simply a very mini conveyance pinch a scope of only 80 miles.

It's besides worthy noting that location are plentifulness of utilized EVs connected nan marketplace today. Given that astir EVs are nether a decade successful age, you won't beryllium wading done hundreds of aged vehicles, and astir online dealers fto you select by make, model, mileage, and price. Of course, these utilized models will almost ever travel astatine a little value than caller EVs, truthful it's worthy looking astir utilized EV marketplaces if you want to enactment nether a tighter budget.

What's more, nan US authorities provides taxation credits for those who bargain utilized EVs for individual use. Credit of up to $4,000 tin beryllium gained by those buying a utilized EV aliases FCEV, which is worthy keeping successful mind.

3. EVs Can't Travel Far

Some deliberation that each EVs can't recreation very acold connected a azygous charge, but this simply isn't nan case. There are immoderate circumstantial models of EV that travel pinch a short range, specified arsenic nan aforementioned Smart EQ Fortwo and nan Citroën Ami.

But nan mostly of EVs person a scope that exceeds 200 miles, which is capable for astir folk, who don't thin to recreation much than 30 aliases 40 miles successful a azygous day. Some EVs moreover transcend 400 miles successful full range, though these are little common.

EV mileage ranges thin to alteration betwixt 150 and 350 miles. Below is simply a array of celebrated EV models and their ranges truthful that you tin get an thought of what's connected connection here. Note that nan maximum mileage tin alteration somewhat depending connected upwind conditions, speed, and nan use of heating aliases aerial conditioning.

Car Model

Maximum Range

Tesla Model Y

283 miles

Tesla Model X

348 miles

BMW i4

320 miles

Nissan Leaf

170 miles

Jaguar I-Pace

292 miles

Kia e-Niro

280 miles

Tesla Model 3

395 miles

Renault Zoe

240 miles

Renault Twizy

60 miles

As you tin see, nan mostly of celebrated EVs person a mileage that exceeds 200 miles, though location are immoderate exceptions.

4. EVs Batteries Need Regular Replacement

Unlike your siren timepiece aliases TV remote, your EV artillery doesn't request to beryllium regularly replaced. Depending connected your EV model, nan lifespan of nan artillery will vary, but your mean EV artillery lasts betwixt 10 and 20 years.

It was reported by Recurrent Auto that, wrong its organization of complete 15,000 cars, conscionable 1.5 percent had gone done artillery replacements (not including ample EV recalls). However, it's important to retrieve that nan immense mostly of EVs connected nan roadworthy coming aren't moreover a decade aged yet, truthful it'll return different fewer years to genuinely find really agelong EV batteries tin past connected average.

5. All EV Batteries End Up In Landfill

A awesome interest astir EV batteries is wherever they spell aft their lifespan has expired. Typical lithium batteries utilized to powerfulness smaller electrical appliances tin origin a batch of biology damage, arsenic nan leakage of lithium-based acerb from discarded batteries tin poison h2o and termination aquatic organisms. This is why you'll apt spot artillery recycling bins astatine your section market store.

So, are EV lithium batteries arsenic overmuch of a problem?

In short, no. A batch of manufacturers are making efforts to recycle expired EV batteries alternatively of simply throwing them successful a landfill. This not only allows EV brands to prevention money by reusing materials, but prevents dense metallic run-off from discarded EV batteries making its measurement into nan environment.

This isn't to opportunity that nary EV batteries extremity up successful a landfill. There are bound to beryllium immoderate batteries that gaffe done nan cracks, particularly if a car is dismantled by a lone mechanic who isn't nether arsenic overmuch regulatory unit arsenic ample garages. However, nan wide extremity is to minimize nan number of EV batteries that are put successful a landfill arsenic overmuch arsenic possible.

6. There Aren't Many Charging Stations Available

There surely aren't arsenic galore EV charging stations arsenic location are emblematic substance stations successful nan world, but this doesn't mean EV charging stations are difficult to travel by.

In nan US alone, location are complete 160,000 nationalist EV chargers disposable (according to an Elektrek report). This intends that, moreover if half of each US adults owned an EV, each charging position would only person to service astir 800 group to meet demand.

In nan UK, location are almost 50,000 nationalist chargers disposable (according to nan UK authorities website), meaning that, if half of each UK adults owned an EV correct now, each nationalist charger would only person to service astir 400 group to meet demand.

If you're surviving successful aliases adjacent a city, aliases successful nan suburbs, it shouldn't beryllium difficult to find an EV charging station. However, if you unrecorded successful a very agrarian area, uncovering an EV charging position that's comparatively section to you whitethorn beryllium much of a challenge.

7. EVs Can't Be Charged successful nan Rain

You wouldn't complaint your telephone aliases laptop successful nan rain, arsenic nan h2o could interact pinch nan electrical existent passing betwixt your charger and your device. This tin lead to electrical shock, and is mostly avoided.

But nan lawsuit isn't nan aforesaid pinch EVs. As EVs walk nan immense mostly of their clip outside, they are designed to complaint successful some barren and bedewed conditions. So, moreover if it's raining heavily, you'll beryllium capable to complaint your EV without risking electrical shock.

Don't Believe Everything You Hear About EVs

As is nan lawsuit pinch astir things, location are a batch of misconceptions astir EVs online. It's important to fact-check what you publication to guarantee you cognize nan truth, particularly if you ain aliases are considering buying an electrical car.

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