7 ChatGPT Alternatives for Coding Programs Automatically

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ChatGPT is not nan only AI instrumentality to thief you code. Take your coding productivity to nan adjacent level utilizing these tools.

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ChatGPT is simply a awesome AI instrumentality for automatically generating codification from quality connection prompts. However, it’s not focused specifically connected codification and whitethorn not merge seamlessly into your workflow. Here are respective options for much code-focused AI tools.

1. GitHub Copilot

github copilot

GitHub Copilot is an AI assistant developed by GitHub successful collaboration pinch OpenAI. As you type, it suggests afloat lines of codification for various programming languages. Copilot is trained connected nan nationalist repositories disposable connected GitHub.

Some cardinal features of GitHub Copilot are:

  • It analyzes your codification and suggests codification snippets based connected context. It tin propose adaptable names, functions, and full lines of code.
  • It tin make codification based connected nan comments written successful earthy language.
  • It supports programming languages including Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, Go, PHP, C++, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, SQL, and Shell.
  • It is disposable arsenic an hold successful Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Visual Studio, Neovim, and nan JetBrains suite of IDEs.

GitHub Copilot is not free but has a 30-day free proceedings period. After that, you request to subscribe to an individual aliases a business scheme to usage it.

GitHub has besides released Copilot X which uses GPT4. It introduces much AI assistance for illustration generated propulsion requests, context-aware conversations, automated testing, and command-line AI.

2. Codeium

codeium homepage

Codeium is simply a free AI-powered codification procreation instrumentality that tin make codification from earthy connection comments aliases erstwhile codification snippets.

Some of its cardinal features are:

  • It supports 40+ programming languages including C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, Rust, Python, PHP, and truthful on.
  • Trained connected a ample dataset of nationalist code.
  • Integrates pinch celebrated IDEs for illustration VS Code, JetBrains, Jupyter/Colab Notebooks, Neovim, Emacs, and VSCode Web IDEs for illustration Gitpod.
  • Codeium simplifies test-driven improvement by generating trial cases for you.
  • Codeium tin hunt and insert API endpoints successful your codification based connected nan discourse aliases comments you write.
  • The endeavor scheme allows companies to deploy codeium connected their ain servers aliases successful nan unreality ensuring their codification remains private.

You tin spot really it useful connected nan codeium playground.

3. CodeWhisperer

amazon codewhisperer homepage

CodeWhisperer is simply a codification procreation instrumentality created by Amazon. Like Copilot and Codeium, it generates codification suggestions based connected discourse and comments. The main quality is that CodeWhisperer chiefly focuses connected supporting codification for AWS services.

Some of its cardinal features include:

  • Integration pinch modern IDEs for illustration Visual Studio Code done nan AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code, JetBrains done nan AWS Toolkit for Jetbrains, AWS Lambda console, and AWS Cloud9.
  • Scanning your codification to item and specify information issues.
  • An action to opt retired of CodeWhisperer sharing your information pinch AWS.
  • Trained connected in-house Amazon codification and open-source code.
  • Support for Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, and TypeScript.

CodeWhisperer is free to usage for individuals but nan master tier costs $19/month per user.

4. Tabnine

tabnine homepage

Tabnine is besides an automatic codification procreation instrumentality that useful successful your IDE. It generates nan codification based connected your erstwhile codification and besides based connected your comments. Some of its cardinal features are:

  • Support for much than 30 programming languages including JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, Rust, Go, and Bash
  • Ability to big and train your ain AI exemplary erstwhile utilizing nan pro type which ensures your codification remains yours.
  • Ability to tally locally aliases successful nan unreality depending connected your compliance and information needs.
  • Unit trial procreation (only disposable successful beta arsenic of writing).
  • Integration pinch awesome IDEs specified arsenic VS Code, Neovim, Rider, and Android Studio.

Tabnine is disposable successful 3 versions: free, pro, and enterprise. The free type is very constricted and only provides short codification completions. The endeavor version, however, has much features. You tin deploy Tabnine on-premises aliases connected a VPC and guarantee your codification remains private. It besides has an in-IDE chat feature.

5. Codex

codex js sandbox

Codex is simply a connection exemplary developed by OpenAI that generates codification successful consequence to earthy connection prompts specified arsenic a problem description. This is nan exemplary that powers GitHub Copilot. Some of its cardinal features are:

  • It supports aggregate languages including Python, JavaScript, Java, and C++.
  • It's trained connected some earthy connection and billions of lines of code.
  • It’s disposable done nan OpenAI Codex API, which allows developers to merge it into their ain applications and workflows.

During nan beta period, Codex is free to use. See really it useful by typing successful prompts successful nan JavaScript codification sandbox.

6. Intellicode


Intellicode is simply a free AI code-generating instrumentality for Visual Studio. It detects nan discourse of nan codification and generates suggestions. Currently, it supports Python, TypeScript/JavaScript, and Java programming languages. Below are immoderate of its cardinal features:

  • It is trained connected open-source projects connected GitHub that person precocious prima ratings.
  • It provides API usage examples for much than 100k APIs.
  • It only useful exclusively pinch Visual Studio IDE.

Intellicode supports a very constricted number of programming languages and only useful successful a azygous IDE. Using different much elastic devices discussed successful this article whitethorn beryllium better.

7. AskCodi


AskCodi provides a broad instrumentality to thief developers make codification quickly. It has different apps for generating different types of code. For example, it tin reply questions astir frontend syntax, trial cases, SQL and NoSQL queries for your database, and doc strings for your Python code. Below are its cardinal features:

  • It supports much than 30 programming languages and frameworks specified arsenic Kotlin, JavaScript, Angular, Ruby, Swift, Ruby, Python, and Rust among others. It besides provides answers to WordPress and Powershell questions.
  • It’s disposable connected nan terminal and tin merge pinch IDEs for illustration VS Code and PyCharm.
  • It supports aggregate earthy languages isolated from English, for illustration German, Polish, and Spanish.
  • It tin construe codification snippets from 1 programming connection to another.
  • It has workbooks wherever you tin make tests and archive code.

AskCodi has a free type pinch constricted credits and a paid type pinch much credits.

Should You Rely connected Code Generators?

AI codification generators for illustration these are very adjuvant successful reducing nan magnitude of codification you write. However, you should not afloat trust connected them to constitute full applications. The codification they make whitethorn not ever beryllium error-free. It’s important to thoroughly trial and reappraisal nan generated codification earlier integrating it pinch your accumulation code.

It’s champion to deliberation of codification assistants arsenic devices to supplement your ain coding knowledge. For instance, trust connected them to make boilerplate codification aliases erstwhile you are moving pinch a caller programming connection aliases model and want to study its syntax.

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