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Manuel Garcia-Rulfo arsenic Mickey Haller successful The Lincoln Lawyer play 2
(Image credit: Netflix)

Comeback king Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) will thrust again. Netflix has renewed The Lincoln Lawyer for a 3rd season. The show, based connected Michael Connelly’s book bid astir a apical L.A. defense lawyer who does his champion reasoning successful nan backseat of his car, has cracked nan streamer’s Top 10 successful 81 countries acknowledgment successful portion to its juicy cases. 

In play 1, recovering opioid addict Mickey inherits a slain colleague’s clients, including a video crippled mogul (Christopher Gorham) accused of sidesplitting his woman and her lover, while play 2 finds him representing his caller occurrence (Lana Parrilla), a cook and organization advocator charged pinch murdering a existent property developer. But you tin besides in installments Garcia-Rulfo’s innate good-guy charm and chemistry pinch nan supporting cast: Neve Campbell co-stars arsenic Mickey’s first ex-wife, charismatic Maggie, and Becki Newton steals scenes arsenic his 2nd ex-wife, Lorna, who’s besides his assistant.

While you hold for Mickey to log much billable hours and miles, present are different shows for illustration The Lincoln Lawyer that whitethorn rev your engine.

Will Trent

As a defense attorney, Mickey is portion detective; if he wants a assemblage to judge his customer whitethorn beryllium innocent, he needs to springiness them an replacement suspect. He could study a instrumentality aliases 2 from Special Agent Will Trent (Ramón Rodríguez), who sounds crime scenes amended than anyone other astatine nan Georgia Bureau of Investigation successful this ABC hit. In return, Mickey could thatch Will really to amended navigate nan overlap of his master and individual lives. 

Will is successful an on-and-off-again narration pinch Atlanta PD Det. Angie Polaski (Erika Christensen), a recovering addict and chap subsister of an abusive foster attraction system, and his caller partner, Faith Mitchell (Iantha Richardson), is nan girl of a high-ranking bull he sewage tossed for corruption. Before nan extremity of Season 1’s 13 episodes we (and Will) find retired he has heartbreaking ties to his boss, Amanda Wagner (Sonja Sohn).

Based connected Karin Slaughter’s bestselling book series, nan show is simply a spot darker than The Lincoln Lawyer, but location is still plentifulness of light. Will’s rescue Chihuahua, Betty, gets considerably much surface clip than Lorna’s pug, Winston. And there’s a joyousness successful watching Will, who’s ever preferred to activity unsocial truthful he could hide his dyslexia, lukewarm to Faith arsenic they extremity up sharing an agency and lip-synching Hall & Oates. Broadcast procedurals get a bad rap, but this 1 has capable of nan characters’ analyzable backstories woven into their cases to warrant a binge earlier play 2 arrives.

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So Help Me Todd

In this CBS drama, besides worthy of streaming up of its sophomore season, Oscar victor Marcia Gay Harden stars arsenic polished Portland, Oregon rule partner Margaret Wright. She second-guesses her achromatic sheep boy Todd’s (Skylar Astin) prime of occupation until nan disgraced backstage detective comes to her rescue erstwhile her hubby goes missing successful nan bid premiere. Impressed by his results — and wished to spot him turn up, for illustration his ER expert sister Allison (Madeline Wise) and governor’s main of unit relative Lawrence (Matthew Wilkas) — Margaret hires Todd to beryllium an in-house interrogator astatine her firm. 

Does she occasionally regret it? Yes, erstwhile Todd weasels his measurement onto a delicate lawsuit she’d alternatively person nan much buttoned-up interrogator Lyle (Tristen J. Winger) handle. But Todd usually has a method to his enthusiastic madness (he loves going undercover), and their bickering is truthful fun, you’ll beryllium happy Margaret someway finds nan clip to travel him into nan field. Plus, Harden is conscionable truthful good, she tin springiness weight to nan family’s dysfunctional move and her heavier cases, for illustration erstwhile a walk-in assignment turns retired to person a explosive strapped to her thorax and demands Margaret reverse her efforts to enactment an execution.

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The existent TV breakout of 2023 is really this 2011-19 USA drama, which smashed a Nielsen streaming grounds for nan most-watched acquired title (then did it again). Anyone who’s been wholly flabbergasted by its occurrence must not callback that prima Patrick J. Adams nabbed a SAG information his first play playing Mike Ross, whose photographic representation earns him an subordinate position alongside New York City’s apical closer, Gabriel Macht’s eternally cool Harvey Specter. 

The catch: The patient only hires Harvard Law alums and, aft making immoderate bad choices for mostly noble reasons, Mike doesn’t person a assemblage aliases rule degree. Disbelievers must besides beryllium unaware of really difficult fans shipped Mike and paralegal Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle), and Harvey and his all-knowing caput Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty), and that group bought charismatic “You conscionable sewage Litt Up!” mugs successful grant of Rick Hoffman’s eccentric frenemy Louis Litt and drooled complete nan wardrobe of fierce leader Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres). All that is to say, Suits has ever been addictive to those who gave it a chance.

A heads-up for erstwhile you’re fresh to jump connected nan bandwagon: There are 9 seasons — only 8 of which are disposable connected Netflix. Peacock has nan afloat run, on pinch nan short-lived spinoff Pearson.

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The Good Fight

You don’t request to person watched CBS’s The Good Wife to jump consecutive into its lauded 2017-22 spinoff. Like Mickey, Diane Lockhart (the incomparable Christine Baranski) is forced to make a comeback successful her accomplished career, only her autumn stems from a friend and client’s Ponzi strategy wiping retired her savings correct arsenic she plans to discontinue to a villa successful France. Diane accepts a occupation connection from Adrian Boseman (Delroy Lindo) to subordinate Chicago’s preeminent Black rule firm, known for nan constabulary brutality cases it handles. She brings connected an associate, her goddaughter Maia Rindell (Rose Leslie), who’s successful threat of being swallowed by her father’s Madoff-style scandal, and a resourceful assistant, Marissa Gold (Sarah Steele). At nan aforesaid time, wide Diane is besides reeling from Donald Trump’s predetermination and deciding whether to prevention her matrimony to Republican ballistics master Kurt McVeigh (Gary Cole).

Shepherded by Robert and Michelle King, nan bid is fearless erstwhile it comes to addressing nan vulnerable absurdity of America’s governmental scenery and really it mightiness exhaust — past incite — group for illustration Diane (and, joining nan patient successful Season 2, Audra McDonald’s Liz Reddick). Fans of The Good Wife will admit Cush Jumbo arsenic eager subordinate Lucca Quinn, and a slew of guests reprising memorable roles including Dylan Baker, Denis O’Hare, Matthew Perry, Margo Martindale, John Benjamin Hickey, Mike Colter, Wallace Shawn, Mamie Gummer, and Alan Cumming. Carrie Preston, who returns arsenic exceptionally skilled and quirky extracurricular counsel Elsbeth Tascioni, is group to header her ain spinoff connected CBS.

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How to Get Away pinch Murder

If you for illustration proceeding Mickey outline his ineligible strategy to his customer turned driver Izzy (Jazz Raycole), past you’ll want to return notes from Professor Annalise Keating (Viola Davis, successful an Emmy-winning turn). At nan commencement of this 2014-20 ABC play created by Peter Nowalk and exec-produced by Shonda Rhimes, we spot 4 of her criminal rule students debating whether to hide a dormant assemblage aliases time off it wherever it is. Then we flashback to 3 months earlier, erstwhile nan badass defense lawyer has her people assisting connected her latest execution proceedings and competing to gain coveted internships pinch her firm. By nan extremity of nan premiere, nan personality of nan unfortunate is revealed —a jaw-dropper guaranteed to make you click “next episode” — and different body, that of a missing co-ed, has been found. How nan 2 deaths are connected, and who is responsible for each murder, is simply a season-long arc.

As you’d expect from a Shondaland production, there’s biting dialogue, questionable ethics, steamy activity scenes, and genuinely shocking twists. Season 2 reveals much of Annalise’s trauma-filled backstory, and Season 3 bids farewell to 1 of nan original Keating 5 interns (played by Alfred Enoch, Jack Falahee, Aja Naomi King, Matt McGorry, and Karla Souza). The series’ six-season tally concludes pinch Annalise connected proceedings and a satisfying flash-forward for viewers who for illustration to cognize what happens to characters successful nan future.

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Reasonable Doubt

It’s easy to ideate Mickey and Jax Stewart (Emayatzy Corinealdi), nan L.A. defense lawyer astatine nan bosom of this sudsy play created by Scandal alum Raamla Mohamed, moving successful nan aforesaid circles. If Mickey tin support up, that is. The premiere, directed by chap exec shaper Kerry Washington, opens pinch Jax tied to a chair and begging for her life earlier a gunshot rings out. 

You’ll person to hold 9 episodes to study who’s kidnapped her and why, since we instantly flashback to six months earlier erstwhile Jax has different problems to woody with: The mother of 2 is separated from her husband, Lewis (McKinley Freeman), who thinks she prioritizes activity complete everything else. A wrongly convicted customer from her nationalist defender days, Damon Cooke (Michael Ealy), is eligible for parole aft serving 16 years and wants to show remorse for nan execution he didn’t perpetrate truthful he tin person a early — perchance pinch Jax. And she’s astir to return connected nan high-profile lawsuit of budding billionaire Brayden Miller (Sean Patrick Thomas), who’s charged pinch murdering a erstwhile workfellow who’d accused him of intersexual assault, knew secrets that could frighten a immense deal, and refused to motion an NDA.

Expect Jax’s individual life to enactment thorny (and TV-MA horny), and for flashbacks to explicate nan lawyer and female she became. Then look guardant to play 2, which will invited Morris Chestnut arsenic a charismatic, media-savvy lawyer who offers Jax assistance and headaches.

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The Lincoln Lawyer creator David E. Kelley has a agelong database of Emmy-winning credits, including L.A. Law, The Practice and Ally McBeal. But The Practice spinoff Boston Legal (2004-08) is simply a show you really request to spot to believe. Set astatine nan wildly inappropriate offices of Crane, Pool & Schmidt, nan bid centers connected nan narration betwixt nan brilliant, blissfully smarmy, wide Alan Shore (James Spader) and nan blimpish fable that is Denny Crane (William Shatner). 

Amidst nan boundary-pushing cases that springiness Alan immoderate of nan champion (and longest) closing arguments successful TV history — and agency play that starts pinch Denny having a weapon pulled connected him by a workfellow and only gets much audacious — you tin ever count connected nan duo ending up connected nan pavilion smoking cigars, drinking Scotch and having a speech that you’d watch for nan afloat hr if fixed nan chance. That Denny is showing signs of Alzheimer’s adds a poignancy to Alan’s loyalty and admiration, their shared desire to protect Denny’s legacy, and Denny’s emotion for Alan (which leads to 1 of nan astir unexpected TV finales ever).  

The show ups nan ante erstwhile Candice Bergen joins nan formed successful nan eleventh section arsenic much-desired founding partner Shirley Schmidt, and by having characters break nan 4th wall. Spader and Shatner won Emmys for their efforts, arsenic did impermanent turned regular Christian Clemenson (colleague Jerry Espenson), who deserved 1 conscionable for his humming capacity of nan bid taxable opus successful play 3’s “Guantanamo by nan Bay.”

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