7 Amazing Things You Can Do in Google's Arts and Culture App

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Google's Arts & Culture app is simply a miniature mobile masterpiece, which anyone pinch moreover a passing liking successful creation will bask exploring. Launched successful 2016, it was primitively designed to complement nan Google Arts & Culture website, which lets you virtually sojourn thousands of galleries and museums astir nan world.

But nan app, which you tin download for free for Android and iOS, now goes acold beyond that. It uses nan latest exertion to present an immersive, educational, and entertaining creation experience. Let's return a look astatine nan champion things you tin do successful Google Arts & Culture.

1. Match a Selfie to a Painting

The best-known characteristic successful nan Google Arts & Culture app is undoubtedly Art Selfie. It finds your creation lookalike among thousands of celebrated paintings.

To observe whether you much intimately lucifer nan Mona Lisa aliases The Laughing Cavalier, pat nan camera icon and prime Art Selfie. Take a photograph of your look and Arts & Culture will find matching portraits.

Don't expect nan results to beryllium nonstop doppelgangers, aliases moreover anyone you've heard of (though 1 of our matches was 28th US president Woodrow Wilson). Tap nan image for accusation astir nan subject, artist, and collection, past pat View artwork to spot nan portion successful close-up detail.

Incidentally, location person been complaints successful nan Play Store that Art Selfie nary longer works, but conscionable hangs. We besides had this problem, until we switched from cellular to Wi-Fi, which kicked it into action.

2. Transform Your Photos Into Artworks

Even much nosy than Art Selfie is nan Art Transfer feature. This turns your photos into useful of creation successful nan style of circumstantial painters.

Select Art Transfer successful nan camera menu, past either seizure a photograph aliases usage an existing 1 from your phone. Tap 1 of nan thumbnails of classical paintings and historical artifacts, and Google will usage its AI to use that style.

Options see Edvard Munch's The Scream, Claude Monet's Ninfee Rosa, Jean-Michel Basquiat's Man from Naples, and self-portraits by Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, and Vincent van Gogh.

You tin use a style to only portion of your photograph by tapping nan scissors icon and tracing nan desired area pinch your finger. The app besides creates a GIF showing nan translator of your image into art. Tap Share to download and stock your masterpiece.

3. Insert Yourself Into Works of Art

Google Arts & Culture is besides 1 of nan best augmented reality apps. You tin spot this successful nan Art Filter tool, which uses AR to move you into a surviving activity of art.

Select Art Filter successful nan camera menu, past take 1 of nan 5 artifacts aliases paintings. These see a Japanese Samurai helmet from nan 19th century, Van Gogh's Self Portrait (again), and Vermeer's Girl pinch a Pearl Earring.

Tap Try filter to activate your camera and use nan filter, Snapchat-style. It will accommodate to nan position of your caput and moreover your facial expression. Tap nan circle to return a photograph aliases clasp it down to grounds a video.

When you're done admiring yourself, prime View artwork to study much astir nan original piece.

4. Project Artwork Around Your Home

You astir apt don't person $80 cardinal to walk connected a Monet for your kitchen, truthful Google Arts & Culture lets you bent classical paintings for free. It uses augmented reality to task full-size versions of masterpieces anyplace successful your home.

Press nan camera icon and pat Art Projector. Point your camera astatine nan floor, move it successful a information motion, and a grid of dots will show you wherever nan projection will appear.

You tin past take 1 of 50 celebrated artworks, including Edward Hopper's Nighthawks, Grant Wood's American Gothic, and Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

As if by magic, nan actual-size coating will look successful beforehand of you connected a stand. Tap nan framework icon successful nan bottom-right area to bent nan image connected a virtual wall. Walk towards an artwork to analyse it successful detail, arsenic if it were really successful beforehand of you.

Art Projector is besides disposable for thousands of different paintings successful nan Arts & Culture app. Just look for nan View successful Augmented Reality option.

5. Create AI-Generated Poetry Postcards

The Google Arts & Culture app has a neat characteristic called PoemPostcards recovered successful nan Play tab. This characteristic lets you nonstop a integer postcard complete pinch creation and poetry, arsenic created by Bard, Google's generative AI chatbot.

Once you're there, take your poem type nether What benignant of poem would you like? Add a point nether For personification who loves (optional), which, arsenic stated, is optional though highly encouraged. Tap More artworks to take different type of artwork for nan postcard, aliases pat Write a poem to spot it travel to life.

6. Play Art-Themed Games

Although you tin effort Google Arts & Culture's games connected its website, tapping your phone's touchscreen makes them easier and much nosy to play than pinch your mouse.

For example, Art Coloring Book offers monochrome outlines of much than 20 celebrated paintings and photos, which you tin colour successful utilizing nan palette of your choice. Just prime a colour past pat a conception of nan image to capable it in. You tin prevention and stock nan result.

Puzzle Party creates jigsaws from hundreds of artworks, which you tin either lick yourself aliases collaborate connected pinch friends. Simply property nan puzzle pieces and move them into place.

There's besides Visual Crosswords, which challenges you to group thumbnail images by theme, specified arsenic Contemporary and Renaissance art, aliases paintings by Van Gogh and Gauguin.

To play these games and more, support scrolling done nan Arts & Culture app until you scope nan Games section.

7. Learn Fascinating New Facts successful nan Inspire Tab

Considering you're browsing nan Google Arts & Culture app, you want to broaden your horizons. And there's arguably nary amended measurement to dive into doing that than successful nan Inspire tab.

Tap Inspire, and you'll beryllium presented pinch a TikTok-like interface wherever you tin swipe up and down to spot caller facts some past and present, successful our world and passim nan universe. Some items tin beryllium interacted with, for illustration a coating wherever you tin zoom successful and out. Others tin beryllium further expanded upon by tapping Read story aliases nan like.

See thing you like? Tap nan heart icon to favourite a peculiar fact. It will beryllium saved successful your app for early reference.

Interact With Art and Culture

You could walk days exploring each nan contented successful nan Google Arts & Culture app. Try nan interactive features we've highlighted to get a spirit of what to expect.

As good arsenic browsing artworks and artifacts, you should besides cheque retired nan app's virtual tours of galleries, museums, and sites of taste and historical interest. They supply you pinch a world of civilization from nan comfortableness of your phone.

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