6 Web3 Publishing Platforms for Writers

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With nan improvement of Web2 into Web3, integer contented creation and distribution is taking caller forms. Notably, a awesome interest for writers successful this caller era is uncovering a level that prioritizes afloat ownership of their imaginative look and opportunities for monetization.

Web3 publishing platforms, which see features for illustration blockchain exertion and decentralization, meet those needs. Let’s research immoderate of nan champion Web3 publishing platforms you should see arsenic a writer looking to harness nan powerfulness of Web3.

What Are Web3 Writing Platforms and What Makes Them Unique?

If Web3 refers to a decentralized, permissionless, and user-focused type of nan web, past Web3 publishing platforms are publishing applications pinch each of those characteristics built in. Web3 publishing platforms mention to integer publishing applications integrating blockchain exertion to supply features for illustration ownership, transparency, and nonstop monetization options.

There are immoderate cardinal features that make Web3 publishing platforms different from regular publishing platforms.

Decentralized Blockchain Technology and Monetization

The biggest parameter of Web3 is blockchain technology. Web3 platforms tin guarantee transparency and existent decentralization done nan blockchain.

For instance, Web3 platforms tin usage blockchain tech to create literate NFTs aliases tokens from your written works. You could past usage blockchain smart contracts to gain royalties for each consequent waste of your tokenized activity aliases to automatically salary a co-author.

Also, you'll apt person costs for your activity successful cryptocurrencies, which, arsenic we each know, are typically based connected blockchain technology.


On Web2, location are endless information usurpation possibilities because users must taxable individual accusation successful nan sanction of KYC verification. Web3 publishing platforms lick this rumor by prioritizing anonymity and utilizing wallet addresses.

Each personification is recognized by an alphanumeric drawstring of characters known arsenic a wallet address. If this is important to you arsenic a writer, past you should opt for Web3 platforms.

1. Mirror

Mirror's website location page

Mirror has established itself arsenic 1 of nan apical platforms for Web3 publishing. The level lives connected nan Ethereum network, which intends immoderate personification tin motion up pinch their Ethereum wallet and shop their penning connected Arweave, a imperishable accusation retention network.

Mirror gives you 2 main ways to gain gross connected content: collectibles and Web3 subscriptions.

The first, collectibles, is imaginable by minting a portion of contented arsenic an NFT. Mirror offers a cost-free measurement to mint each station aliases portion of content, allowing nan writer to group a constricted proviso and price. Additionally, writers tin embed immoderate integer creation NFT they’ve purchased into their blog posts aliases articles. The last literate NFT merchandise will see some nan written contented and nan integer creation NFT.

The 2nd monetization action is token-gating, which involves locking premium contented down a paywall that tin only beryllium unlocked pinch crypto.

All successful all, Mirror has an easy-to-navigate UI and is simply a celebrated action for writers and customers alike. It besides offers a adjacent spot of elasticity to your publishing monetization options.

2. Sigle

Sigle website location page

Sigle is different action for Web3 publishing. It's built connected Stacks protocol, a Layer-2 solution that enables NFT and smart statement functionality connected nan Bitcoin blockchain. Because of its location network, Sigle uses nan Bitcoin ordinal inscription technology alternatively of accepted Ethereum NFTs to shop users’ contented connected nan Bitcoin network.

Sigle has a fewer features that amended nan personification experience. First is nan personification interface, which is arsenic elemental arsenic its Web2 rival, Medium. The 2nd characteristic is simply a big of writer support tools, including a built-in editor, a civilization SEO-optimized blog domain, and an intuitive dashboard.

Earning gross for your penning connected Sigle has nan aforesaid look arsenic Mirror: token-gating and literate NFTs. However, a mini quality is that writers connected Sigle tin take successful what rate to person earnings.

3. Soltype

Soltype website's location page

The publishing manufacture is simply a competitory abstraction ruled by publishing deals, starring caller writers to spell down nan way of self-publishing done ebooks. Soltype comes successful arsenic a Web3 solution to self-publishing; it's a blockchain-based ebook marketplace wherever writers tin write, mint, and waste their activity arsenic literate NFTs.

Each postulation of literate NFTs is nether nan author’s afloat control, truthful they tin group a proviso limit and value it nevertheless they choose. To summation nan rarity of individual NFTs from nan collection, nan writer tin connect unsocial screen creation to ebooks successful nan collection.

Purchasing an NFT from nan postulation gives you afloat entree and ownership of nan ebook, which intends you tin read, trade, and resell connected your prime of nan best Solana marketplaces.

4. Paragraph

Paragraph website's location screen

Paragraph takes a somewhat different attack from different platforms because it targets writers who person already built an audience. If you're a writer who already has a community, Paragraph lets you monetize it by offering 3 yearly subscription plans to writers successful different stages of growth. Writers pinch 100, 1000, and 5000 members must salary 0.05, 0.1, and 0.5 ETH respectively.

As for earning, each station connected nan level is minted arsenic an NFT, but authors tin return their champion posts further by turning them into a collectible. Buying a collectible gives nan purchaser complete ownership of nan post.

5. Hashnode Web3

Hashnode website location page

Unlike nan others connected this list, Hashnode is simply a small niche. It is simply a blogging level that caters to package developers and method writers. Although nan level has Web2 features specified arsenic KYC verification and email signup, nan level hosts a ample organization of Web3 users that can’t beryllium ignored.

Hashnode provides galore devices to support nan writers connected nan platform, including SEO support, automatic GitHub publishing and backup, an inbuilt editor, and a newsletter subscription service.

6. Hive Blog

Hive website location page

Hive Blog is simply a societal networking and blogging level built connected nan Hive blockchain. Like different blockchains, Hive has a autochthonal rate that facilitates transactions connected each its projects, including nan Hive Blog.

This blog does not reward authors for penning but encourages users to curate contented and interact pinch different posts. Users pinch nan astir power get a stock of nan level gross paid successful Hive-Based Dollars (HBD), nan platform’s stablecoin.

The Hive Blog is simply a hybrid level that features various sign-up options to cater to Web3 and Web2 users. So, you could usage an email reside aliases stay anonymous pinch a wallet-based login.

Key Takeaways

  • Web3 penning platforms supply afloat ownership of imaginative look and opportunities for monetization done features for illustration blockchain exertion and decentralization.
  • These platforms usage blockchain exertion to guarantee transparency, decentralization, and privacy, offering options specified arsenic earning royalties from tokenized useful and receiving payments successful cryptocurrencies.
  • Some celebrated Web3 penning platforms see Mirror, Sigle, Soltype, Paragraph, Hashnode Web3, and Hive Blog, each offering unsocial features and monetization options for writers. Exploring these platforms tin connection much control, amended earnings, and a adjacent publishing ecosystem.

Should You Use a Web3 Writing Platform?

Web3 penning platforms connection you much power complete your content, amended monetization options, and a much transparent and adjacent ecosystem. These features make Web3 penning platforms a bully prime if you would for illustration to make money from penning and stay anonymous while doing so.

The champion point astir each of this is really it removes each nan intermediaries and makes publishing much accessible. However, it could beryllium a spot challenging to study really to navigate nan world of cryptocurrencies and Web3. But it's decidedly worthy trying.

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