6 Tips to Fix Siri Not Working on Apple Watch

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Are you having problem talking to Siri connected your Apple Watch? Follow these troubleshooting steps.

Apple Watch Hey Siri

Siri, Apple's sound assistant, is disposable connected almost each Apple devices, including nan Apple Watch. However, Siri isn't perfect, and location are instances wherever Siri whitethorn not activity aliases respond to your sound inputs while utilizing your Apple Watch.

This tin beryllium owed to microphone blockage, misconfigured Siri settings, server downtime, aliases package glitches. Whatever nan case, present are immoderate ways to hole Siri not moving connected your Apple Watch.

1. Check Siri's Settings

Sometimes, nan rumor tin simply beryllium that Siri isn't group to respond to your sound commands connected your Apple Watch. So, nan first measurement is to cheque your Siri settings.

To do this, property nan Digital Crown connected your Apple Watch to unfastened nan Home Screen. Locate and unfastened nan Settings app. Now, scroll down and pat Siri. Then, spot if nan Listen for Hey Siri toggle is enabled. If not, toggle it on.

Activate Siri connected Apple Watch

2. Check Your Internet Connection

While your Apple Watch tin execute definite functions without an net connection, Siri requires a unchangeable Wi-Fi aliases cellular connection to activity optimally. This intends a mediocre relationship aliases nary work whitethorn beryllium nan origin of your problems.

By default, your Apple Watch conserves powerfulness by utilizing your iPhone's net relationship erstwhile it's near. But if it's retired of range, your Apple watch will link to Wi-Fi aliases cellular web (on supported models) instead.

So, to guarantee you person a bully net connection, make judge your iPhone is successful scope aliases move connected Wi-Fi connected your Apple Watch. To do this, navigate to nan Settings app connected your Apple Watch and pat Wi-Fi. Make judge it's turned connected and connected to your preferred network. You tin besides effort restarting your router aliases moving your watch person to it for a stronger connection.

Apple Watch Check WiFi Settings

3. Restart Your Apple Watch

Restarting your instrumentality is 1 of nan easiest ways to troubleshoot a problem, arsenic it gives your instrumentality a speedy refresh. But since your wearable has nary restart option, you'll person to turn your Apple Watch off and backmost connected manually.

Simply property and clasp nan broadside button. Tap nan Power icon that appears astatine nan top-right area of your screen. Then, resistance nan Power Off slider to nan correct to move disconnected nan device. Wait a fewer seconds, past property and clasp nan broadside fastener until nan Apple logo appears.

Power Off Apple Watch

4. Update watchOS

Sometimes, a package glitch whitethorn impact nan measurement Siri functions. Luckily, Apple releases regular updates for your Apple Watch that tin clear immoderate imaginable glitches aliases bugs successful your software. So, a elemental update tin hole your Siri problems.

To update your Apple Watch, caput to Settings > General > Software Update and instal nan newer watchOS version. To guarantee nan update runs smoothly, make judge you person a unchangeable net relationship and your watch is sufficiently charged aliases plugged in.

5. Check Your Microphone

Siri relies connected your Apple Watch's built-in microphone located betwixt nan Digital Crown and nan broadside fastener to perceive to your sound commands. As such, immoderate obstruction to your microphone whitethorn impact Siri's performance.

Over time, particulate and grime whitethorn stitchery complete your microphone, making it harder for sound to walk through, truthful you whitethorn request to cleanable it. Use a lint-free and somewhat damp cloth to mildly swipe distant immoderate ungraded obstructing your microphone.

6. Increase Siri's Volume

Finally, if you're judge Siri has received your sound input, but you can't perceive its response, nan chances are your Siri's measurement settings are excessively low, but this is an easy fix.

To summation Siri's volume, you tin simply bid Siri to alteration measurement settings by saying, "Hey Siri, speak louder." aliases "Hey Siri, speak quieter."

Alternatively, caput to Settings > Siri > Siri Responses > Voice Volume—Speaker. Then pat nan Volume icon connected nan correct to summation nan volume.

Apple Watch Siri Responses

Activate Siri connected Your Apple Watch Without Issues

Siri tin make utilizing your Apple Watch truthful overmuch easier pinch its sound responses. However, if you've tried each these troubleshooting steps and still can't get Siri to activity connected your wearable, we counsel you to interaction Apple Support aliases sojourn nan nearest Apple Store for in-person hardware assistance.

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