6 Great Samsung Apps That All Android Users Should Download

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Although Samsung is traditionally a hardware company, its accordant investments successful package complete nan past fewer years person turned its apps and services into worthy alternatives against group manufacture standards.

While immoderate Samsung apps are exclusive to those pinch a Galaxy device, others are disposable to each Android users. In this guide, we'll beryllium looking astatine apical Samsung apps that each Android personification should download.

1. Samsung Internet

Samsung Internet is by acold 1 of nan best, if not nan best, Android browsers retired there. In our full comparison of Samsung Internet and Google Chrome, we showed really nan erstwhile is measurement much user-friendly and comes pinch a ton of customization options.

Some of nan best features of Samsung Internet include:

  • Toolbar: Take speedy actions erstwhile web surfing pinch easy one-handed use. Access and customize up to 30 buttons from nan paper list.
  • Customizable reside bar: Increase reachability by changing nan position of nan reside barroom to nan bottommost of nan screen.
  • Privacy Dashboard: See a play summary of trackers blocked. Prevent websites from seeing your browser history. Block pop-ups and automatic downloads, and get warnings astir harmful sites.
  • Secret Mode: A much powerful type of Incognito Mode, you tin fastener Secret Mode pinch a password aliases fingerprint to unafraid your backstage tabs, and support backstage downloads specified arsenic images, videos, audio, and documents from being discovered extracurricular of Secret Mode.
  • Video Assistant: A built-in video subordinate pinch intuitive gesture-based controls to switch nan autochthonal video subordinate of a third-party site.

The browser comes pre-installed connected each Galaxy devices and is group arsenic nan default action from nan get-go. However, if you ain a instrumentality from a different manufacturer, you tin easy get nan browser from nan Play Store.

Download: Samsung Internet (Free)

2. Samsung Smart Switch

One of nan biggest pains smartphone users look is information transfer. Although location are a plethora of apps retired location that execute nan aforesaid function, galore of them are either terribly slow aliases unreliable, aliases both. Sadly, it's very communal to spot group losing their precious information erstwhile transferring their files from an aged instrumentality to a caller one.

By far, Samsung Smart Switch is our favourite information transportation app connected Android. It's fast, reliable, has a user-friendly UI, and doesn't harm nan value of your images aliases videos during nan transfer. You tin take to transportation files wirelessly aliases via a USB cable; nan second is simply a spot safer (and faster) since it's free from web fluctuations.

You tin use Smart Switch to transportation anything including media, telephone logs, contacts, messages, almanac data, downloaded apps, personification accounts, documents, and more. It tin transportation files betwixt Android, iOS, and Windows.

Download: Samsung Smart Switch (Free)

3. Samsung Health

Samsung Health is simply a fittingness app that records your workout, sleep, and calorie intake. It's nan default workout app connected Galaxy watches and comes pinch a wide scope of features to thief you negociate your wellness amended and visualize your progress.

You tin group your fittingness goals, situation friends, and moreover participate successful world fittingness challenges. If you request immoderate thief getting successful shape, you tin besides watch curated videos made by fittingness experts. The videos screen topics specified arsenic weight loss, muscle-building, fittingness for women, endurance training, mindfulness, running, and galore others.

The app has a beautiful and easy-to-use UI that useful good for beginners arsenic good arsenic enthusiasts. You tin spot a play summary of your activities, diet, sleep, and more. For each milestone you achieve, you gain a badge arsenic a reminder of really acold you've travel successful your fittingness journey.

Download: Samsung Health (Free)

4. Samsung SmartThings

SmartThings is simply a centralized all-in-one location automation app that lets you sync, control, and show each your smart location devices astatine once. You tin usage it to automate lights, alteration nan temperature, fastener and unlock doors, move disconnected electrical outlets, power appliances, show a information camera feed, way your powerfulness consumption, and more.

Although mounting up your smart location isn't precisely easy, it's a spot simpler pursuing improvements to nan SmartThings app that brought a fresher UI and accrued support for much smart devices. To get a amended idea, return a look astatine nan database of smart devices compatible pinch SmartThings.

You don't needfully request to ain Samsung-made devices and appliances to beryllium capable to usage nan SmartThings app. The work will activity conscionable arsenic awesome successful your location arsenic agelong arsenic you person products from supported brands of nan SmartThings ecosystem. However, you will request a Samsung account to group up your SmartThings system.

Download: Samsung SmartThings (Free)

5. Samsung PENUP

Some Samsung phones travel pinch an S Pen built into nan assemblage which allows users to create amended and much elaborate artworks. But you don't needfully request an S Pen for that purpose; if you hap to ain a third-party stylus and want to create immoderate beautiful artwork aliases believe your drafting skills, Samsung PENUP is simply a awesome spot to get started.

It's a societal networking level made for creatives wherever you tin create and stock your original artwork, participate successful events and challenges, position celebrated artworks, travel your favourite creatives, and interact pinch them via comments. Although location are different sketching devices retired there, what makes Samsung PENUP typical is its accent connected organization interactions.

If you're a beginner and want to amended your drafting skills, you tin do truthful via Live drawing which shows you a time-lapse of a sketch made by a chap imaginative and allows you to trace complete it to study nan colors and brushes used. You tin besides usage nan app arsenic a coloring book and spot what different creatives made utilizing nan templates.

Download: Samsung PENUP (Free)

6. Galaxy Wearable (for Galaxy Watch Owners)

Galaxy Watches aren't conscionable for Samsung users. They tin beryllium utilized pinch immoderate Android phone. If you hap to ain one, you should decidedly download Galaxy Wearable (formerly Samsung Gear). The app allows you to customize your watch face, set nan Quick Settings panel, download Wear OS apps from nan Play Store, find your watch, person package updates, and more.

You tin besides move from Active Noise Cancelation to Ambient Sound modes correct from nan app, successful lawsuit nan controls connected your earbuds aren't working, aliases your hands are wet.

The Galaxy Wearable app only useful pinch Samsung Galaxy Watches and not smartwatches from different third-party watch manufacturers.

Download: Galaxy Wearable (Free)

Improve Your Lifestyle With These Samsung Apps

A batch of Samsung apps are rather underrated for nan features they offer. Whether you're looking for a caller browser to amended your web surfing experience, a much competent fittingness app, aliases conscionable a instrumentality to fto retired your imagination, these supra Samsung apps person sewage you covered.

Some of these apps mightiness activity a spot amended connected Samsung Galaxy devices, but moreover if you person a instrumentality from a different manufacturer, these are worthy checking out. And nan champion part? All nan apps are wholly free to usage and don't travel pinch immoderate annoying subscription plans.

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