6 ChatGPT Plugins That Aren't Worth Your Time

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While ChatGPT offers plentifulness of plugins that tin thief boost nan tool's functionality, they're not each perfect. Here are immoderate plugins you should avoid.

ChatGPT plugin icon connected laptop

The motorboat of nan ChatGPT plugin shop was expected to radically amended nan ChatGPT ecosystem. The thought was to unfastened up ChatGPT's immense capabilities to third-party developers, who would past innovate and build moreover much powerful devices by leveraging nan AI chatbot.

However, respective months on nan line, nan motorboat of ChatGPT plugins hasn't really had nan effect observers believed it would. Instead, poorly built plugins that aren't extending nan chatbot's capabilities successful immoderate meaningful measurement litter nan store. Have an important task astatine hand? Skip these ChatGPT plugins that make large promises but travel up short connected delivery.

1. I Am Rich

The I Am Rich plugin connected nan ChatGPT plugin store

The "I Am Rich" plugin is 1 of nan astir confusing plugins connected nan ChatGPT platform. If you're ever funny astir what it does and spell poking around—you're astir apt already wasting your clip because nan plugin does perfectly nothing. And this is not an exaggeration.

To trigger nan plugin, you're expected to activate it, and past see nan matter "I americium rich" successful your prompt. What happens erstwhile you do this? Well, ChatGPT is expected to load an image of a crystal pinch a glow astir it. What intent does nan image serve? Unless you worth it arsenic "artwork," there's really thing other it does.

Years ago, location was an app connected nan Apple Store that costs astir $999.99 which did nan aforesaid thing. Once you installed nan app, nan only point it did was show you nan image. The only worth it offered was showing group that you were rich | capable to spend it.

The app was swiftly taken disconnected nan Apple Store aft respective bad reviews. Was this plugin developed by nan aforesaid person? We are not sure. But it judge has nan aforesaid function—absolutely nothing.

2. Aaron Web Browser

Aaron Web Browser connected nan ChatGPT plugin store

“Built for scraping information from aggregate website URLs.” This is nan first condemnation successful nan explanation for nan plugin. One would deliberation that nan explanation accurately captures nan plugin's capabilities, but upon person inspection, it’s not wholly true. We tried to scrape information from 20 different URLs and only 1 went through.

For a plugin that advertises itself arsenic a web crawler, nan nonaccomplishment rates were highly high. In fairness, we tried different web scrapper plugins disposable connected nan ChatGPT plugin store, and they weren't peculiarly amended astatine their occupation either. Need to scrap information from a web page? Maybe ChatGPT plugins are not nan correct tool.

3. AppyPie App Builder

Appypie App builder connected ChatGPT plugin store

AppyPie is simply a celebrated no-code app-building platform. It's comparatively easy to use, and you tin deploy afloat functional mobile apps successful a very short clip without having to constitute a azygous statement of code.

Considering specified a reputation, erstwhile AppyPie's plugin popped up successful nan ChatGPT plugins store, it seemed for illustration you'd beryllium capable to build apps connected request by simply describing what you want successful plain language. Just type successful a punctual describing nan benignant of app you want and person nan plugin build it immediately.

The plugin itself is self-described arsenic a "text-to-app" plugin, which benignant of fits our expectations. Unfortunately, AppyPie's ChatGPT plugin is thing but that. Irrespective of really elaborate aliases shallow you get pinch your description, it simply tells you nan app is ready, presents a nexus to customize nan app and that's astir each you get.

The nexus leads to nan AppyPie website, but there's really nary app waiting to beryllium customized. You'll extremity up being prompted to registry and subscribe to its no-code app-building platform. It's an annoying effort astatine advertisement.

Sure, it seems a spot unreasonable to expect a moving text-to-app plugin that tin spit retired apps connected demand. But successful an era wherever chatbots tin constitute codification and wherever text-to-image and text-to-video are a thing, text-to-app is not that ridiculous of an expectation.

4. AI Agents

AI Agents plugin connected nan ChatGPT plugin store

If you spell by nan meaning of an AI agent, it’s easy to get excited astir what nan “AI Agents” plugin promises to do. The plugin self-describes arsenic a plugin to thief you “unleash nan powerfulness of aggregate AIs.” The thought is to return a analyzable goal, break it into subtasks, and past leverage nan powerfulness of aggregate AI agents specializing successful each subtask to execute nan large extremity you group for it.

It, astatine slightest successful theory, is expected to beryllium capable to do thing akin to what AutoGPT does. Unfortunately, irrespective of nan complexity of nan task we group for it, nan plugin couldn't present anything.

It seems it was conscionable applying a fewer punctual tricks and returning a not-so-enhanced transcript of what ChatGPT would provide. There's really nary consciousness of AI agents astatine work. It doesn't connection thing peculiarly different from what ChatGPT would do.

5. A Movie Please (FilmFindr)

FilmFindr plugin connected nan ChatGPT plugin store

The "A Movie Please" plugin is simply a movie proposal instrumentality to thief ChatGPT users determine what to watch next. Although nan plugin is not a dud (it really makes movie recommendations), you're amended disconnected utilizing ChatGPT without nan plugin.

Once you've provided a explanation of nan benignant of movie you want, nan plugin only ever recommends movies that are disposable connected Amazon's Prime streaming service. If you person a niche sensation successful movies, you'll find nan recommendations to beryllium mediocre astatine best.

For value movie suggestions, you're amended disconnected prompting nan guidelines ChatGPT exemplary straight to determine what to watch next. By going that route, you'll get acold superior results compared to relying connected nan "A Movie Please" plugin.

6. ABC Website Maker

ABC Website shaper plugin connected nan ChatGPT plugin store

The ABC website shaper promises “conversational coding” wherever you tin build web apps astatine a moment's announcement by simply conversing pinch nan plugin successful earthy language. In theory, these abilities should beryllium comparatively easy to propulsion off, considering ChatGPT connected its ain is already an awesome conversational coding tool.

However, erstwhile we tasked nan plugin pinch creating a elemental portfolio website, nan consequence was underwhelming.

ChatGPT's Plugin Store: Quantity Over Quality?

Rather than hastening progress, nan "quantity complete quality" trajectory that nan ChatGPT plugin shop seems to beryllium towing is promoting lacklustre plugins that clutter nan store. These plugins divert attraction from different much promising devices that could genuinely push ChatGPT to caller heights. Nonetheless, we dream that arsenic nan plugin shop matures, higher-quality offerings will surface.

Once developers excavation deeper into ChatGPT's capabilities and innovate astatine its edges, we whitethorn yet spot plugins that unlock nan AI's afloat power. But for now, relying connected nan guidelines ChatGPT exemplary aliases proven third-party devices is simply a amended stake for astir tasks. Our verdict? The ChatGPT plugin golden unreserved has yet to onslaught gold.

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