6 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives

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You shouldn’t request to walk Adobe money to edit images and photos. Fortunately, free alternatives beryllium that tin thief you complete basal image editing operations, process RAW photos, and more.


The GNU Image Manipulation Program amended known arsenic GIMP has agelong been nan go-to Photoshop replacement for Linux users. But you don’t request to usage Linux to return advantage of GIMP since nan package is disposable for macOS and Windows too. You tin drawback GIMP from nan Downloads page aliases usage a package head for illustration Flatpak for Linux aliases Mac balanced Homebrew. GIMP is moreover disposable connected nan Windows Store.

There’s a spot of a learning curve to GIMP if you’re coming from Photoshop, and things don’t ever “just work” arsenic you’d expect them to. Thankfully you tin edifice to GIMP’s plentiful help documentation and tutorials to get up to speed. The app includes a acquainted group of devices and a UI to lucifer truthful that you tin usage layers, masks, brushes, tools, and moreover filters to edit your images.

GIMP image editor moving connected macOS

This makes GIMP perfect for editing photos, designing elements from scratch for creation purposes, creating original artwork, aliases converting hand-drawn images to integer paintings. The app besides supports a assortment of programming options and a room of plugins (which you tin browse utilizing nan plugin browser nether nan “Help” menu).

GIMP is simply a awesome replacement for older versions of Photoshop, though it lacks galore of nan generative, content-aware, and AI-powered devices of nan latest releases. If you put nan clip into learning really it works, it’s an fantabulous Photoshop alternative.


Paint.NET is simply a coagulated free image and photograph editor for Windows that makes a awesome replacement to Photoshop. You tin deliberation of Paint.NET arsenic a turbocharged type of nan default Paint app that’s included pinch Windows. The app is powered by nan Microsoft .NET 7 framework, limitations that are taken attraction of pinch a azygous app install.

The app features an intuitive and customizable interface, layers (but nary masks), a acquainted array of tools, and tabs for quickly switching betwixt files. There’s support for pressure-sensitive pens and drawing tablets (touchscreen too), an array of effects (like Photoshop’s filters), and each nan basal devices you need. Paint.NET is highly optimized truthful you won’t beryllium waiting astir for things to happen.

Paint.NET moving connected Windows 11

Core to nan Paint.NET acquisition is an progressive organization and busy forum. This is wherever you tin browse done hundreds of plugins and tutorials, get thief pinch a circumstantial problem, stock your creations, and enactment up to day pinch app development.

Paint.NET is simply a accelerated and easy-to-use image editor that each Windows users should person installed. The app is free to download from nan Paint.NET website but beryllium alert that nan type featured successful nan Microsoft shop is simply a premium app.

Apple Photos

Apple Photos is simply a photograph editor and organizer that comes installed connected Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Though nan interface differs betwixt these versions, nan guidelines characteristic group is nan same. Unlike Photoshop, which is awesome for creating artwork, utilizing brushes, adding layers, drafting pinch a tablet, and different imaginative creation tasks, Apple Photos is constricted to photograph editing.

Fortunately, there’s a rich | suite of photograph editing options available. You tin usage Apple Photos to edit some RAW and modular lossy images, and nan app tin beryllium utilized connected a section room aliases beryllium utilized to sync your photos crossed devices pinch iCloud Photo Library.

Editing a photograph changeable connected an iPhone pinch Apple Photos

Basic editing devices are divided into 2 categories: Light (including Exposure, Shadows, Highlights, Contrast, and truthful on) and Color (Saturation, Vibrance, and Cast). You tin besides usage nan app to edit monochrome images, touch-up blemishes pinch nan Retouch tool, remove red-eye, set nan achromatic balance, adhd sharpening, hole aliases adhd vignetting, and more.

You tin besides usage a group of precocious editing devices to set nan curves of an image, position nan histogram of a photo, trim noise, and execute selective colour edits. All of these operations are non-destructive, which intends you tin deed nan “Reset Adjustments” fastener astatine immoderate clip to get backmost to your original image. You tin besides transcript nan edits from 1 photograph and use them to different (or multiple), and spot earlier and aft previews of immoderate changes you make.

On apical of this location are nan benignant of instant filters and car enhancement devices you’d expect from a (primarily) mobile photograph editor, positive a cropping instrumentality that includes a assortment of aspect ratios, position correction, and straightening tools.

Windows 11 Photos

Just for illustration Apple Photos, Windows Photos is different pack-in photograph editor that foregoes immoderate of nan much imaginative aspects of Photoshop (like creation creation) but includes everything you’d request for basal photograph editing. Windows Photos integrates pinch OneDrive and moreover iCloud Photos truthful that you tin edit photos from connected devices correct wrong Microsoft’s desktop OS.

The app tin beryllium utilized to unfastened modular lossy image files and RAW photos pinch nan assistance of nan Raw Image Extension from nan Microsoft Store. Edits are divided by Light (Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, and truthful on) and Color (Saturation, Warmth, and Tint) for basal edits. Images tin beryllium cropped, mirrored, rotated, and straightened too.

Editing a photograph successful Windows 11 Photos app

There’s besides a action of instant filters designed to springiness you circumstantial looks and an auto-enhance action that attempts to hole your images for you. You tin usage nan Spot Fix instrumentality to repair blemishes, but there’s nary red-eye removal. On apical of this, location are a fewer markup options for illustration a highlighter and drafting pen for scribbling your thoughts.

Non-destructive edits fto you reset your changes astatine immoderate point, and you tin easy prevention your image arsenic a transcript aliases overwrite nan original.


Pixlr is disposable successful 2 versions: Pixlr X which is designed for speedy imaginative creation projects (like posters, flyers, and societal posts), and Pixlr E which is simply a fully-fledged image editor that lives successful your browser. If you’re looking for thing pinch which to switch Photoshop, you’re astir apt looking for Pixlr E. Pixlr offers a decent free action (hence its inclusion connected this list), but you’ll request to salary for a subscription starting astatine $1.99 per period to unlock its afloat functionality.

Pixlr E looks conscionable for illustration Photoshop erstwhile starting a caller task aliases opening an existing image. You’ll spot a afloat database of devices down nan left-hand broadside of nan surface (including favorites for illustration rectangular and lasso selection, dodge/burn, and clone), and Photoshop mainstays for illustration an image overview, furniture selection, and history overlay to nan correct of nan screen. You tin activity pinch layers and masks conscionable for illustration you tin successful Photoshop.

Pixlr E moving successful Safari connected a Mac

There’s moreover a paper barroom that useful overmuch successful nan aforesaid measurement arsenic Photoshop astatine nan apical of nan screen, pinch filters, furniture operations, image adjustments, action tools, and a workflow designed specifically for making animations. Pixlr includes a immense scope of templates to get you started, and immoderate caller AI-powered devices for removing backgrounds, and image generation.

The free type of Pixlr includes constricted entree to immoderate tools, only 3 saves, nary mobile support, limits connected canvas size, and is supported by advertisements. Despite this, it’s still a feature-rich instrumentality and for speedy edits you mightiness not bump into excessively galore restrictions. It’s besides a very inexpensive replacement to Photoshop if you for illustration what’s connected connection and want to salary to unlock more.

Sumopaint and Sumophoto

Like Pixlr, Sumopaint and Sumophoto person compelling free options but are yet paid products. The apps are disposable arsenic portion of nan Sumo Creative Suite. The apps are free to use, and paying for a subscription comes pinch entree to nan full package (including a video editor called Sumovideo, improvement situation Sumocode, and galore more).

Though they are 2 abstracted apps, Sumopaint and Sumphoto together make a reasonably feature-complete Photoshop alternative. Sumopaint is simply a imaginative instrumentality that includes support for layers, brushes (and civilization brushes), shapes, text, and immoderate image manipulation devices for illustration smudge and accommodation brushes.

Editing a photograph pinch Sumophoto successful Safari connected a Mac

Sumophoto is simply a photograph editor pinch a decent number of accommodation parameters that activity likewise to Apple Photos. You tin set exposure, contrast, highlights, and truthful connected though much powerful features for illustration curves and a histogram are missing. There are immoderate one-click filters included, and you tin resize, crop, straighten, and reflector aliases rotate your photograph too.

You tin usage nan free versions of Sumopaint and Sumophoto successful your browser, pinch entree to astir app features. Paying for a Pro upgrade astatine $4 per period lets you download apps for offline usage though these are efficaciously web apps that tally locally, alternatively than autochthonal package for illustration Photoshop aliases GIMP.

Consider Investing successful a Paid Alternative

If these devices travel up short but you don’t fancy shelling retired for a pricey Photoshop subscription, you mightiness want to see a cheaper paid Photoshop alternative.

These devices are often disposable for a humble investment, pinch galore disposable nether a modular life licence alternatively than a subscription model.

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