6 AI-Powered Features on LinkedIn You Should Know About

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Key Takeaways

  • LinkedIn uses AI to supply occupation recommendations based connected your skills and interests, helping you research caller profession opportunities and make successful profession changes.
  • AI-assisted messages connected LinkedIn make it easier for recruiters to scope retired to imaginable candidates, providing assistance successful crafting engaging outreach emails and highlighting nan company's strengths.
  • The "People you whitethorn know" characteristic suggests connections based connected your existent and past colleagues and others successful your industry, facilitating networking and master narration building.

Several societal media platforms usage artificial intelligence (AI) to springiness their users a wide scope of options, and LinkedIn is nary different successful this respect. You tin usage AI features to make your floor plan much charismatic to imaginable employers and find group you mightiness cognize successful existent life aliases successful your industry.

Knowing what LinkedIn offers successful position of AI will thief you get much retired of nan platform, and you’re successful nan correct spot if you wish to study astir that. This guideline will show you immoderate of nan champion LinkedIn AI-powered features that you should cognize about.

1. Providing Job Recommendations for Users

LinkedIn Recommended Jobs Section

Have you ever been searching for a caller occupation connected LinkedIn and noticed a database of recommended jobs? Those were delivered to you by AI. Job recommendations are 1 of nan astir accessible AI-powered LinkedIn features, and they tin beryllium useful for identifying absorbing caller opportunities that fresh your accomplishment set.

The recommended jobs characteristic mightiness show openings that are circumstantial to your existent role, but you mightiness besides spot opportunities that are a small left-field. So, successful summation to staying successful your area of expertise, it’s a awesome characteristic if you’re looking to make a successful profession change.

Simply click connected nan Jobs tab connected LinkedIn and, nether Recommended for you, prime Show all.

2. AI-Assisted Messages

LinkedIn AI Messaging FeaturesImage Credit: LinkedIn/YouTube

Although LinkedIn is an fantabulous instrumentality for occupation seekers, it’s besides a important web for recruiters. AI is utilized successful hiring successful aggregate ways, and pinch LinkedIn, you tin usage AI-assisted messages to thief scope retired to imaginable candidates.

With nan AI-generated messages feature, you tin create outreach emails for occupation openings overmuch easier. LinkedIn will thief you outline nan skills that are basal for nan role, on pinch making it easier to explicate nan occupation explanation successful an engaging manner. On apical of that, you tin usage nan AI-assisted messaging instrumentality to talk astir nan institution and why it’s a awesome spot to work.

At nan clip of penning successful November 2023, AI-assisted messages are only disposable to a mini number of recruiters. Moreover, you request to person your floor plan group to English to person a chance of utilizing nan early type of this feature. However, LinkedIn intends to grow nan readiness of nan instrumentality successful owed course.

If you activity successful HR and you want much talented labor to subordinate your company, cheque retired these great recruiting apps for hiring skilled candidates.

3. The “People You May Know” Feature

The LinkedIn People You May Know Feature

Another characteristic you’ve astir apt seen connected LinkedIn is nan “People you whitethorn know” conception connected nan right-hand broadside of your profile. Here, you usually spot a database of group that you mightiness cognize from your connections, specified arsenic colleagues astatine your existent aliases past companies arsenic good arsenic others successful your industry.

Once you’ve recovered these people, you tin either sojourn their profiles straight aliases nonstop them a relationship request. The People you whitethorn know tab is 1 of galore adjuvant devices for networking. And if you want to return your skills successful this area to nan adjacent level, see checking retired our top ways for building a master web connected LinkedIn.

4. Likelihood of Interest

LinkedIn Interest Likelihood FeatureImage Credit: LinkedIn

Another illustration of AI successful hiring pinch LinkedIn is nan “Likelihood of Interest” feature, which launched successful 2023. When recruiters scope retired to people, there’s a precocious likelihood that galore users won’t beryllium willing successful exploring a caller opportunity. As a result, this tin lead to a batch of wasted clip and missing retired connected talented candidates who would want to subordinate their company.

LinkedIn uses respective parameters to find whether a campaigner would beryllium willing successful a imaginable occupation opening. These see whether nan campaigner is willing successful nan employer, and if they’re looking for caller activity opportunities aliases not.

If a imaginable worker would astir apt beryllium willing successful a role, hiring managers will spot a greenish connection titled High likelihood of interest. For those who mightiness beryllium intrigued to study more, you’ll spot Moderate likelihood of interest instead.

If you’re researching caller occupation opportunities connected LinkedIn, you whitethorn not want group to cognize that you’ve viewed their profile. You tin publication this guideline connected how to anonymously position different people’s LinkedIn profiles if that sounds for illustration you.

5. Profile-Building

LinkedIn Enhance Profile FeaturesImage Credit: John Espirian/LinkedIn

In 2023, LinkedIn launched a floor plan optimization characteristic successful beta mode called Enhance your profile. You tin usage nan instrumentality to set your headline, on pinch tweaking your About section. As of October 2023, this characteristic is only disposable to LinkedIn Premium subscribers (is LinkedIn Premium worthy paying for?).

The bully news, however, is that you don’t request a Premium subscription to create an astonishing profile. You tin optimize your LinkedIn floor plan to get much clients arsenic a freelancer, and these tips besides use to group looking for a full-time job.

6. Creating Job Descriptions

In summation to utilizing AI to draught messages, recruiters connected LinkedIn besides person nan expertise to create occupation descriptions utilizing nan technology. As of October 2023, nan characteristic is only disposable successful English and to a mini action of LinkedIn accounts—but much users will apt person entree to nan characteristic successful nan future.

With nan AI-powered occupation explanation feature, you tin group nan location of your opening. On apical of that, you besides person nan action to talk astir nan occupation type and institution name—along pinch various different features.

If you’re looking for a caller job, you should watch retired for respective reddish flags successful occupation descriptions (whether they were AI-produced aliases not). That way, you’ll find it easier to prime a domiciled that’s amended suited to you.

LinkedIn Uses AI successful Several Effective Ways

Whether you want to optimize your floor plan connected LinkedIn aliases amended your hunt for highly-skilled candidates arsenic a recruiter, location are respective AI-powered features connected LinkedIn that you tin cheque out. Some of these, specified arsenic occupation recommendations, are well-established. But others, specified arsenic AI-generated messages, are still successful their early days.

Although you tin usage immoderate AI-powered features for free, you’ll request a LinkedIn Premium subscription for others. If you consciousness for illustration these devices would beryllium basal for your career, it mightiness beryllium worthy upgrading.

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