5 Ways to Access GPT-4 for Free

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OpenAI's GPT-4 is 1 of nan astir celebrated and tin ample connection models (LLMs). Most group entree GPT-4 utilizing a ChatGPT Plus subscription, but this costs $20 per month.

But what if you don't want to portion pinch $20 per month?

Well, present are 5 ways you tin usage GPT-4 for free.

1. Microsoft Bing Chat

microsoft bing ai chat answering mobility utilizing gpt-4

Microsoft was 1 of nan first companies to activity straight pinch OpenAI, plowing billions of dollars into nan institution and its AI research.

Accordingly, Microsoft Edge's Bing Chat became 1 of nan first ways to usage GPT-4 for free, allowing you to create up to 300 chats per day, pinch each Bing Chat constricted to 30 rounds of questions. The limitations tin mean you tally retired of abstraction to inquire questions, though it's typically capable for astir folks.

Bing Chat has different boons, too. For example, you tin use OpenAI's DALL-E 3 text-to-image instrumentality for free, enabling you to create highly elaborate original images pinch matter input.

microsoft bing ai chat utilizing dalle-3 and gpt-4

If you want to usage GPT-4 for free, Bing Chat is perfectly 1 of nan champion options. A ChatGPT Plus subscription is still nan wide champion option owed to its extended array of features, but if you conscionable person a fewer questions you want answered, Bing Chat is nan adjacent champion option.

2. Perplexity.ai

perplexity ai answering questions utilizing integrated gpt-4 tool

Perplexity.ai is simply a very promising AI instrumentality pinch nan action to usage GPT-4 for free. While nan free type of Perplexity doesn't specifically authorities that you're utilizing GPT-4, toggling its "Copilot" mode gives you entree to GPT-4, albeit constricted to 5 questions each 4 hours.

Overall, it's not a bad action and gives you a sensation of what Perplexity.ai is each about. If OpenAI is pushing towards creating artificial wide intelligence, Perplexity.ai seems to beryllium pushing towards reinventing net search, and its instrumentality is simply a awesome action for those who want a turbo-charged hunt experience.

Upgrading to Perplexity.ai's Pro tier will group you backmost $20 per period (the aforesaid arsenic a ChatGPT Plus subscription), but does mean you tin inquire much than 300 Copilot-powered questions, use Anthropic's Claude 2 model, and upload arsenic galore files arsenic you want to for AI analysis.

3. Merlin

merlin chrome hold ai instrumentality answering question

Merlin is simply a useful Chrome browser hold that provides GPT-4 entree for free, albeit constricted to a circumstantial number of regular queries.

What makes Merlin a awesome measurement to usage GPT-4 for free are its requests. As a Merlin Free user, you person 102 requests per day. Each GPT-4 petition made will group you backmost 30 requests, giving you astir 3 free GPT-4 questions per time (which is astir successful statement pinch astir different free GPT-4 tools). Merlin besides has nan action to entree nan web for your requests, though this adds a 2x multiplier (60 requests alternatively than 30).

merlin chrome hold integrated into x societal media account

However, GPT-3.5 requests are overmuch cheaper, astatine 1 petition per question, and you tin besides merge Merlin into your societal media accounts if required.

Download: Merlin for Google Chrome (Free, subscription available)

4. Nat.dev

free gpt4 entree via nat dev unfastened playground tool

Nat.dev is an Open Playground instrumentality offering constricted entree to GPT-4. Depending connected nan number of users, your GPT-4 whitethorn not process, truthful it's bully to beryllium diligent if you effort to usage this tool. However, if you're not fussed astir utilizing GPT-4 specifically, you tin take from nan tremendous database of integrated LLM alternatives, of which location are astatine slightest 20 options.

GPT-4 is great, but different LLMs beryllium and tin supply a productive and useful acquisition depending connected your requirements.

5. Hugging Face

free gpt 4 connected hugging chat

Hugging Face is an open-source instrumentality learning and AI improvement website wherever thousands of developers collaborate and build tools.

I've mixed occurrence pinch GPT-4 entree models connected Hugging Face. There are respective Hugging Face Spaces that declare to springiness entree to GPT-4, but either return excessively agelong to reply a mobility to beryllium reliable aliases are truthful constricted by nan mini magnitude of processing powerfulness disposable to nan Hugging Face free relationship that it's not worthy using.

However, I've included nan action present successful lawsuit you find much joyousness than I did. The image supra shows 1 Space that hadn't managed to process my mobility aft 10 minutes, while different requires you to enter your ChatGPT API key.

Formerly Had Free GPT-4 Access: Poe by Quora, Ora, & Forefront

Several different devices erstwhile provided free GPT-4 entree but person since removed nan action aliases pushed it into a premium aliases subscription tier. The logic for that is elemental enough: it's costly to merge GPT-4 entree into a tract and springiness that entree distant for free, particularly arsenic galore group want to entree GPT-4 for free.


poe homepage

Poe is simply a generative AI instrumentality that gives you entree to respective LLMs and AI chatbots successful 1 place. Unlike astir of nan awesome generative AI devices that characteristic conscionable 1 option, Poe, developed by Quora, helps you dispersed your questions around, choosing nan champion action for nan occupation erstwhile required.

Quora CEO Adam D'Angelo's tweet initially revealed Poe's GPT-4 integration successful March 2023, pinch users capable to nonstop 1 free GPT-4 connection per day. The number of free GPT-4 messages roseate to three, but it has since removed its free GPT-4 messaging capacity. There is nary denotation if Poe will reconstruct its free GPT-4 messaging option, but it's worthy keeping tabs on, conscionable successful case.


ora ai instrumentality location page pinch llm options

Ora is simply a nosy and friends AI instrumentality that allows you to create a "one-click chatbot" for integration elsewhere. Say you wanted to merge an AI chatbot into your website but don't cognize how; Ora is nan instrumentality you move to.

Ora has since moved GPT-4 entree into its Hobby aliases Pro Plan, starting from $25 monthly.


forefront ai chatgpt punctual output

Forefront is different multi-access AI instrumentality featuring free entree to GPT-3.5, Forefront's in-house tool, and Claude-Instant 1.2. When it first launched, Forefront provided a constricted number of free GPT-4 requests (along pinch Claude 2), but this entree has since been removed.

GPT-4 Doesn't Come Cheap

If you want nan afloat GPT-4 experience, a ChatGPT Plus subscription is what you need. Sure, it costs $20, but nan scope of tools, velocity and value of response, and caller functionality added make it a worthwhile investment, moreover for casual users. However, for those who only want to inquire 1 aliases 2 questions each now and then, 1 of nan free GPT-4 devices supra will do nan occupation conscionable fine.

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