5 tech brands that need to quit making wireless earbuds

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TCL MoveAudio S600
(Image credit: TCL)

For each 1 of nan best wireless earbuds models from makers for illustration Apple, Bose, aliases Sony, location are dozens of different designs that don’t measurement up to nan apical titans of nan wireless earbuds world. On apical of that, location are immoderate makers that astir apt shouldn’t beryllium releasing wireless earbuds astatine all. I’m talking astir brands that person attempted to rate successful connected nan existent wireless earbuds trend, but grounded miserably, beryllium it successful position of captious reception, quality, aliases sales.

All these companies developed beardown reputations successful their premier merchandise categories. Some person moreover knowledgeable insignificant occurrence by diversifying and branching retired into sub-categories. But moreover though they’re wide known for trading fantabulous hi-def TVs, iPhone accessories aliases mini-PCs, it doesn’t mean that they cognize really to make value wireless earbuds. 

The astir logical determination they tin make is to trim their losses. Here are 5 tech brands that I deliberation should instrumentality to their strengths and extremity making wireless earbuds correct now.

1. Lenovo

Pr image for Lenovo Live Pods 1

(Image credit: Lenovo)

All nan TikTok ads and merchandise placement connected Temu don’t alteration nan truth that Lenovo has yet to merchandise noteworthy earbuds aliases headphones (I reviewed nan ThinkPad X1 ANC for our sister website laptop.com and they were a mess). It’s not for illustration they haven’t tried. The specs connected these products are convincing, highlighted by celebrated features specified arsenic Bluetooth 5.3, debased latency modes, and moreover active sound cancellation. Lenovo’s sound value has besides impressed a mini group of experts. 

Unfortunately, nary of that has translated to immoderate editor’s prime award. Most of their models besides consciousness arsenic inexpensive arsenic they look. Lenovo’s creation building is each complete nan place, ranging from basal fake AirPods to unflattering on-ear buds. It’s besides not a awesome look for their models to waste for arsenic debased arsenic $10.99 connected Temu. They mightiness arsenic good prevention nan components for nan next-gen ThinkPad.

2. iHome

iHome Earbuds

(Image credit: iHome)

If location was ever a connection to picture iHome arsenic a user electronics brand, it would beryllium “acceptable.” They were 1 of nan first to clasp nan wireless audio class and released above-average speaker docks astatine debased MSRPs. However, clip has shown that nan company’s audio pedigree is, and has ever been, mediocre. It’s astir evident connected their wireless earbuds, which person received mediocre customer reviews connected iHome’s website, arsenic good arsenic unfavorable feedback from critics.

3. TCL

TCL MoveAudio S600

(Image credit: TCL)

No 1 tin contradict that TCL sells immoderate of nan best TVs astatine incredibly debased prices. They conscionable haven’t replicated that aforesaid occurrence connected nan existent wireless front. It’s telling really TCL flooded nan marketplace pinch galore low-priced models and hardly made a peep successful position of effect aliases reappraisal coverage. None of their fund entries guidelines retired compared to nan best inexpensive wireless earbuds. Performance hallmarks specified arsenic artillery life, connectivity, and sound are satisfactory astatine best. Their designs are besides bland and bulky. Lastly, their scarce readiness suggests nan institution is either scaling backmost accumulation aliases getting retired of nan wireless audio business.

4. Belkin

Belkin wireless earbuds

(Image credit: Belkin)

Belkin is mostly known for their high-quality machine and mobile accessories specified arsenic its next procreation of wireless chargers. Not wireless audio products. That didn't extremity them from jumping connected nan inexpensive wireless earbuds’ bandwagon 3 years ago. In hindsight, astir of their selections could person been amended executed. Only 2 of their 10 disposable models are capable moreover astatine their affordable value (under $50). Most of them mean a captious people of 2.75 retired of 5 stars. Every creation has a bargain bin look to it that different inexpensive earbud brands execute better. Just look astatine EarFun. It conscionable makes consciousness for Belkin to put their effort and resources towards newer innovations, perchance USB-C cables for nan updated AirPods Pro pinch USB-C charging case.

5. Motorola

Moto Buds 600 ANC

(Image credit: Motorola)

Motorola’s resurgence is chiefly attributed to nan retransformation of their legendary Razr compact phones into foldable smartphones. As for their wireless earbuds, well, they look much for illustration a rate drawback than a morganatic add-on accessory for their mobile devices. Unlike nan best AirPods and Samsung Galaxy Buds series, Motorola’s postulation of buds has nary halfway integration pinch marque products; they link and run nary otherwise than immoderate different Android-compatible buds. Motorola users summation nary exclusive features, nor do they person a companion app disposable to customize nan buds aliases person caller perks via package updates. Every awesome capacity vertical (e.g., ANC, artillery life, sound quality) falls beneath their smartphone rivals, and location conscionable aren’t immoderate trading points to opt for a brace of Moto’s wireless earbuds.

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