5 Resume Scanners You Can Use to Develop an ATS-Friendly Resume

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Creating an ATS-friendly resume without thief is simply a trying task, truthful astir group activity pinch resume scanners. However, for illustration each different software, countless resume scanners are disposable online. A bad resume scanner isn’t apt to make your resume arsenic ATS-compliant arsenic it needs to be, which tin negatively impact your occupation chances.

That said, which resume scanners tin you usage to amended your resume and make it compatible pinch applicant search software? Here, we’ve compiled a database of nan 5 reliable resume scanners to create an ATS-friendly resume and tips for utilizing them. Let’s dive in.

1. Resume Worded


Resume Worded is 1 of nan astir celebrated resume scanners utilized today, and pinch bully reason. Featured successful respective publications and trusted by complete a cardinal group crossed nan globe, this AI-powered resume instrumentality is simply a apical choice.

So, what makes this instrumentality truthful wide acclaimed? First, it offers aggregate free resume scans and returns a people to show you really ATS-friendly your resume is. It besides gives tips and corrective actions to boost this score, depending connected its flaws. Furthermore, get free ATS-compatible templates, which you tin edit connected MS Word aliases Google Docs to building and write an ATS-friendly resume.


Moreover, Resume Worded provides a resume keyword scanner, which gives you keywords you tin see successful your resume for your occupation description. Besides ATS compatibility, you want to guarantee your resume presents you arsenic nan champion campaigner for nan job. With this tool, you tin scan your skills and acquisition sections to comparison them pinch employers’ requirements and make adjustments.

This instrumentality is free, but you request nan pro type to position much suggestions. Furthermore, you must usage it correctly to get nan results you need. Ensure your resume is simply a PDF aliases DOCX record nether 2MB and contains nary images aliases scanned documents. This enables nan instrumentality to make due evaluations and debar errors. Also, prime nan correct profession level for you; for example, don't take mid-level information arsenic a beginner.

2. Jobscan


Jobscan is simply a website that contains aggregate devices that you tin usage to amended your occupation chances. Its resume conception contains respective resources for improving your resume, including a resume checker, templates, and written guides. Similar to Resume Worded, this instrumentality is wide used, pinch reviews from labor successful top-rated companies and integrations connected respective occupation sites.

You tin usage this resume tool to complaint your existing resume’s ATS compatibility for your occupation domiciled and get personalized suggestions. Even better, its Power Edit characteristic lets you instrumentality these suggestions successful real-time connected nan website and optimize your resume for ATS and occupation keywords. Optionally, you tin edit immoderate of nan 12 free resume templates to lucifer your occupation domiciled aliases usage Jobscan’s free resume builder to create nan cleanable ATS resume.


Reading guidelines and resources is great, but there’s thing for illustration a applicable illustration to thief you create your resume. On Jobscan, you tin entree 72 free samples from respective occupation roles you tin study earlier creating yours. In summation to these samples, you get in-depth explanations that show you what makes each sample guidelines out. This way, you tin employment these tips successful your resume.

Note that while there’s a free version, you must salary to entree definite features. The free type gives you constricted resume scans and keywords monthly, but you tin salary $49.95 monthly aliases $89.95 each 3 months. With nan paid versions, you person unlimited resume scans, entree to ATS-friendly templates, and different juicy benefits.

3. SkillSyncer


Scaling employers’ ATS tests isn’t capable to onshore you jobs; you must besides guarantee your resume ranks highly connected nan ATS results. To do this, your resume should show nan basal skills and requirements, and SkillSyncer is 1 cleanable instrumentality to help.

As nan sanction suggests, SkillSyncer thoroughly vets your skills against nan occupation explanation to position you arsenic nan correct candidate. This instrumentality checks your occupation listing’s requirements, sifts retired nan hard and soft skills, and compares this database against your resume’s contents. Then, it outputs nan matrics for each, showing you wherever you request to improve, pinch a concise database of keywords to see successful your resume.


Besides keywords, SkillSyncer besides checks for important features that boost your resume’s visibility. These see titles, connection count, accomplishments, verb choices, interaction information, and day formatting. However, you request to upgrade to premium to position immoderate of these suggestions.

Additionally, nan free type gives you 2 first scans pinch an summation each Monday, while you get unlimited scans pinch paid versions. Upgrading to nan premium type costs $14.95 monthly aliases $34.86 each 3 months.

4. Zety

Zety's resume page

Sometimes, you whitethorn want to constitute a caller resume alternatively than optimize an existing one. In specified circumstances, Zety is nan resume checker you need. This instrumentality doubles arsenic a resume checker and builder, depending connected what task you want to perform.

Zety is simply a awesome resume tool, containing everything from punctuation and grammar checkers to keyword suggestions. After penning (or uploading) your resume, it compares it to nan occupation listing you’re willing successful and shows its people and opinionated pinch that occupation role. Luckily, it doesn't conscionable show you what’s incorrect but besides tells you really to spell astir each problem.

Zety’s_resume_checkerScreenshot by Joshua Adegoke - No Attribution Required 

Its ATS aspects are arsenic powerful and measure your interaction info, guarantee your summary is captivating, and propose phrases pinch measurable results to intrigue employers.

One stand-out characteristic of this resume checker is its expertise to comparison your resume pinch akin resumes successful its database. This way, you tin spot first-hand really you're apt to execute erstwhile competing for a occupation domiciled pinch different qualified candidates.

Zety costs $23.70 per month, but you tin statesman pinch a two-week proceedings astatine $2.70 if you request other convincing.

5. LiveCareer


Like Zety, LiveCareer is simply a resume builder pinch built-in checking and scanning features. First, either import an existing resume aliases create a caller 1 utilizing immoderate of their eye-catching templates. After this, you tin instrumentality nan suggested changes utilizing your dashboard's Fix/Improve Resume button.

Clicking this fastener lets you position mistakes successful your resume and corrections you tin make to make it ATS-friendly. The scanner tin besides propose keywords to thief you customize your resume to fresh nan occupation listing you input. Implement these changes until your resume people rises to an acceptable modular and you get approved by LiveCareer.


This instrumentality offers akin services to Zety but astatine a much affordable complaint of $5.95 each 3 months.

Writing a coagulated ATS-friendly resume is 1 of nan hardest parts of occupation hunting. But, pinch modern resume tools, you tin do this quickly. Utilize nan powerfulness of AI resume scanners and builders and amended your chances of landing your dream job.

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