5 Reasons Why You Probably Don't Need Plex Pass

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If you person tons of locally saved media connected your computer, Plex is simply a must-have portion of software. Unlike Kodi, it's easy for beginners to group up and has apps disposable for each awesome operating strategy and media streaming device.

The different important quality betwixt Plex and Kodi is pricing. While Kodi is wholly free, Plex offers a paid tier. Called nan Plex Pass, this paid tier introduces respective further features.

But do you really request a Plex Pass? Is a Plex Pass worthy it? Arguably, galore group could do without a Plex subscription.

What Is a Plex Pass?

The basal Plex app is free connected each platform, whereas nan Plex Pass has 3 value tiers. You tin salary $5/month, $40/year, aliases $120 for a life subscription.

As you'd expect, location are galore Plex Pass benefits that are unavailable connected nan free type of nan app.

The astir useful additions are arguably nan Plex unrecorded TV and DVR offerings. If you adhd an antenna and tuner to your setup, you tin watch and grounds immoderate over-the-air channels successful your area done nan Plex app.

Plus, while you astir apt upload integer contented to your Plex account, Plex Pass lets you download contented from nan work to watch offline. There utilized to beryllium a measurement to download contented without Plex Pass arsenic agelong arsenic it was successful personification else's library, but Plex seems to person removed this workaround.

The Plex Pass besides includes intro skipping, 4K support, mobile syncing for offline viewing, support for aggregate users, parental controls, movie trailers, and euphony features specified arsenic lyrics and offline listening.

You will moreover get entree to Plex Labs. It gives you first entree to Plex's newest features, meaning you tin impressment your friends earlier they've had nan chance to effort retired nan features themselves.

Clearly, these are each awesome features. However, for astir users, they're wholly unnecessary. In fact, there's a batch of misinformation retired there. Many group judge you request a Plex Pass to execute definite tasks erstwhile nan reality is different.

Do You Need a Plex Pass Subscription?

If you want to do it pinch Plex, chances are you tin do it without Plex Pass aliases you can't do it pinch Plex Pass anyway.

1. Remote Streaming

Viewing and approving devices and apps associated pinch a Plex account.

One of Plex's champion attributes is its distant streaming function. It allows you to position each your media from anyplace successful nan world arsenic agelong arsenic you person nan Plex app installed connected nan instrumentality you want to watch on.

This is particularly useful for keeping nan kids entertained erstwhile you're distant from location aliases if you walk a batch of clip bouncing astir hotels arsenic portion of your job. After all, there's only truthful agelong you tin internet TV channels online earlier you commencement pulling your hairsbreadth out.

However, nan cognition is that you request a premium Plex Pass to watch remotely. It's not true; each users tin watercourse remotely. You tin moreover o.k. devices to entree your relationship successful beforehand aliases cheque if anyone is utilizing your relationship illicitly by going done nan settings and selecting Authorized Devices.

2. Use Plex connected Mobile

You tin entree your Plex server utilizing your mobile device's web browser, but you tin show that that's what you're doing erstwhile you effort to navigate nan experience. To streamline things a bit, Plex has a dedicated mobile app for astir mobile instrumentality operating systems, smart TVs, crippled consoles, and different devices.

You tin download nan app from Plex's website for free, but it has immoderate restrictions. Each video and euphony record is constricted to 1 infinitesimal of playback, and your photos will person a watermark added.

To region nan restrictions, you'll beryllium asked to salary a one-time interest of $4.99. It's a fraction of nan costs of a afloat Plex Pass. Of course, you don't get entree to immoderate Plex Pass features, but if you conscionable want to watch contented connected a tablet a fewer times per year, it's much than adequate. Also, retrieve that Plex lets you formed to a smart TV, truthful utilizing Plex connected mobile tin beryllium a powerful experience.

Grant room entree to different Plex user

Are you nan tech guru successful your household? If you are, there's a bully chance you'll want to stock nan benefits of Plex pinch nan remainder of your family.

But, mounting up Plex connected tons of different devices is time-consuming. And unless you're consenting to continually adhd caller media to different people's computers, it's almost intolerable to support everyone updated.

Luckily, Plex lets you stock your room pinch anyone. They don't moreover person to beryllium connected nan aforesaid web arsenic you. Best of all, nan characteristic doesn't require a Plex Pass—all nan different personification needs is simply a free Plex account.

To stock your room pinch friends and family, unfastened your Plex Server app and make judge you are signed in. Then, prime nan wrench icon to entree your settings and prime Manage Library Access from nan file connected nan near broadside of nan screen. Then, click nan Grant Library Access fastener and participate a Plex username aliases prime 1 of your Plex friends.

You tin besides exclude definite movies/shows, labels, and tags, depending connected who you are sharing with.

4. Non-Mobile Plex Apps

plex amazon

All non-mobile Plex apps are wholly free to download and use. That includes nan autochthonal apps for Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, and, wherever applicable, smart TVs.

If you're utilizing nan app connected your section web aliases if you want to usage a streaming dongle while you're traveling, you don't request a Plex Pass to entree nan benefits.

You tin besides entree your Plex server from immoderate Plex media subordinate app without charge.

5. Watch Plex Without Ads

While you mightiness presume that Plex Pass is nan measurement to yet watch Plex without ads, that's not nan case. According to Plex, "We do not presently connection immoderate action for watching Plex-provided contented without ads."

If you person your ain contented successful your Plex library, this contented streams without ads whether you person Plex Pass aliases not.

A Plex Pass Supports nan Developers

You don't request a Plex Pass to entree immoderate of nan 5 features discussed above. However, if you emotion Plex, usage it each day, and stock your room pinch tons of different people, you should see buying a Plex Pass anyway. A life Plex Pass offers awesome worth for money.

In summation to nan other functionality we discussed astatine nan commencement of nan article, you're besides helping to support nan developers and money nan app's semipermanent future.

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