5 Reasons Raspberry Pi SBCs Could Be Overkill for Your Project

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Do you really request a Raspberry Pi single-board machine for your adjacent electronics project? Here are nan aspects to consider.

Lego minifig and Raspberry Pi

A bully number of physics tinkerers and hobbyists usage Raspberry Pi single-board computers successful their projects, and they are rather tin devices that tin beryllium utilized for beingness computing. However, sometimes nan rumor isn’t that a Raspberry Pi SBC is incapable of doing nan job, but alternatively that it offers a sizeable magnitude of resources that mightiness beryllium wasted connected circumstantial applications.

Here are immoderate reasons why you mightiness want to usage thing simpler than a Raspberry Pi single-board machine for your electronics project.

1. Your Project Is Simple Enough for a Microcontroller

raspberry pi pico

A Raspberry Pi single-board machine is fundamentally a transverse betwixt a microcontroller and a individual computer. It allows you to tinker pinch hardware and astatine nan aforesaid clip tally an operating strategy and fundamentally usability successful a self-contained environment. This intends you tin substitute a Raspberry Pi SBC pinch an Arduino (or Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller) successful an electronics task and astir times it will activity nan aforesaid measurement without immoderate tweaks.

However, it besides intends that you're not wholly taking advantage of nan Raspberry Pi SBC's acold greater computing resources. This isn’t needfully a bad thing, but a conscious attack to optimization tin promote you to adhd much processes and intentional complexity to your task which tin make it each overmuch much fulfilling and rewarding successful nan end.

If you are funny astir nan differences betwixt a single-board machine specified arsenic nan Raspberry Pi and a microcontroller, we person a guideline that explains these differences successful detail.

2. Real-Time Performance Is Important

While you could instal a real-time operating strategy connected them aliases moreover tally them without an operating strategy (i.e. bare metal) to trim jitter and latency, Raspberry Pi boards, isolated from for nan Pico models, are mostly ill-suited for real-time operation.

For tasks and projects that request to tally successful real-time, that is wrong a specified clip constraint, you are overmuch amended disconnected pinch a microcontroller specified arsenic nan Pico aliases an Arduino. Microcontrollers excel successful applications wherever timing is critical, specified arsenic robotics, location automation, wellness monitors, and location security.

3. You Want to Keep Power Consumption arsenic Low arsenic Possible

Like astir ARM-based computers, Raspberry Pis are very power-efficient and will typically usage little than 10W of powerfulness moreover nether dense load. This is often overmuch little than a modern x86 machine uses erstwhile idle. It is imaginable to reduce nan Raspberry Pi’s powerfulness consumption to nan bare minimum by disconnecting peripherals, disabling ports, and turning disconnected on-board LEDs.

However, moreover nan astir energy-efficient computer, for illustration nan Raspberry Pi, will still devour much powerfulness than a accepted microcontroller because it has overmuch much processing overhead.

If keeping powerfulness depletion arsenic debased arsenic imaginable is important to your project, you should see whether you really request a Raspberry Pi SBC aliases if a microcontroller would do nan occupation conscionable arsenic well.

4. You Want to Keep Costs arsenic Low arsenic Possible

While Raspberry Pi boards are arsenic ungraded inexpensive arsenic they come, particularly now that nan proviso business has improved, you whitethorn request to thrust your task costs moreover little particularly if you are readying connected trading your creations. If you are readying to spell this route, beryllium judge to cheque retired our list of nan champion marketplaces for makers.

The cheapest SBC you tin buy from Raspberry Pi, nan Pi Zero W (with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) costs astir $10, while nan much powerful Pi Zero 2 W sells for astir $15. On nan different hand, nan lowest-priced Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller is sold for conscionable $5. Its cost-effectiveness is 1 of nan cardinal advantages nan Raspberry Pi Pico offers complete different models.

5. Your Project Doesn’t Require a Keyboard aliases Mouse

A Raspberry Pi SBC could beryllium overkill for your electronics task if it doesn’t require input via a keyboard aliases rodent and tin usability without a graphical personification interface. Since these single-board computers are designed to activity successful a desktop setting, they travel equipped pinch USB ports, HDMI output, and different interfaces for connecting nan required peripherals.

Microcontrollers are chiefly designed to interface pinch physics components and truthful will characteristic 1 aliases much rows of GPIO pins to pass pinch those devices, arsenic good arsenic a USB larboard to link to a machine for programming. This makes them inapplicable for projects that require peripherals specified arsenic a camera module aliases a touchscreen, but makes for much portable and easier-to-set-up projects.

Since a microcontroller will suffice for galore electronics projects, it is important to see your existent task needs earlier choosing a Raspberry Pi SBC.

There is thing incorrect pinch utilizing a Raspberry Pi single-board machine for a simple, no-frills task if you already person 1 to manus and want to get started consecutive away.

However, if you person nan chance to take betwixt an SBC and a microcontroller for a task that controls electronics and doesn't require each that overmuch processing power, you should ever spell for nan astir straightforward route: a microcontroller. This will thatch you really to activity pinch constricted resources and will beryllium peculiarly adjuvant if you're pursuing a profession successful embedded systems development.

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