5 Linux Lite Tips for Windows Users

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Have you precocious switched to Linux Lite from Windows and recovered it to beryllium complicated? Here are immoderate Linux Lite tips to thief you get started.

using windows and linux lite connected 2 devices

It’s not easy to move from Windows to Linux. While Linux Lite is designed to make nan modulation easier, it’s not uncommon to still person a fewer questions astir really Linux works.

With nan correct guidance, you tin commencement your travel towards becoming a Linux powerfulness user. Here are immoderate of nan champion tips for getting started pinch Linux Lite.

1. Learn to Use nan Terminal

You can’t afloat bask Linux without utilizing nan terminal. Though it whitethorn look intimidating, nan basal commands you’ll usage connected a day-to-day ground are very easy to learn.

If you want to instal a caller application, usage nan pursuing commands to update your packages (software archive files) and instal nan specified program:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get instal programname

You whitethorn besides usage commands for illustration cd and ls arsenic you statesman to navigate and negociate your files done nan terminal—though there’s thing incorrect pinch utilizing nan built-in Files exertion to start. You’ll use from utilizing a guideline to study basal terminal commands during your first fewer weeks of utilizing Linux Lite.

viewing nan output of apical bid successful nan terminal

The terminal isn’t conscionable for moving pinch files—it’s besides incredibly useful for learning much astir your system. Need to cognize what progressive processes are consuming nan astir CPU resources? The top bid tin help. tcpdump will fto you position packets going successful and retired of your network, while netstat lets you study much astir your network.

Incredible command-line devices beryllium for almost immoderate intent you tin deliberation of—and you’re conscionable 1 Google hunt distant from discovering them. There are devices for viewing nan contented of files, utilities for monitoring nan capacity of your system, and moreover fun command-line programs.

3. Install Hardware and Device Drivers

If you announcement that Linux Lite doesn’t look to tally efficiently out-of-the-box, you whitethorn request to instal nan correct hardware and instrumentality drivers. By default, proprietary drivers aren’t installed connected Ubuntu and its derivatives—Linux Lite included. You tin cheque whether immoderate proprietary drivers are disposable by opening nan paper and navigating to Settings > Install Drivers.

AMDGPU proprietary drivers aren’t supported by Linux Lite truthful you’re advised to usage nan default drivers.

4. Understand nan Linux Directory Structure

The directory building utilized successful Linux is drastically different than that of Windows. The OS directory itself exists successful nan guidelines (/) directory alternatively than nan C: drive.

System files are stored successful directories for illustration boot (for nan bootloader), dev (for hardware-related files), and etc (for strategy configuration files). Your relationship files are stored successful nan home directory.

5. Install Your Favorite Software

creating a archive successful libreoffice writer

Linux Lite includes an awesome suite of package by default. Some of nan applications that travel preinstalled connected Linux Lite include:

  • LibreOffice Suite, an awesome and free replacement to Microsoft Office
  • Lite Themes, which offers an easy-to-use GUI for customizing your strategy
  • GIMP Image Editor, an open-source Photoshop replacement
  • TimeShift, an exertion that tin automatically create strategy snapshots

These applications won’t ever trim it, however. You tin try downloading snaps if you want a seamless installation experience, aliases usage Linux Lite’s built-in Lite Software exertion to download caller programs. You tin moreover effort downloading caller programs done nan terminal if you’re up to a insignificant challenge.

Make nan Best of Your New Linux Lite System

It’s not easy switching to a caller operating system, but you tin remainder assured that utilizing Linux Lite will make nan process a batch easier.

Experiment pinch nan terminal, download caller software, and tweak your drivers and strategy configurations until you’re happy pinch your caller system. Don’t consciousness intimidated, arsenic nan champion measurement to study is to effort caller things.

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