5 Guided Journaling Apps for Beginners to Get Prompts for a Self-Care Diary

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Journaling is 1 of nan champion practices to boost your intelligence wellness pinch self-reflection. But if you're caller to nan method, you tin struggle to fig retired what to constitute astir each day. These guided journaling apps will rumor caller regular prompts and ideas that animate you to bespeak upon it and constitute an introduction that comes from nan heart.

1. Reflection (Web, Android, iOS): Daily Prompts, Quotes, and Guided Reviews

Reflection is simply a beautiful web and mobile app for your regular journaling needs that is perfect for beginners. The Today tab keeps it ace elemental by giving you a regular inspirational mobility that you tin constitute about. Importantly, it doesn't restrict you to this unsocial if it doesn't use to you. In nan Inspiration section, you'll get a bid of questions, motivational quotes from celebrated people, aliases speedy templates that you tin customize successful advance.

Writing your regular introduction is besides a speedy and elemental process. In fact, Reflection's velocity makes it perfect arsenic a micro-journaling app for accelerated entries and moreover aggregate entries a day. You'll besides spot insights into your journaling streak and tin revisit a random past introduction to bespeak upon.

Reflection focuses connected reviewing your diary entries monthly and annually and includes a guided process for it. You'll spell done your highlights and lowlights, and bespeak upon them by six cardinal areas (mind, body, soul, work, play, love), and group intentions for nan adjacent period aliases year. The app besides includes respective different guides for different mindful practices, but galore of them are only disposable successful nan paid version.

Download: Reflection for Android | iOS (Free)

Waffle believes that not each journals request to beryllium private. Sometimes, it helps to stock those diary entries pinch family, partners, friends, aliases moreover therapists. The app makes it easy to create 1 aliases aggregate shared journals and prods you pinch topics to constitute about.

When you create a caller journal, you'll beryllium asked who you want to stock it with. Choose this wisely because nan built-in Waffle AI will rumor regular prompts based connected your choice, arsenic good arsenic your penning style truthful that you tin amended connection pinch different participants. You tin take to disable this AI and simply get a caller punctual from Waffle's built-in repository of topical questions for each type of group.

You tin besides manually create a caller mobility for nan group aliases make a caller station astir a definite arena that day, for illustration a day aliases a celebration. Waffle lets you adhd photos to nan posts, truthful you tin moreover usage it benignant of for illustration a regular societal web to cheque successful pinch your loved ones to spot what they're going done that they don't want to talk astir online to nan full world.

Download: Waffle for Android | iOS (Free)

3. Tell Molly (Web): Simple and Quick Entries for Those Who Don't Want to Write Much

Tell Molly makes your journaling acquisition much astir temper and regular gratitude, while keeping nan connection count less

Tell Molly is simply a temper and thought diary that is perfect for those who struggle to deliberation of what to constitute about. The interface is elemental and focuses much connected helping you quickly log your feelings aliases intelligence position without forcing you to constitute a agelong entry.

The app has 5 temper emojis to take really your time went. Next, take from a group of tags, aliases create caller tags. It's acold easier to click a tag for illustration "gym" to statement that you exercised coming and person it beryllium logged straight successful a almanac alternatively than penning a statement like, "I had a bully workout today."

Next is nan Comment section, which you tin usage arsenic a wide diary introduction to pen immoderate different thoughts you person astir this day. And finally, Tell Molly prompts you to write a gratitude journal entry, composing it successful 255 characters. The constricted characteristic count besides helps you select your thoughts for a clear and concise entry.

In nan Tell Molly dashboard, you tin get statistic for illustration really galore great, good, aliases mean days you person had since you started journaling aliases complete nan past 30 days. You tin besides cheque nan almanac position of each your entries and select them by tags to cognize your patterns.

4. Journal Monkey (Web): Prompt Generators for Deep Writing, Self-Discover, Mindfulness

Journal Monkey offers respective diary punctual generators connected topics specified arsenic heavy writing, gratitude for kids, mindfulness, anxiety, and more

Journal Monkey is simply a website dedicated to collecting and generating journal-writing prompts for a assortment of exercises. It isn't a diary app wherever you tin constitute nan entry, truthful you're free to usage immoderate of nan best journaling apps for a regular diary, and trust connected nan tract for a prompt. There are respective different punctual generators, specified as:

  • Deep Writing Prompts Generator: For heavy questions astir your life (hopes, memories, plans, values, choices) aliases heavy questions astir your beliefs, ethics, individual opinions, and individual philosophy.
  • Mindfulness Prompts Generator: For prompts for a gratitude journal, volition journaling, self-reflection, assemblage scan, and mindful habits. You tin randomize betwixt these aliases take 1 class to make much questions.
  • Gratitude Journal Prompts for Kids: It's ne'er excessively early to get children into nan wont of journaling, and a gratitude diary has proven to beryllium 1 of nan astir effective ways to commencement this intelligence wellness habit. Journal Monkey has a generator to make caller prompts, particularly for kids.

Apart from these, you'll besides find punctual generators for self-esteem, depression, anxiety, aforesaid love, and affirmative journaling. All nan generators are free, and it's arsenic elemental arsenic clicking nan fastener till you find a punctual that inspires an entry.

5. Robyn Liechti (Web, Printable): Guided Self-Care Journals for Different Intentions

Robyn Lietchi's postulation of free printable diary prompts cater to a assortment of diary needs

Robyn Liechti has written respective guided self-care journals, specified arsenic The Making of a Mother aliases The Making of a Strong Woman, which are disposable to acquisition successful print. But if you don't want to walk connected these, she besides has a postulation of free printable diary prompts.

These are decidedly targeted towards beginners to journaling, pinch topics specified arsenic beginners, parents, self-love, gratitude, kids, alleviation from accent and anxiety, healing, change, and insecurity. Most of them are month-long journaling exercises truthful that you tin spell done 1 caller punctual daily.

Again, these don't see a abstraction to constitute your entry. You tin usage nan best sites to support an online journal aliases prime up a beingness diary to constitute by manus and adhd nan prompts-printout arsenic your first page.

Not Necessarily a Daily Habit

With truthful galore different ways to get a caller regular prompt, you mightiness not person immoderate much excuses to not constitute that diary introduction each day. But while regular journaling is nan champion practice, location are nary rules that opportunity you request to instrumentality to that schedule.

You are free to constitute a play diary aliases moreover 3 times a week. The constituent is to cultivate a wont of self-reflection, and if a non-daily schedule makes it much imaginable for you to instrumentality to that routine, past there's thing incorrect pinch it.


Q: What Are nan Different Types of Journaling?

There are galore different types of journaling, each pinch its ain benefits and purpose. For instance, there's food journaling to way what you eat, gratitude journaling to punctual yourself of nan things you are grateful for, travel journaling to create memorable travel diaries, and slug journaling to way your goals, tasks, and appointments.

Q: Are Guided Journals Worth It?

If you're caller to journaling and are looking for immoderate thief to make it a habit, guided journals are an fantabulous finance because they see prompts and questions that animate you to introspect and attraction connected circumstantial areas of your intelligence well-being and life successful general. Unlike a regular journal, guided journals springiness you guidance connected what to constitute and deliberation about.

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