5 Free Notion Budget Templates to Track Your Expenses and Savings

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Keeping way of your finances is highly important successful today's economy, and Notion templates tin make nan process easier.

Whether you want to support an oculus connected your expenses, scheme your fund for nan full month, group immoderate savings goals and strive to execute them, aliases support way of your investments; present are immoderate free finance templates you tin try.

1. Monthly Budget Planner

Monthly Budget Planner Notion Template

If you scheme your monthly fund up of time, past nan Monthly Budget Planner template tin springiness you a helping hand. The template features an easy-to-use interface that lets you input your expected monthly income from different sources and group a fund for regular monthly expenses astatine nan opening of each month.

The fund you allocate for an disbursal gets deducted from your expected monthly income, and you tin spot precisely really overmuch is near complete for different expenses. You tin past allocate nan remaining fund much efficiently.

You tin way your spending passim nan period by adding it to nan defined fund field. This will thief you analyse really good you are sticking to your budget. If you walk much recklessly, nan template will proactively propose you enactment much sensibly.

Once you capable successful nan details, you'll get a summary of your full income, full expenses, and really overmuch you've been capable to prevention for nan month. On nan template's homepage, you tin spot a summary for each period of nan existent year. This will assistance you successful controlling your yearly spending amended to execute your savings goals.

2. 30 Days Saving Challenge Template

30 Days Savings Challenge Notion Template

If you want to scope a monthly redeeming extremity by mounting speech a mini magnitude of money each time from your regular expenses, past utilizing nan 30 Days Saving Challenge template will support you connected track. Using this one-page template, you tin break down your monthly redeeming extremity into 30 easy-to-save targets beforehand and proceed to prevention passim nan period until you meet your goal.

Setting a regular savings target tin thief you trim unnecessary expenses and lend much to your savings. Upon redeeming money astatine nan extremity of nan day, you tin cheque nan container for nan regular extremity successful nan template. Having this small wont tin importantly motivate you to execute your adjacent goal.

By default, nan template sets a savings target of $1000 wrong 30 days. You tin modify this template based connected your redeeming extremity by dividing nan desired magnitude into manageable regular savings targets complete 30 days. If you person a semipermanent savings extremity that extends complete an full year, cheque retired nan 52-week redeeming situation locator template.

3. Investment Portfolio Dashboard

Investment Portfolio Dashboard Notion Template

The Investment Portfolio Dashboard template makes search your investments crossed aggregate sectors a breeze. This template is divided into 2 sections: accounts and holdings. You tin spot wherever your money is invested successful nan accounts conception and what assets you person invested successful wrong nan holdings section.

To support way of your investments, you tin participate nan sanction of nan institution aliases speech you've used, nan type of investment, nan invested balance, and nan day you invested nan money astir recently. The template includes a section for entering nan URL of nan charismatic website of nan exchange, company, aliases work truthful that you tin way nan advancement of your finance quickly.

In nan holdings section, you tin break down your assemblage investments into individual assets. For instance, if you person invested pinch a banal brokerage firm, you tin database nan companies you person invested in, nan value astatine which you purchased shares, and nan number of shares you person accumulated.

You tin past input nan marketplace worth of nan stock aliases plus astatine nan extremity of each trading cycle, whether it beryllium a day, a week, aliases a month, and nan template will show you whether you're successful profit aliases loss. Understanding nan capacity of your portfolio tin guideline you successful making informed finance decisions.

4. Subscription Tracker

Subscription Tracker Notion Template

Subscriptions tin return up a sizeable information of our salary. Seeing nan renewal of a subscription simply because you forgot to unsubscribe connected clip tin beryllium a heartbreaking experience. If you struggle to way your subscriptions, you'll emotion nan Subscription Tracker template.

The template lets you categorize your subscriptions, specified arsenic education, entertainment, and music, and past database down each your subscriptions for each group. You tin besides adhd nan cost, nan billing period, nan day connected which a subscription was renewed, and nan adjacent clip it's going to beryllium renewed.

Having this accusation each successful 1 spot enables you to unsubscribe from subscriptions you nary longer want to renew. Once you person unsubscribed, uncheck nan container beside it connected nan template, which will nonstop it to nan database of unsubscribed subscriptions. When you scheme to subscribe again successful nan future, simply cheque nan container again, and nan template will adhd it to nan progressive subscriptions.

5. Finance Management Tracker

Finance Management Tracker Notion Template

The Finance Management Tracker is an all-in-one template that lets you way your investments, reappraisal your advancement connected regular goals, scheme your monthly budget, and enforce strict income rules to enactment connected budget. If you don't want to usage aggregate templates, you tin negociate each of your finances pinch this elemental template.

The income norm conception lets you allocate your monthly income to your needs, wants, investments, savings, and more. You simply request to participate your net and disagreement it up among nan various disbursal categories Once you adhd this information, nan template will show you really overmuch to walk connected each conception to negociate your income effectively.

The finance locator allows you to support way of each investments you person made truthful far. The goals conception allows you to group your goals and nan fund you request to execute them. Then, participate nan magnitude you've saved, and nan template will punctual you really acold you are from your goal. Likewise, you tin scheme your full fund for nan period successful nan fund section.

Keeping way of your fund is easy pinch Notion finance templates. We person compiled immoderate of nan champion templates to scheme your budget, way your investments, support way of your goals, and debar unnecessary subscription costs. Use them to support way of your finances, and you'll yet beryllium capable to negociate them much effectively.

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