5 Easy Fixes if Outlook Isn’t Loading in Google Chrome

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Having problems accessing your emails successful Chrome? If Outlook isn’t loading successful your browser, travel this step-by-step guideline to quickly hole nan problem.

Outlook not loading connected Google Chrome frustration

Despite being an agency staple and a useful level for individual emails, Microsoft’s Outlook has its problems. Outlook not loading successful Google Chrome is simply a communal and frustrating issue, but erstwhile you cognize nan cause, it tin beryllium speedy to fix.

If you're having trouble opening your Outlook emails connected Chrome, don't worry. We'll explicate why your Outlook inbox isn't loading successful Chrome and explicate immoderate elemental step-by-step solutions to thief hole nan problem.

Why Is Outlook Not Loading successful Chrome?

Outlook bluish letter cover looping animation

There are a assortment of reasons why Outlook won't load successful Chrome. If your browser gets stuck connected nan Outlook loading surface pinch nan bluish letter cover logo animation many times refreshing connected your browser screen, it could beryllium owed to nan pursuing reasons:

  1. Corrupted files. If Chrome's cache has a corrupted record past it could beryllium causing Outlook to get stuck connected nan loading screen.
  2. Ad blockers. If you usage an advertisement blocker, it mightiness beryllium preventing Outlook from loading correctly.
  3. Chrome update required. Using an outdated type of Google Chrome tin origin compatibility issues pinch Outlook.
  4. Disabled JavaScript. Without JavaScript, websites, including Outlook, tin break.

Luckily, each of these Outlook loading issues person easy solutions. We explicate really you tin hole each rumor below.

How to Quickly Fix Outlook Not Loading successful Chrome

If you’re aft a speedy hole truthful that you tin entree Outlook successful Chrome erstwhile it's not loading, you tin delete nan browser cookies. Cookies are mini files that are sent from websites you visit and stored connected your device. These cookies retrieve your settings and preferences truthful erstwhile you revisit nan aforesaid webpage nan loading clip will beryllium quicker.

Unfortunately, cookies thin to corrupt and origin loading issues connected websites, which could explicate why Outlook isn't loading successful Chrome.

Screenshot of opening Chrome cookies settings for Outlook

To quickly (but temporarily) hole Outlook erstwhile it's not loading successful Chrome, you tin effort clearing browser cookies. Here's how:

  1. Open Outlook successful Chrome (enter your login credentials, if prompted).
  2. When you spot nan looping letter cover animation, click nan padlock icon located adjacent to nan URL address.
  3. Click Cookies and tract data.
  4. Click Manage cookies and tract data.
  5. Click nan Trash icon adjacent to each point to delete nan cookies.
  6. Click Done successful nan bottom-right area erstwhile you person removed each cookies.
  7. Refresh nan webpage by clicking nan Reload this page fastener (to nan near of nan URL bar) aliases by pressing Ctrl + R connected your keyboard.

Your Outlook inbox should now load successful Chrome.

This is simply a simple, quick, but impermanent hole to nan Outlook loading problem; without resolving nan underlying cause, you'll person to repetition these steps each clip you sojourn Outlook’s website. To debar this rumor for good, we urge pursuing nan steps below.

1. Restart Your Computer to Fix Any Chrome Glitches

If you're trying to entree Outlook connected Chrome connected your laptop aliases desktop computer, it’s worthy restarting earlier trying thing else. Trust us—restarting your machine mightiness prevention you immoderate clip fixing nan Outlook not loading successful Chrome problem if you effort this measurement first!

There are different ways to restart your computer, and often this reboot tin hole a full big of problems and method glitches.

2. Clear Google Chrome's Cache to Update Outlook

Failing nan trusty “turn it connected and disconnected again” solution, your Chrome browser cache mightiness beryllium to blasted for nan Outlook not loading issue. Similar to cookies, a browser cache stores various assets from a site—such arsenic images, forms, web scripts, and more—to thief a webpage load much efficiently nan adjacent clip you visit.

Screenshot of nan Clear browser information settings successful Chrome

The problem pinch a stored cache, however, is that nan saved accusation tin go outdated and origin loading problems. The champion solution is to delete nan contents of Chrome's cache.

To region nan full cache from Chrome, travel these elemental steps:

  1. Click nan three vertical dots icon, located successful nan top-right area of your Chrome browser.
  2. Hover complete More Tools to unfastened nan corresponding menu.
  3. Click Clear browsing data.
  4. Click connected nan Advanced tab to bring up each cache options.
  5. From nan Time Range drop-down menu, prime All Time.
  6. Click to tick nan boxes adjacent to nan items you want to remove. (We urge removing Cookies and different tract data and Cached images and files.)
  7. Click connected Clear data successful nan bluish container to delete these items.

It mightiness return a fewer minutes while your browser clears your browsing data. The much files Chrome has to delete, nan longer it will return to finish.

Once nan process is complete, adjacent and reopen Chrome. Reload Outlook's website to spot if nan problem has been resolved. You tin study much astir clearing browsing information successful our guideline connected how to clear cookies and cache successful Chrome.

3. Update to nan Latest Version of Chrome

If your Chrome browser is outdated by a newer version, it whitethorn origin problems pinch Outlook not loading.

To spot if you person a pending update, unfastened Chrome and look astatine nan three vertical dots icon successful nan top-right of nan browser. If nan icon is colored green, an update was released wrong nan past 2 days. If orange, an update was released 4 days ago, and reddish indicates an update that's complete a week old.

Screenshot of Google Chrome completing update process

To update Chrome, travel these steps:

  1. Open Chrome and click nan three vertical dots icon located successful nan top-right of nan screen.
  2. Hover complete Help and past click About Google Chrome.
  3. Click Update Google Chrome.
  4. Click Relaunch to complete nan update.

It’s important to update your browser arsenic newer versions will see information updates, bug fixes, and caller features that will guarantee you get nan champion experience. Updating Chrome to nan latest disposable type whitethorn hole your problem of Outlook not loading.

If you person an progressive advertisement aliases pop-up blocker extension, past it mightiness beryllium preventing Outlook from loading decently successful Chrome. To hole this, you don’t person to disable your advertisement blocker completely, but you request to make judge it’s not progressive connected Outlook’s website.

Disable advertisement blocker for Chrome

To disable your advertisement aliases pop-up blocker for Outlook, unfastened Chrome and travel these steps:

  1. Click nan puzzle piece icon to nan correct of nan URL bar.
  2. Find your advertisement artifact hold and click nan three vertical dots adjacent to it.
  3. Depending connected your advertisement blocker, you whitethorn spot Pause connected this site. Select this to extremity your advertisement blocker from interacting pinch Outlook.
  4. If Pause connected this site is not available, click Options to alternatively bring up a settings menu.
  5. Here, you should beryllium capable to adhd nan Outlook website arsenic an objection to your blocked list. (This tin besides beryllium called a whitelist.)

Alternatively, you tin wholly uninstall your advertisement blocker. Close and reopen Chrome and navigate to Outlook’s website to spot if preventing your advertisement blocker has fixed nan loading problem.

5. Activate JavaScript for Outlook

JavaScript tin beryllium easy abnormal wrong Chrome. Although disabling JavaScript has its benefits, it tin besides break websites—such arsenic Outlook.

Screenshot of Chrome's JavaScript settings

To cheque if JavaScript is active, aliases to reactivate it, for Outlook, travel these steps successful Chrome:

  1. Click nan three vertical dots successful nan top-right corner.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Privacy and security, located successful nan left-side menu.
  4. Click Site settings.
  5. Under Content, click JavaScript.
  6. Ensure that < > Sites tin usage JavaScript is selected.
  7. Alternatively, adhd Outlook's website to Customized behaviors: Allowed to usage JavaScript.

Close and reopen Chrome and motorboat Outlook's website to spot if nan loading rumor has been resolved.

If Outlook Still Doesn't Load In Chrome, You May Need to Use a Different Browser

Unfortunately, Chrome is known for having compatibility issues pinch various programs, including Outlook. If your Outlook emails still aren't loading successful Chrome aft trying nan supra fixes, past you whitethorn request to usage a different measurement of accessing your emails.

If you for illustration to entree Outlook connected a desktop, you tin effort installing a different browser, specified arsenic Microsoft Edge. As Microsoft owns and maintains some Edge and Outlook, you shouldn’t tally into immoderate compatibility issues. You tin besides effort utilizing nan charismatic Outlook app for Windows, Mac, aliases mobile for a amended experience.

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