5 Chrome New Tab Wellness Extensions to Boost Mental Health and Relieve Stress

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These Chrome extensions switch nan New tab pinch wellness devices for meditation, breathwork, journaling, temper tracking, stretching, and affirmations.

When you're successful nan mediate of a stressful workday, it's easy to hide astir immoderate of nan mini practices that tin thief you get to a patient intelligence state. But what if nan adjacent clip you unfastened a caller tab, you get a reminder to do conscionable that?

These Chrome extensions switch nan default New Tab page pinch wellness devices for meditation, breathwork, journaling, temper tracking, stretching, and affirmations. You don't request to usage this each clip you unfastened a caller tab, but erstwhile successful a while, that gentle nudge is each you'll request to get retired of a antagonistic mindset.

Oasis prompts you to way your mood, constitute a diary entry, aliases do breathwork exercises erstwhile you unfastened a caller tab

Oasis is an all-in-one hold to entree aggregate wellness practices and devices whenever you unfastened a caller tab. It displays a classical painting, on pinch nan existent day and time. You tin entree its main 3 elements pinch a click:

  • Journal to constitute your thoughts and feelings, which you tin edit aggregate times passim nan day. You'll besides spot a almanac of erstwhile you wrote successful nan diary and erstwhile you didn't.
  • Guided meditation and breathing sessions to trim accent and anxiety, arsenic good arsenic clear nan mind. The animated breathwork exercises are particularly adjuvant successful remembering to return a break and regroup yourself during a stressful workday.
  • Mood diary to cheque successful pinch really you are emotion and why you are emotion that measurement astatine nan moment.

Oasis will way your inputs and connection statistic whenever you want. It's not nan champion app successful position of creation and use, but if you're looking for an all-in-one solution to different wellness practices, this hold does nan occupation well. The premium type of Oasis besides has much elements for illustration stressors and relievers, guided envisioning exercises, etc.

Download: Oasis for Chrome (Free)

2. Ponder (Chrome): Quickly Write Different Journal Entries successful a New Tab

Ponder is simply a elemental measurement to get into micro-journaling arsenic you tin quickly constitute a caller introduction erstwhile you unfastened a caller tab

You cognize that regular journaling is simply a bully habit, but really making it a portion of your life is nan difficult part. Ponder tries to make it easy by prompting you to constitute a diary introduction each clip you unfastened a caller tab. It's really 1 of nan coolest micro-journaling apps to cultivate nan practice.

Ponder has 2 awesome modes for really to constitute an entry: short answers to regular prompts and agelong journaling space. You tin easy move betwixt them astatine immoderate point. For example, nan short answers see nan categories of regular productivity, regular lists, and regular reflection, wherever Ponder will inquire you a mobility to punctual an reply from you astir that subject. But if you're successful nan temper to constitute a longer diary entry, move to nan categories of creative, self-reflection, aliases free writing. Again, each of these will see a punctual you tin answer, truthful you aren't struggling to fig retired what to write.

If it gets excessively much, you tin extremity Ponder from prompting you to constitute an introduction successful each caller tab. You tin revisit past Entries astatine immoderate clip and position them by almanac dates. Ponder besides gathers analytics astir your journaling, specified arsenic your consistency, full number of words written, etc.

Download: Ponder for Chrome (Free)

3. NimbusMind (Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS): 5-Minute Guided Meditations successful New Tab

NimbusMind has a postulation of 5-minute guided meditations to tackle communal intelligence problems

NimbusMind offers a bid of 5-minute guided meditations successful your caller tab that tin thief you tackle immoderate problems aliases situations you're presently facing. The existent database includes short guides for worry event, wide anxiety, assemblage scan, emergency, focus, happiness, relax, morning, fto it go, sleeping, walking, depression, confidence, patient aging, relationships, sensuality, and life changes. It's nan cleanable type of quick and minimalist meditation for mindfulness and accent relief.

The meditations are constricted to 5 minutes successful nan free version, but you tin unlock 2, 3, 10, and 20 infinitesimal versions successful NimbusMind Premium for $9.99 annually. The Chrome hold besides offers 2 of its meditation bid (basics of meditation and first steps to meditation) for free, while different bid are disposable to subscribers.

Apart from these meditations, NimbusMind besides offers soothing inheritance sounds to thief you relax aliases focus. It besides has a fewer inheritance philharmonic tracks. In nan free version, you tin only take sounds of a stream aliases birds successful a wood and inheritance euphony for meditation, but you tin unlock respective different ambient sounds and philharmonic tracks successful nan paid version.

Download: NimbusMind for Chrome | Firefox (Free)

Download: NimbusMind for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Zen Mind (Chrome): Reminders and Guides for Stretching and Healthy Habits

Zen Mind offers meditation and stretching exercises successful a caller tab, on pinch reminders for patient habits

Zen Mind gives you aggregate devices to not only boost your intelligence wellness but besides your beingness health. Like respective different extensions, it includes a meditation area for 5, 10, aliases 15 minutes, wherever you believe mindful breathing pinch soothing inheritance sounds. You tin besides play immoderate of nan ambient calming sounds without entering nan meditation zone.

Much for illustration different apps connection guided meditations, Zen Mind offers guided stretches. It's important to do stretching exercises to hole your posture and amended your mood, particularly for those who walk respective hours moving connected a computer. Zen Mind besides offers to springiness reminders (30 minutes, 1 hour, aliases 2 hours) to portion water, correct your posture, do stretches, eat fruit, aliases meditate.

The app's dashboard asks you to constitute 1 task that you want to attraction connected correct now. You tin besides participate nan "Focus Mode" for a heavy moving session.

Download: Zen Mind for Chrome (Free)

5. Affirmations Flow (Chrome): Positive Affirmations successful Every New Tab

There is simply a prevalent schoolhouse of thought that our mind excessively often draws america into self-doubt and pessimistic views, and we request a periodic gentle nudge distant from nan negativity. Positive affirmations tin boost your motivation, thief you consciousness calmer, and realign your mind to cognize your goals and discard intrusive thoughts.

Affirmations Flow is simply a elemental Chrome hold created by positivity coach Geeta Pandey to thief anyone get that gentle nudge each clip they unfastened a caller tab successful their browser. Set against a inheritance of colorful bubbles dancing connected screen, you'll spot a random caller affirmative affirmation pinch each caller tab that you open.

The hold comes pinch a fewer positivity affirmations built successful but encourages you to adhd your ain civilization affirmations that matter to you. It has a adjuvant expertise to import a spreadsheet of affirmations (or export nan civilization affirmations you create successful nan app arsenic a civilization spreadsheet). You'll find plentifulness of free affirmation templates online to get started connected this exercise.

Download: Affirmations Flow for Chrome (Free)

Step Away From nan Screen

As bully arsenic each these wellness-oriented extensions are for your intelligence health, they don't mention nan champion point you tin do erstwhile you're overwhelmed: measurement distant from nan screen. Get up, move around, respire immoderate caller air, and springiness your eyes and encephalon a break. There is thing arsenic restorative arsenic movement.

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