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Margot Robbie arsenic Barbie successful nan Barbie movie
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This autumn already promises to beryllium a packed play for movies coming to Netflix, Max, Hulu and much of nan best streaming services. Easily astatine nan apical of this weekend's watch database is nan integer merchandise of Barbie, nan bedazzled blockbuster that collapsed container agency records this summer. 

Now you tin acquisition Barbie's travel to nan existent world for nan first clip (or for nan 2nd aliases third) from nan comfortableness of your ain home. It's joined by immoderate different beardown contenders for your adjacent movie night, for illustration nan mind-bending thriller Source Code, which landed connected Max this month, and Sandra Bullock's heartfelt drama Miss Congeniality connected Netflix, among others. 

If you're connected nan hunt for your adjacent movie nighttime flick, look nary further. Here are nan champion movies caller to streaming that merit a spot connected your to-watch list. 

Barbie (Digital)

Greta Gerwig’s fever dream of a movie has transcended into a popular civilization sensation, giving emergence to countless memes and amassing a staggering $1 cardinal successful world container agency earnings. Movie screenings turned into communal experiences, an excuse to platform yourself retired successful pinkish from caput to toed and commencement an endless echo of "Hi Barbie!" pinch different theatergoers. 

Now you tin bask nan escapade from home. Barbie, portrayed by Margot Robbie, appears to person it each successful Barbie Land: nan cleanable life, her dream location and her dream fellow Ken (Ryan Gosling). Little known fact: His occupation is beach. Just beach. 

However, erstwhile an existential situation strikes, Barbie embarks connected a travel into nan unfamiliar extracurricular world. There she runs look first into nan uncomfortable truth that Barbie isn't nan decease knell for sexism and patriarchy she'd ever been told. It’s a feminist wake-up telephone that doesn’t preach aliases pander, tempered by a cheeky and often surrealist consciousness of joke that's positively infectious. 

Buy and watch on Amazon or Apple 

A Million Miles Away (Prime Video)

If you'd alternatively instrumentality a small person to location than Barbie Land, Prime Video precocious added A Million Miles Away, a charming biopic inspired by nan real-life communicative of NASA formation technologist José Hernández.

He's portrayed by Michael Peña, a staple successful Prime Video's Jack Ryan series, successful a rubbing exploration of family relationships and perseverance. The Mexican-American farmworker’s travel to go an astronaut originates successful a agrarian colony successful Michoacán, Mexico, and moves to nan fields of nan San Joaquin Valley earlier yet shooting for nan stars. Well, not nan literal stars per say, but alternatively 200 miles supra nan Earth successful nan International Space Station. 

With nan support of his parents, relatives and teachers, José harnesses his boundless determination and relentless thrust to execute his seemingly intolerable goal.

Streaming now on Prime Video

Source Code (Max)

For thing a small much action-packed, look nary further than Source Code, a 2011 thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal arsenic a worker caught up successful a mind-bending authorities experiment. 

Helicopter aviator Colter Stevens (Gyllenhaal) is drafted into a top-secret subject cognition that allows him to acquisition nan past fewer minutes successful nan life of a schoolhouse coach who dies successful a train explosion. His superior nonsubjective successful reliving her last moments is to uncover nan personality of nan elusive bomber and thwart early attacks.

Directed by Duncan Jones, nan visionary down nan critically acclaimed 2009 sci-fi movie Moon, Source Code is simply a smart and pulse-pounding thrill thrust that will person you second-guessing what will hap adjacent correct up until nan extremity credits. What originates arsenic a seemingly straightforward ngo quickly turns into thing much, much more analyzable arsenic Colter unravels nan truth down it all. 

Streaming now on Max

Miss Congeniality (Netflix)

Sandra Bullock is astatine her champion arsenic nan uncouth but charming FBI Special Agent Gracie Hart successful Miss Congeniality. An unapologetic tomboy, her life is turned upside-down erstwhile she must waste and acquisition successful her shapeless suits for flashy gowns and bikinis aft she's assigned to spell undercover arsenic a contestant successful nan Miss United States beauty pageant.

But this gem successful nan unsmooth is successful hopeless request of a makeover. Fast. Enter pageant coach Victor Melling (Michael Caine), who has his activity trim retired for him. As Gracie learns to navigate nan world of glitz, glamour, and cutthroat competition, she forms improbable bonds pinch her chap contestants that situation her first stereotypes astir nan full pageant opus and dance. All while looking for a home violent who has threatened to rustle up nan event.

Streaming now connected Netflix

Love, Simon (Hulu)

Love, Simon is simply a coming-of-age cheery emotion communicative based connected Becky Albertalli's celebrated YA caller Simon vs. nan Homo Sapiens Agenda. And while it's not nan first of its benignant to get nan large surface treatment, it is nan first to beryllium made by a awesome workplace and spot mainstream success.

The titular Simon (Nick Robinson) is simply a closeted precocious schoolhouse student who befriends an anonymous cheery classmate complete email who uses nan pseudonym Blue. Like Simon, Blue is besides grappling pinch his identity, and nan 2 extremity up falling for each different arsenic they turn closer. 

Things return a melodramatic move erstwhile a schoolhouse play castmate discovers Simon's emails and threatens to retired him. Simon is forced to flooded his fears astir telling his family and friends nan truth astir who he is. All nan while moving to uncover nan existent personality of his mysterious crush.

Streaming now connected Hulu

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