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Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller successful Meet nan Parents
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Hulu is simply a destination for drama erstwhile it comes to movies, TV shows, and original content. The streaming tract doesn’t put itself successful a box, either. Whether you’re looking for a nihilistic rom-com, a protagonist you loathe aliases immoderate wholesome (and not-so-wholesome) family films, Hulu has you covered. 

The streamer is binge-watch heaven, wherever you tin watercourse a slew of immoderate films aliases TV genres you’re successful nan temper for — with eerily meticulous suggestions for your adjacent binge erstwhile you’re done. Between Hulu originals for illustration Palm Springs and Not Okay to classics for illustration Meet nan Parents, these are nan champion drama movies connected Hulu to watercourse correct now.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs isn’t your grandma’s clip loop movie. The 2020 Hulu original puts a modern rotation connected nan age-old communicative of repeating nan aforesaid time complete — usually to study a instruction aliases go a amended person. Palm Springs is much concerned pinch tackling nan constituent of beingness than digging into really personification tin amended infuse compassion into their lives. The movie hinges connected subject alternatively than a cosmic crippled of chickenhearted arsenic it plays retired its acheronian rom-com storyline. 

Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg stars arsenic Nyles — and his name’s similarity to nan connection “nihilistic” isn’t mislaid connected viewers. Meanwhile, Cristin Milloti plays Sarah while their characters autumn successful emotion during a wedding that just. won’t. end. Palm Springs besides has an unthinkable secondary formed pinch actors for illustration Tyler Hoechlin, J.K. Simmons, and Peter Gallagher. Director Max Barbakow co-wrote nan movie alongside Andy Siara. 

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We’re nan Millers

Not each family movies request to beryllium wholesome tear-jerkers. We’re nan Millers puts a chaotic rotation connected family movies — and it’s decidedly not a movie you want to watch pinch your parents. 

It’s a communicative arsenic aged arsenic time: A supplier trader (Jason Sudeikis) teams up pinch a stripper (Jennifer Aniston), a bum teenage woman (Emma Roberts), and a nerdy teen boy (Will Poulter) to smuggle narcotics crossed nan separator nether nan guise of a vanilla All-American family. Add successful nan likes of Ed Helms arsenic a supplier lord and you’ve sewage a beautiful epic comedy. 

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Not Okay

Raise your manus if you’re not okay pinch nan on-screen tag-team duo Dylan O’Brien and Zoey Deutch (and by not okay we mean very okay). The actors first starred together successful nan movie The Outfit, later moving connected to nan Hulu original Not Okay. 

O’Brien takes connected nan domiciled of nan perfectly unhinged influencer and stoner extraordinaire Colin. And let’s look it: Even erstwhile O’Brien played an ancient demon successful Teen Wolf, fans couldn’t thief lowkey rooting for him. Yet Colin is nan absolute worst, and it’s a genuinely awesome feat if O’Brien fans are successful immoderate measurement charmed by his character. Similarly, nan ever-charismatic Deutch plays Danni — a wannabe writer who fakes being nan unfortunate of a bombing successful Paris. Yeah, Danni sucks, too. 

Danni’s emergence from low-level photograph editor to a world-renowned writer and nan look of nan anti-gun activity isn’t a communicative of redemption, and that’s what makes it truthful great. Some characters don’t merit a redemption arc. And really, nan truth that O’Brien and Deutch tin make america dislike their characters truthful viscerally is simply a testament to their acting chops fixed their usually nosy and charming energy. 

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Meet nan Parents

Meet nan Parents is an oldie but a goodie. The 2000 movie chronicles nan tests of gathering your girlfriend’s parents — particularly erstwhile she has an overprotective (and downright scary) doting dad. 

Ben Stiller plays Greg Focker: a loving fellow pinch a surname that launches rather a fewer jokes passim nan movie and its sequel. Meanwhile, Teri Polo plays Stiller’s on-screen woman Pam Byrnes. The remainder of nan Byrnes family includes names for illustration Robert De Niro, Blythe Danner, Nicole DeHuff, and Jon Abrahams. Naturally, nan movie has immoderate outdated joke (it’s complete 20 years old, aft all), but it still holds up arsenic a nosy family flick. 

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The Hating Game

If you’re looking for a raunchy workplace rom-com, The Hating Game is nan measurement to go. The film, based connected nan Sally Thorne book by nan aforesaid name, cranks up nan enemies-to-lovers trope to 11. The movie is hyper-focused connected book publishing coworkers Lucy Hutton (Lucy Hale) and Joshua Templeton (Austin Stowell), whose chemistry is arsenic palpable arsenic their clone hatred for each other. 

Naturally, this isn’t a ‘get enraptured by nan plot’ benignant of movie. It delivers precisely what it promises: steamy hijinx, workplace feuding, and a progression of, ‘Wait, I really for illustration you’ moments betwixt nan 2 leads. And, of course, they’re only allowed to conflict pinch each other. 

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