40 Years Ago: The Historic Announcement of Windows 1.0 That Changed Computers

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A look backmost astatine what Windows 1.0 promised and really acold we person come.

The Windows logo keyboard cardinal

Key Takeaways

  • Windows 1.0 began Microsoft's power successful nan PC marketplace and nan gyration of graphical personification interfaces (GUI).
  • The Apple Lisa, though a pioneer successful GUI technology, was excessively expensive, giving Microsoft nan opportunity to create a competitory product.
  • Despite first disapproval and constricted package compatibility, Windows 1.0 paved nan measurement for early versions that would go nan modular operating strategy for desktop PCs globally.

Microsoft revealed Windows 1.0 successful November 1983. Windows 1.0 began nan Windows franchise that still dominates nan desktop PC marketplace today. Here, we look backmost connected Microsoft’s historical announcement of Windows 1.0 40 years on.

Apple Releases nan Lisa successful Early 1983

In nan early 1980s, machine operating systems were command-based ones utilized by entering matter commands. However, a GUI (graphical personification interface) gyration was brewing successful nan IT industry. Apple placed itself astatine nan forefront of that gyration by releasing nan Lisa successful early 1983. That was among nan first PCs pinch a graphical personification interface that enabled users to unfastened programs and files pinch a mouse.

However, nan problem pinch nan Apple Lisa was that it was a spot excessively revolutionary. It was a machine somewhat up of its clip pinch very precocious specifications for an early 1980s PC. This made nan Lisa prohibitively expensive, pinch an approximate $10,000 motorboat price. Most users preferred to instrumentality pinch somewhat cheaper IBM PCs.

The Apple Lisa 2 computer

Microsoft Unveils Windows 1.0 astatine COMDEX

Nevertheless, nan Lisa still raised galore eyebrows successful nan IT manufacture pinch its revolutionary graphical operating strategy (the forerunner to nan Macintosh). In consequence to nan Lisa (and Visi On graphical OS), Microsoft began its GUI OS task codenamed Interface Manager. Bill Gates announced nan improvement of Windows 1.0 astatine nan Plaza Hotel successful New York connected November 10, 1983.

When Microsoft announced Windows 1.0, nan institution said it was a model head hold of MS-DOS. Microsoft expected Windows 1.0 would grow nan MS-DOS package improvement situation by enabling developers to merchandise much graphically orientated programs. Thus, nan first Windows OS was much of an summation to MS-DOS alternatively than a replacement.

Microsoft showed disconnected nan first Windows 1.0 pre-release build astatine COMDEX (a machine expo waste and acquisition show) successful November 1983. The world first saw a Windows OS connected green-tinted monitors 40 years ago. The first Windows level enabled users to entree aggregate moving programs by clicking icons for them connected a bar, which was thing for illustration an early taskbar.

Windows 1.0 besides came pinch a fewer apps users of coming are acquainted with. Notepad, Paint, and Calc (Calculator) were 3 programs that came pinch Windows 1.0 and person remained a portion of its OS bid ever since. Users could besides prime Write (a connection processor), Clock, Reversi (a committee game), Clipboard, and Calendar programs from nan MS-DOS Executive shell.

Microsoft Paint successful Windows 1.0

You tin spot what Windows 1.0 was for illustration connected this IBM PC emulator page. Click Full Screen to maximize that emulator’s window. Try launching immoderate programs from MS-DOS Executive and minimizing them to nan programme barroom by double-clicking connected their model title bars. You tin move betwixt nan programs by clicking their icons connected nan bar, overmuch nan aforesaid arsenic connected current-day Windows platforms.

The MS-DOS Executive model

The Windows Revolution Begins… successful 1995

Microsoft delayed Windows 1.0’s merchandise pinch immoderate further modifications and refinements. The history of Windows began erstwhile nan first nationalist type of Windows 1.0 became disposable successful November 1985, 2 years aft Microsoft had announced it. Microsoft launched Windows 1.0 successful nan USA pinch an affordable $99 value tag.

Users weren’t precisely blown distant by Windows 1.0 erstwhile they sewage their hands connected it. The first Windows OS had somewhat constricted package compatibility and capacity issues. Many reviews of nan clip rated Windows 1.0 arsenic a flop. So, astir users preferred to instrumentality pinch MS-DOS commands for nan remainder of nan 1980s.

PCs of nan 1980s weren’t rather fresh for GUI operating systems. The overmuch heavier strategy demands of graphical operating systems made capacity issues inevitable pinch nan constricted hardware of nan time. PC hardware needed astir 7 to 10 years to beforehand earlier nan Windows gyration genuinely began successful 1995.

The Windows 95 scatter surface

Windows yet deed nan large clip successful 1995. Adding nan Start paper and a fully-fledged taskbar to Windows 95 (which this history of nan Windows taskbar tells you a spot much about) made each nan difference. So, PCs of nan mid-1990s were besides overmuch amended equipped to grip GUI platforms. After that, nan Windows OS bid took a stranglehold of nan desktop PC market, and nan world moved connected from MS-DOS.

Windows Won nan Graphical OS War

Microsoft’s announcement of Windows 1.0 successful November 1983 was undoubtedly nan commencement of thing immense that yet made PCs overmuch much accessible. Even though Windows 1.0 didn’t large wind stores successful nan 1980s, it still began what would go nan world's astir salient PC OS series. Bill Gates proclaimed Windows to beryllium nan early erstwhile Microsoft unveiled its first graphical operating system, and that prophesy turned retired to beryllium true.

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