4 Tips For Finding a Reel You Watched on Instagram

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Here are nan champion ways to way down an Instagram reel that you watched successful nan past and want to find again.

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Key Takeaways

  • If you can't find an Instagram reel you watched, cheque your liked posts by tapping connected nan three-line menu, selecting "Your activity," past "Likes." You tin select by day aliases hunt for nan author.
  • Another action is to cheque your saved posts by tapping connected nan three-line menu, selecting "Saved." Unfortunately, location are nary filters, truthful you whitethorn person to scroll a batch to find nan reel.
  • Your hunt history tin besides beryllium helpful. Go to nan research page, pat connected nan hunt bar, and click connected "See all" to position a longer list. One of your caller searches mightiness lead you to nan reel.

It sucks to retrieve an Instagram reel you watched a short while backmost and person nary hint really to find it. Sometimes, you mightiness beryllium fortunate it pops connected your provender again. But there’s a slim chance of that happening.

If you request to find a reel you watched connected Instagram, present are immoderate tips to thief you.

1. Check nan Posts You’ve Liked

Sometimes you for illustration what you’ve seen truthful overmuch you can’t thief but double-tap your telephone screen. Double-tapping automatically sends a bosom flying crossed nan screen, signaling to Instagram that you for illustration nan video.

The bully point is Instagram remembers everything you like. So, if you retrieve double-tapping connected nan reel you watched aliases clicking nan for illustration button, cheque nan tab wherever Instagram keeps each nan posts you’ve precocious liked.

Here’s really to find your liked posts:

1. Open Instagram, spell to your profile, and pat connected nan three-line menu.

2. Select Your activity from nan menu.

3. Under nan Interactions options, prime Likes.

4. You’ll find a catalog of each station you’ve liked here.

You tin benignant done this postulation by filtering by date. If you retrieve nan wide clip framework you past saw nan reel, it mightiness travel successful handy. Select All dates and take nan action that applies.

You tin besides determine to position nan postulation of posts and reels successful ascending aliases descending order; aliases according to nan author. If you retrieve leaving a comment, spell backmost to nan Interactions paper and prime Comments.

2. Check Posts You’ve Saved

There’s a chance you didn’t click nan Like button. Instead, you clicked nan Bookmark fastener to prevention it for later. Instagram besides keeps a postulation of each station you’ve saved.

Here’s really to find your bookmarks:

1. Open Instagram, spell to your profile, and pat connected nan three-line menu.

2. Select Saved from nan menu.

3. You’ll find grouped tabs of each nan posts and reels you’ve ever saved connected nan app. Scroll till you find nan 1 you’re looking for.

Unfortunately, location are nary filters here. You mightiness person to scroll a agelong clip to find nan reel you need.

3. Check Your Search History

Your hunt history connected Instagram mightiness beryllium nan hint you request to find nan reel you watched a short while back. Perhaps, it didn’t popular organically connected your feed, and it wasn’t a video you had saved, liked, aliases commented on. Perhaps, it was a reel you saw connected a floor plan you viewed recently.

Head connected to nan research page and pat connected nan hunt bar. You’ll spot a database of nan caller pages you’ve searched for. Click connected See each for a longer list.

One of nan queries successful your hunt history mightiness thief you find nan reel.

4. Check Your Inbox

If nary of nan options supra thief you find that reel, don’t despair. There’s 1 much spot we haven’t looked—your Instagram nonstop messages. You mightiness person shared nan reel without liking, saving, aliases leaving a comment. On nan different hand, a friend mightiness person shared nan reel pinch you.

Make Sure You Save Reels for Later

We dream you were capable to find nan reel. And if you didn’t, present are immoderate tips to make judge you don’t suffer immoderate different reels successful nan future. Take advantage of Instagram’s representation box; for illustration nan video—it’s arsenic easy arsenic tapping nan Like fastener connected nan bottommost near of nan surface aliases double-tapping nan video itself.

You tin besides prevention nan video. We’ll counsel you to organize your saved posts by utilizing Instagram Collections. One much point you tin do is to stock them pinch friends.

That way, uncovering reels you've watched successful early will beryllium easier.

Enjoy All Instagram Has to Offer

Instagram tin beryllium a nosy app wherever you tin find interesting, insightful, and sometimes irksome content. Whenever you find nan things you like, consciousness free to prevention them.

Who knows, 1 of those reels mightiness travel successful useful someday erstwhile you request to tie a reference aliases get a speedy laugh. And if you person immoderate problem remembering nan video, you now cognize what to do!

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