4 Creative Ways to Brainstorm Ideas in Notion

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Whether you're a seasoned master aliases a budding creative, Notion has thing to thief you return your brainstorming sessions to nan adjacent level.

Colleagues brainstorming connected laptop and tablet

When embarking connected a caller project, it's communal to look challenges that tin dampen your motivation. There's a powerful instrumentality that tin thief reignite your productivity successful specified scenarios: brainstorming.

Brainstorming is simply a awesome measurement to commencement your adjacent task pinch easiness and maximum creativity. If you request a accelerated and effective measurement to make caller ideas, you tin trust connected Notion.

There's nary 1 correct measurement to brainstorm; you person to research and spot which method useful champion for you. To get started, present are 4 imaginative ways to brainstorm successful Notion.

1. Create an Ideas Folder

Creating an ideas files is simply a applicable attack to organizing your ideas and keeping your notes accessible wrong Notion. Thanks to Notion's elemental record structure, you tin create an ideas files successful a fewer elemental steps:

  1. Access nan sidebar and click Add a Page.
    Add a page successful Notion sidebar
  2. Assign nan page a title and click Empty Page aliases property Enter.
    Empty page action successful Notion
  3. On nan caller line, type nan bid /page and property Enter to adhd a caller ideas page.
    Adding a caller thought page successful Notion

Over time, you tin support adding pages utilizing nan bid arsenic you observe caller ideas. You tin add icons and emoji to your Notion pages for a personalized look. Adding icons tin thief you place ideas faster and supply ocular breaks betwixt ample blocks of text.

Advantages of Creating an Ideas Folder

Creating an ideas files gives you nan elasticity to shape your ideas nevertheless you wish. To rearrange an thought successful nan list, simply clasp and resistance an thought to immoderate caller position. You should spot a bluish horizontal statement indicating wherever nan point will beryllium placed.

By utilizing 2 of Notion's favored features—subpages and backlinks—you tin quickly grow connected ideas and create connections betwixt them. Within a page, type nan /page bid to adhd a subpage. This helps grow connected smaller ideas arsenic you brainstorm. You tin besides link to an existing Notion page by typing nan @ symbol, followed by nan page's name.

Disadvantages of Creating an Ideas Folder

While it's an fantabulous method for creatives, this method does require you to commencement from scratch, truthful it isn't nan fastest solution if you're optimizing speed. After predominant use, your ideas whitethorn besides go cluttered and much difficult to manage. A imaginable solution to this is to adhd sub-folders aliases usage headings to thief break up information.

2. Use Notion AI

Notion is 1 of nan galore productivity apps integrating AI for faster contented creation. This method is awesome for gaining first inspiration arsenic you statesman brainstorming.

To activate Notion AI, usage nan shortcut Ctrl + J connected a caller line. One of nan easiest ways to brainstorm ideas is to usage Notion's AI brainstorming template, which you tin entree pinch nan steps below:

  1. Type Brainstorm and click nan Brainstorm Ideas fastener that appears.
    Notion AI brainstorming preset
  2. Type successful your consequence and property Enter.
    Entering Notion AI brainstorm response
  3. Hit Done if you've finished, aliases prime Continue Writing to stitchery much ideas.
    Generated AI contented utilizing Notion AI

Advantages of Notion AI

Whether you're brainstorming pinch your squad aliases trying to conquer writer's block, nan brainstorming options pinch Notion AI are endless. Having an AI instrumentality built into your note-taking app intends you tin straight inquire it queries based connected your notes' contents. This would beryllium difficult to execute utilizing a abstracted chatbot specified arsenic ChatGTP, not to mention much time-consuming.

Disadvantages of Notion AI

Unfortunately, location is simply a constricted number of responses you tin make per period connected Notion's free scheme (up to 20 free responses per month). Despite nan limitation, this is useful to grasp a bully knowing of nan characteristic earlier you consider upgrading to a paid Notion plan.

3. Use a Notion Template

Notion's Remote Brainstorming template

If you're looking for a measurement to representation retired ideas visually and besides prevention time, you tin research Notion's free brainstorming templates for accelerated thought generation. You tin research brainstorming templates successful Notion's template gallery, wherever location are dozens of free and paid templates to prime from.

You tin preview templates earlier applying them to your workspace. If you're happy pinch a template, click nan Duplicate fastener successful nan apical correct area of nan template to adhd it to your workspace.

Advantages of Using a Notion Template

Using a template saves plentifulness of clip erstwhile typing up ideas. With a assortment of templates available, you tin easy find 1 that suits your needs, whether you're brainstorming unsocial aliases pinch your activity pals.

Many templates, including Notion's free distant brainstorming template, incorporated features for illustration Notion buttons. This characteristic allows you to execute contiguous actions, specified arsenic adding an thought tagged pinch your name. Templates for illustration this besides connection adjuvant prompts and questions to kickstart your brainstorming session.

Disadvantages of Using a Notion Template

When utilizing a template, you whitethorn find that not each its features are necessary. This superfluous abstraction tin go a distraction from nan captious components of your brainstorming page. To mitigate this, you tin reorder nan blocks aliases delete them by hitting nan Del key.

4. Create a Custom Template

Sales brainstorming civilization template

Another replacement you tin effort is to create your ain templates. This is valuable if you're seeking a personalized attack for smaller brainstorming sessions that require small depth. You tin create a civilization template utilizing Notion's buttons:

  1. Type nan bid /button connected a caller line.
    Creating a fastener artifact successful Notion
  2. Give your template a sanction and prime Insert Blocks from nan database of options.
    Insert Blocks action Notion button
  3. Add caller contented for nan template successful nan editing container aliases resistance existing blocks inside.
    Sales merchandise template illustration filled in

Whenever you click nan button, it will make a caller template of nan contents you've placed inside.

Advantages of Creating a Custom Template

Using a civilization template will thief you perpetrate to your ain regular without having to region irrelevant elements from a premade template. It besides gives you nan imaginative state to creation your template nevertheless you wish without being confined to nan style of pre-made templates.

The editing model wrong nan template fastener offers each nan features seen successful nan regular editor, including headings, checklists, tables, and more.

Disadvantages of Creating a Custom Template

Despite this method's beardown customization abilities, it tin beryllium difficult to manage. Unlike regular templates accessible from nan sidebar, you'll request to manually transcript and paste nan template fastener if you want to usage your civilization template successful different locations. Notion has a bully shortcut to simplify this process: clasp Alt and resistance nan fastener to create a duplicate.

Take Brainstorming to nan Next Level pinch Notion

Notion provides a scope of powerful devices to thief you brainstorm quickly and effectively. Whether you're moving pinch a squad aliases brainstorming for a individual project, pinch Notion, you tin tailor your brainstorming attack to suit your circumstantial needs.

So why not induce Notion to your adjacent brainstorming convention and unleash your creativity?

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