4 Apps to Increase the Volume Beyond 100 Percent in Windows

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Play it large pinch these measurement boosters connected Windows.

Man tweaking nan audio value connected laptop pinch speakers and headphones placed connected nan table

Is nan sound coming retired of your audio output instrumentality excessively debased contempt turning up nan measurement and twisting nan speaker knob each nan measurement to nan maximum setting? If so, either nan audio record value is poor, nan audio was recorded improperly, aliases immoderate different facet has hampered nan audio frequency.

One measurement to hole nan debased audio problem is to usage an audio booster app, which amplifies nan sound and makes it sound overmuch louder and clearer than nan original. Below, we'll talk really to boost your sound measurement beyond 100 percent pinch nan champion audio booster apps for Windows.

1. Letasoft Sound Booster

Sound Booster by Letasoft is simply a celebrated sound booster app because it is lightweight, easy to group up, and has an easy-to-use interface. The app allows you to summation nan measurement by up to 500%, astir 5 times that of nan default setting. In addition, you tin alteration nan interface language, group hotkeys to set nan sound level, and usage different modes to amended sound quality.

To instal and usage Letasoft Sound Booster connected Windows, travel these steps:

  1. Go to Letasoft's charismatic website and download nan app.
  2. Once nan app has been downloaded, tally nan setup record and travel nan on-screen instructions to instal it.
  3. Once nan installation completes, hunt for "Letasoft Sound Booster" successful Windows Search and unfastened nan app. Rather than opening an interface, nan app will beryllium added to nan strategy tray, from wherever you tin customize aliases usage it.
  4. Go to nan system tray and click nan black speaker icon to unfastened nan app.
    Open nan Letasoft Sound Booster App From nan Windows System Tray
  5. Drag nan slider upward to summation nan sound level beyond 100 percent.
    Increase nan Volume by Dragging nan Slider Upward successful nan Letasoft Sound Booster

To move betwixt boost modes, specified arsenic injection, injection pinch APO effect, APO effect, and ace boost, right-click nan app icon successful nan strategy tray, spell to Boost Mode, and prime your desired mode.

Select nan Relevant Boost Mode by Right-clicking connected nan Letasoft Sound Booster App Icon successful nan System Tray

In nan Settings menu, you tin group up hotkeys and customize nan different app settings.

Go to Settings to Customize nan Letasoft Sound Booster App Settings

Download: Letasoft Sound Booster (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Sound Booster

When it comes to boosting nan measurement of nan contented being played successful your browser, nan Sound Booster hold should beryllium your first choice. The app lets you summation nan sound measurement of existent tabs up to 600 percent, almost six times higher than nan default.

The hold is disposable for free connected nan Chrome web store, which intends you tin usage it astatine nary costs connected Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. If you usage a different browser, look for a akin sound booster hold disposable successful that browser to bump up nan measurement beyond 100 percent.

To instal and usage nan Sound Booster extension, travel nan beneath steps:

  1. Go to nan Chrome web store and click Add to Chrome aliases Get on Microsoft Edge to adhd nan extension.
    Add Sound Booster Extension successful Chrome
  2. Once added, click connected nan extension in nan browser to unfastened its interface.
  3. Turn connected nan toggle successful nan top-right area to activate nan extension.
  4. Drag nan slider from 100 percent to nan level of your choice.
    Increase nan Volume After Activating nan Sound Booster Extension successful Chrome

If you want to get nan champion results from nan audio booster apps, make judge you enable nan built-in audio enhancements successful Windows.

3. Boom 3D

The Boom 3D interface is comparatively analyzable but has galore features designed to boost nan measurement and heighten nan audio quality. The app lets you summation aliases alteration nan transportation of your voice, alteration and set effects specified arsenic fidelity, spatial, and ambiance, and move connected nan nighttime mode.

Besides that, Boom 3D lets you set nan measurement of different apps, resistance and driblet audio files to play wrong nan app, and usage preset equalizers to heighten nan audio value aliases boost nan measurement level. You tin besides create a civilization equalizer to meet your circumstantial needs and prevention nan equalizer settings for early use.

Go to nan Microsoft Store Boom 3D page and download nan app. Once downloaded, unfastened nan app, click nan arrow button beside nan measurement slider, and take nan audio output instrumentality you use. Likewise, alteration nan disposable effects and set their level to amended nan audio quality.

Enable and Adjust Certain Effects After Selecting nan Audio Output Device successful Boom 3D App

To usage an equalizer, click nan drop-down paper adjacent to Equalizer and prime 1 from nan presets available. Each preset is tailored to a circumstantial style, and you tin resistance nan dozens of sliders to boost measurement aliases heighten quality. To move nan equalizer connected aliases off, click nan circular icon beside it.

Enable aliases Disable Equalizer by Clicking nan Circular Icon Beside It successful nan Boom 3D App

To power nan measurement of individual apps, click connected nan circular icon successful nan top-right area and move Apps Volume Controller on.

Turn On nan App's Volume Controller to Control nan Volume for Individual Apps successful nan Boom 3D App

To move disconnected each audio enhancements and optimizations, click nan Boom 3D app logo successful nan top-left corner.

Click connected nan Boom 3D App Logo successful nan Top-left Corner to Disable Audio Enhancements successful nan Boom 3D App

Download: Boom 3D (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Viper4Windows

Viper4Windows goes beyond boosting your measurement beyond nan maximum. The app enables you to improve nan value of your WIndows audio by changing nan clarity, controlling density, and changing strength. With built-in effects, you tin heighten nan sound value moreover further.

To download and amended nan value of audio pinch Viper4Windows software, travel nan beneath steps:

  1. Navigate to nan Softpedia website and download nan Viper4Windows software.
  2. Unzip nan downloaded folder.
  3. Install nan setup file; take nan type compatible pinch your operating strategy (x64 aliases x86).
    Click nan x64 Setup File to Install nan Viper4Windows Software
  4. Follow nan on-screen instructions to tally and complete nan installation.
  5. Once nan installation is complete, nan wizard will inquire you to restart your computer. So, click Finish to restart your system.
    Click Finish to Complete nan Installation of nan Viper4Windows Software
  6. Search "Viper4Windows" successful Windows Search and unfastened nan app.
  7. Turn connected nan toggle nether Power, and resistance nan Post-Volume slider to nan correct to boost nan measurement beyond nan maximum level.
    Drag nan Post-Volume Slider to nan Right After Turning On nan Toggle Under nan Power Button successful nan Viper4Windows App
  8. Also, research pinch different toggles to alteration clarity, strength, aliases density and spot really it affects nan audio.
  9. Click nan Equalizer button to summation nan comparative spot of different frequencies based connected nan type of audio.
    Click connected nan Equalizer Button to Optimize Sound Frequencies successful nan Viper4Windows Software

Download: Viper4Windows (Free)

Boost nan Volume of Your Device Beyond Its Maximum

Having anemic audio tin ruin nan enjoyment of watching your favourite shows. The champion solution to this problem is to usage measurement booster apps that tin thief you to summation nan audio level beyond 100 percent. Hopefully, nan apps listed supra will thief you boost nan audio level supra nan maximum and amended nan wide sound quality.

While you tin usage nan supra apps to boost nan volume, you should besides optimize nan audio settings connected Windows to guarantee nan audio is arsenic bully arsenic possible.

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