24 Google Docs Templates That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Formatting Google documents is simply a time-consuming task. There are already immoderate fantabulous templates disposable for your use. Rather than trying to create your documents manually, usage these 24 time-saving templates successful Google Docs.

These free Google Docs templates are divided into 4 sections: Work, Health, Home, and Travel. So consciousness free to scroll to nan conception that's astir applicable to you. On to nan Google Doc templates.

Work Templates

1. Resumé

Resume Template for Google Docs

Formatting resumes tin beryllium a existent trial of patience (and creation skills). You tin usage this master template for that. It includes each nan sections needed to thief you onshore that dream job. Describe your profession objectives, experience, education, skills, and references (you tin modify these sections if necessary).

For much options, return a look astatine these free resources for customizable resume templates.

2. Business Letter

Business Letter for Donation Request Template for Google Docs

When it comes to immoderate type of business letter, you want nan quality to beryllium professional. You whitethorn beryllium penning to a customer aliases customer, contacting a vendor aliases manufacturer, aliases creating a screen missive to travel your resume.

Within Google Docs, location are a number of business missive templates to take from, and you tin moreover password-protect your docs connected Google if they incorporate confidential information.

3. Presentations

Google Docs Template Gallery for Work Presentations

Often, nan hardest portion of creating a position is formatting your slides. Fortunately, Google Docs has a ton of position templates that do what they opportunity connected nan tin and tin moreover beryllium edited offline. Once you've selected your template, to adhd different slide, right-click nan 2nd slide, and select Duplicate slide.

You tin take to show nan position successful a caller window, aliases you tin download it arsenic a PowerPoint record aliases PDF (among different formats). Then, confidently unfastened your position wherever you are. There are galore other uses for Google Slides presentations.

4. Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda Google Docs Template

Keep your meetings businesslike by having an schedule template successful Google Docs fresh to rotation astatine a second's notice. This gathering schedule template successful Google Docs includes nan schedule (obviously), attendees, scribe name, minutes, action items, and adjacent gathering items.

You tin besides induce different squad members to adhd schedule items straight to nan template to streamline nan process further.

5. Project Timeline

Project Timeline Template for Google Docs

If you've been tasked pinch creating a task timeline and person nary thought wherever to start, past this template is simply a life-saver. Organize nan timeline of your task pinch this straightforward Gantt chart.

With tasks divided into different phases, and a play timescale, knowing nan wide building of your analyzable project—at a glance—is a picnic.

6. Project Tracking

Google Sheets Project Tracker Template

Similarly, this spreadsheet offers a accelerated measurement of keeping up pinch which tasks are still unfastened and complete, erstwhile they were started, who's responsible, and nan task difficulty.

Using this benignant of search spreadsheet, alongside nan task timeline, offers a beautiful broad toolkit for keeping everyone connected track.

7. Business Plan

Template for Business Plan connected Google Docs

Get consecutive into nan nitty-gritty of fleshing retired your business propositions pinch this template. The awesome sections are each there, from marketplace study to financial projections, on pinch plentifulness of export options.

Whether you want to add a mates of sparklines to your document aliases nexus to full-blown graphs, this is easy to do.

8. Invoicing

Google Docs Invoice Template

If invoicing isn't yet causing a problematic bottleneck successful your company, this elemental template tin prevention you nan hassle of transferring your invoicing to a dedicated, much broad platform. Simply complete nan invoice, download it arsenic a PDF, and email it to your customer aliases customer.

9. Newsletter

Google Docs Company Newsletter Template

If you usage Google Docs for your business, past you’ll emotion this newsletter template. You tin adhd your institution specifications successful conscionable minutes, insert photographs, and fto your clients aliases coworkers cognize what’s new.

It’s short and saccharine astatine 2 pages, which is usually conscionable capable for an informative institution newsletter.

10. Brochure

company flyer template for google docs

A flyer whitethorn not beryllium thing you create daily, but this charismatic template comes successful useful erstwhile you request one. It's among respective Google Docs options for work-related brochures and much connected GooDocs.

Add your ain photos, arsenic good arsenic an overview and cardinal features, and wrap up pinch each nan basal specifications for your merchandise aliases service. The template simplifies everything.

Health Templates

1. Weight and Measurement Tracking

Weight Tracker Template connected Google Sheets

For those who are looking to bulk up aliases go leaner, this awesome spreadsheet allows you to grounds immoderate affirmative aliases antagonistic changes successful assemblage composition, from your weight nonaccomplishment percent to really overmuch further you request to spell to scope your goal.

After each entry, nan wide alteration is calculated automatically. You tin usage this template to way your weight nonaccomplishment travel pinch a partner, too.

2. Weight Training

Google Sheets Template for Tracking Weight Training

This ready-to-go weight training regimen gives you circumstantial instructions to travel passim nan week. Obviously, nan wide weight of each group should beryllium adjusted according to your needs, but arsenic acold arsenic group workouts go, you can't spell wrong.

Home Templates

1. Household Chores

Household Chore Tracker Template connected Google Sheets

Prevent arguments astir nan location by keeping way of family chores (and moreover offering financial incentives!). This nicely designed template keeps things simple, bold, and clear-cut, helping you ever tally a tight ship.

2. To-Do List

To-Do List Template connected Google Sheets

Using this Google Docs task database template, you tin commencement moving connected your to-do database arsenic soon arsenic imaginable while viewing each task's owed date, priority, and status.

It's basic, but it does nan job, allowing you to get connected pinch crossing things disconnected that database alternatively than spending clip creating it. If you want a elemental Google Docs to-do database template, this is it.

3. House Moving Calculator

Google Sheets Template for Home Cost and Improvement Tracking

We each cognize that moving tin origin a immense magnitude of stress. Much of that accent tin travel from not decently knowing really nan move will impact you financially.

This location costs information template lets you financially measure your caller purchase, truthful you tin much efficaciously measurement your options.

4. Calendars

2023 Calendar Template connected Google Sheets

If, for immoderate reason, you'd for illustration to person your almanac stored and managed successful Google Sheets, location are a number of awesome templates that'll get you started successful nary time.

You tin browse them successful nan assemblage aliases unfastened a caller Google Sheet and alternatively of creating a almanac from scratch, prime New > From template gallery. Here, you'll find a full big of Google Sheet templates, including nan existent year's calendar.

Each period of these calendars is connected a abstracted worksheet, and it's besides designed for print. While nan almanac will alteration each year, location are ever caller templates being added, truthful support your eyes peeled.

5. Family Budget Planner

Budget Planner Template connected Google Sheets

If you request to support a person oculus connected your family aliases individual income and expenses, this template useful overmuch for illustration a firm income forecast but has been adapted for location use.

Overall, you'll cognize really overmuch rate you'll person astatine nan extremity of nan play and tin set nan scheme to scope your redeeming aliases spending goals accordingly.

There's besides a individual type of nan Google Docs spreadsheet (rather than aimed astatine families) available. Keeping way of your expenses pinch Google Sheets has ne'er been easier.

6. Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist Template for Google Docs

Weddings: different stressful life event. Help yours spell much smoothly pinch this elaborate Google Docs checklist template.

By creating a checklist successful Google Docs, you guarantee that you don't hide thing crucial, specified arsenic arranging childcare aliases proscription up of time.

7. Savings Calculator

Savings Calculator Template connected Google Sheets

This calculator quickly lets you spot savings projections successful different situations, nan purpose being to show you really this tin lead to early status if you prevention carefully. Simply alteration nan bluish numbers astir and spot nan effect connected nan graph.

8. Guest List

wedding impermanent database locator template

Keep way of your impermanent database pinch this useful impermanent database template successful Google Docs. Easily adhd their interaction specifications and moreover way who you person already sent invites to and whether they person responded.

9. Car Comparison

Google Sheets Car Comparison Template

Struggling to comparison a fewer different car models? Add their stats and pictures to this spreadsheet, truthful you tin person them competing head-to-head without nan request to perpetually flick done different tabs to find nan applicable information.

Travel Templates

1. Vacation Planner and Checklist

Vacation Planner Template connected Google Docs

Vacations should beryllium a relaxing experience. Use and edit this Google Docs checklist template truthful that you tin support your packing stress-free, preventing you from arriving astatine your edifice only to recognize you've forgotten your telephone charger.

2. Travel Itinerary

Travel Itinerary Template for Google Docs

If you're heading retired connected an extended travel aliases visiting aggregate places during 1 vacation, it's champion to get everything retired of your head, and written down location reliable.

This template allows you to spot nan important specifications of immoderate booked transport, positive nan dates of your travel, and wherever you'll beryllium each day. This will make organizing outings and hotels overmuch little arduous.

3. Road Trip Planner

Road Trip Planner Template

Road trips person ne'er been peculiarly easy to scheme successful detail, which makes this template awesome arsenic it includes fields for readying nan distances and costs of your travels.

You capable them successful pinch your estimates, and nan spreadsheet automatically calculates nan full costs of your journey. You tin adhd dates, destinations, activities, mileage, and much to your travel log.

Streamline Your Work With Google Docs Templates

Hopefully, 1 aliases much of these free Google Docs templates person your task covered. The Google Docs templates tin besides beryllium downloaded and exported into formats for illustration PDF and PowerPoint. If you request further templates, you tin browse nan Google Docs template gallery.

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