15 Linux Distros That Still Support 32-Bit Architecture

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If you haven't heard, galore Linux distros person been dropping support for devices pinch 32-bit architectures near and right.

Fortunately, immoderate distributions enactment beardown for older devices; if you want to activity pinch specified OSes, you tin cheque retired a fewer apical Linux distros still supporting 32-bit architecture.

What's Happening to 32-Bit Support?

Many older PCs person processors pinch a 32-bit architecture, commonly referred to arsenic i386, i486, i686, aliases x86. Most modern machines, connected nan different hand, run connected 64-bit architecture. Therefore, galore celebrated distros person been dropping support for 32-bit complete nan past fewer years.

Even definite Linux OSes that beforehand themselves arsenic lightweight and perfect for older machines are pursuing suit. For example, Xubuntu and Linux Lite dropped their 32-bit versions successful April 2021.

If you are worried astir losing your trusty 32-bit Linux machine, fret not, for location are still a fewer distros disposable that person you covered.

While nan database continues to shrink, present are a fewer options still waving nan 32-bit flag. These distributions proceed receiving charismatic support from nan developers; nary "community editions" beryllium wrong this list.

1. Debian

Debian desktop interface

Want thing rock-solid, that's been astir for ages, and still sees progressive development? Debian is simply a tried-and-tested distro that continues to powerfulness galore Linux OSes. It's usable either arsenic an mundane desktop aliases arsenic a server.

Debian isn't nan apical contender successful nan database of lightweight Linux distributions, but it gets nan occupation done. However, Debian does springiness you your prime of nan litter erstwhile it comes to desktop environments. You tin take from GNOME, Cinnamon, XFCE, KDE, and different desktop versions for your machine.

Download: Debian

2. Bodhi Linux

Bodhi Linux 6 With Terminal and Launcher Menu

Bodhi Linux values minimalism and easiness of use; it's meant for group who want a accelerated and businesslike desktop, without bothering astir pre-installed software. The distribution's modular installation contains nan bare minimum of apps. It gives you plentifulness of elasticity to adhd to nan existing collection, arsenic you deem fit.

Bodhi is based connected Ubuntu 18.04, which extensively supports aged computers.

The 32-bit non-PAE architecture doesn't person kernel updates. You will, however, get nan aesthetically pleasing Moksha DE, pinch nan controls to customize to your heart's contented aliases use immoderate of nan pre-designed, nature-inspired themes.

Bodhi Linux's features are simple, yet effective, truthful you ever person thing to look guardant to pinch each caller release.

Download: Bodhi Linux

3. Alpine Linux

Alpine Linux will entreaty to users who want a minimalist interface and a unafraid environment. With nan default ISO weighing only 133MB, this distro fits comfortably connected nan astir humble drives.

One illustration of Alpine's information is successful its representation management. It uses a position-independent executable to make exploiting representation quirks excessively formidable for adversaries. You'll consciousness arsenic safe arsenic if you were hiding wrong nan Alps.

Alpine isn't for Linux newbies; configuring and maintaining Alpine Linux is nary mini task. Be prepared to create users manually, study a caller package manager, and instal a desktop situation yourself (if you want much than conscionable a bid line).

To make nan astir of your installation, you tin travel an installation guideline to easiness your Alpine Linux installation process.

Download: Alpine Linux

4. BunsenLabs Linux

BunsenLabs desktop interface

BunsenLabs Linux gives users nan Debian acquisition pinch its minimal and highly customizable Openbox model manager. It continues nan bequest of nan precocious CrunchBang Linux.

You tin take BunsenLabs Linux if you worth functionality complete flash successful your operating system. You won't get Ubuntu aliases Bodhi's consciousness of style, but you will get a stupid-fast and "works out-of-the-box" acquisition pinch minimal setup.

To prevention space, nan 32-bit version of BunsenLabs Linux is stripped of galore of nan 64-bit version's features. You can, however, adhd those features yourself aft installation.

Download: BunsenLabs Linux

5. openSUSE (Tumbleweed)

Linux server distribution openSUSE Leap

openSUSE is simply a popular Linux OS for developers and strategy administrators, though you tin usage it arsenic a regular desktop environment. It sports galore developer-focused tools, for illustration YaST and openQA.

You tin get openSUSE successful 2 different forms: Leap and Tumbleweed. Leap offers users a unchangeable acquisition pinch regular constituent releases, but it's only disposable for 64-bit machines. Tumbleweed, connected nan different hand, operates connected a rolling merchandise ground and features 32-bit support.

Download: openSUSE

6. SliTaz GNU/Linux

SliTaz GNU Linux desktop interface

SliTaz seeks to beryllium elemental and versatile, usable arsenic an mundane desktop aliases a server. It's highly fast, moreover connected older machines, and tin tally wholly successful memory. If you worth usability and speed, SliTaz mightiness beryllium your pick. It's disposable arsenic a rolling merchandise akin to Arch.

The ISO image weighs successful astatine a minuscule 40MB. If you covet disk space, you tin footwear SliTaz from a CD-ROM aliases flash drive, region it, and proceed moving while your information persists connected nan section difficult drive.

Download: SliTaz GNU/Linux

7. antiX Linux

antiX Linux prioritizes velocity and ratio and promises to beryllium usable for caller and knowledgeable users. It's based connected Debian and meant to beryllium useful arsenic a live-only distro, should you want to debar its afloat installation. It tin moreover run successful "persistent" mode, allowing you to live-boot while redeeming information to nan record strategy connected your difficult drive.

The antiX task gives peculiar weight to supporting aged machines, and nan developers are proud of operating without nan systemd suite communal to different distros. They opt for a postulation of thin model managers complete immoderate afloat desktop environment.

While window managers mightiness beryllium unfamiliar to little knowledgeable Linux users, antiX includes respective for you to effort and familiarize yourself with.

Download: antiX Linux

8. Porteus

Porteus desktop interface

Porteus is each astir speed. It takes a unsocial attack to apps, managing them arsenic "modules" that don't request installation. Instead, you simply flip apps betwixt progressive and inactive status. This deficiency of imperishable installation intends you tin scope caller heights successful speed.

Porteus besides values progress, allowing you to enactment connected nan bleeding separator of updates while moving older devices.

If you scheme to let nationalist usage of your machine, you tin besides tally nan "kiosk" version of Porteus, which boots straight into a web browser and does not support immoderate persistent data.

Download: Porteus

9. Peppermint OS

Peppermint OS desktop

Peppermint OS is simply a Debian-based distribution that intends for a minimalist desktop. It combines a guidelines of Debian and Devuan pinch a rolling-release model. The strategy comes pinch an XFCE desktop that you would conscionable instal once.

You instal conscionable nan desktop situation and adhd everything other arsenic you request it. It doesn't moreover travel pinch a browser. Peppermint is akin to Arch but is simply a small much complete retired of nan box.

Download: Peppermint OS

10. Mageia

Mageia desktop

Mageia is simply a successor to nan Mandrake and Mandriva distributions. It's a community-driven task that describes its ngo arsenic "to bring awesome devices to people." Live desktops are disposable pinch KDE Plasma, GNOME, aliases XFCE.

Download: Mageia

11. Slackware

Slackware Xfce desktop

Slackware is, for illustration Debian, 1 of nan oldest distros that are still astir going backmost to nan days of floppy disks. Slackware is known for favoring stableness moreover much than Debian, to nan constituent of utilizing nan older LILO footwear loader whereas astir different distros person moved connected to GRUB. To that end, an x86 type is available.

Download: Slackware

12. Gentoo

Gentoo desktpo

Arch is celebrated successful nan Linux organization for its flexible, do-it-yourself approach, but nan developers dropped support for x86 successful favour of x86-64. Gentoo has a overmuch broader array of CPU support if you're looking to build your ain Linux strategy from nan crushed up.

And you'll really build it: you compile Gentoo from source. You tin instal larger programs for illustration desktop environments from binary to prevention time.

Download: Gentoo

13. Emmabuntüs

Emmabuntüs nonfree package installation

Emmabuntüs is simply a Debian-based distro that's intended for repurposing older hardware for acquisition usage successful nan processing world. For this reason, a 32-bit type is available.

It's a very complete situation that includes a batch of productivity tools.

Download: Emmabuntüs

14. Void

Void Linux Xfce desktop

While galore of nan distros successful this database are variants of different distro, Void wants to beryllium its ain thing. This unchangeable distro uses its ain package manager, XBPS for some root and binary packages. It uses nan runit init strategy alternatively of systemd.

It's a "stable rolling release," successful that you instal it erstwhile and past continuously update your installation.

Download: Void

15. Slax

Slax desktop

Slax is simply a live-focused distro based connected either Slackware aliases Debian. It intends to beryllium some elegant and complete. The packages are based connected slackpkg connected Slackware and APT for Debian. If you instal it connected a USB drive, you tin person immoderate changes maintained crossed reboots.

Download: Slax

Distros Carrying On nan 32-Bit Torch

As you tin see, you person respective choices for keeping your 32-bit instrumentality running. You tin usage plentifulness of Linux OSes to tally and powerfulness your aged computers until they scope nan extremity of life. While developers are discontinuing immoderate of nan distros slow and steadily, nan ones mentioned supra are present to enactment for nan adjacent fewer years.

You tin prime and take an action that suits your needs and useful seamlessly pinch your machine.

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