15 Essential Ways to Customize Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

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With Samsung's latest phones adding tons of awesome features, much group are trading successful their aged smartphones for nan company's innovative devices. If definite settings don't consciousness rather correct connected your brand-new Samsung phone, there's ever a measurement to alteration them.

Samsung (and Android phones successful general) travel pinch a plethora of customization options that tin thief make your telephone wholly yours. Here's really to customize almost everything astir your Samsung phone.

1. Revamp Your Wallpaper and Color Palette

Changing your wallpaper is nan easiest measurement to make your telephone consciousness for illustration caller again and personalize it arsenic per your unsocial style. You don't person to instrumentality pinch nan generic wallpapers and colour palette that Samsung gives you.

Head to Settings > Wallpaper and styles and prime Gallery to find a suitable wallpaper from your individual images. You tin use it to either your location screen, fastener screen, aliases both. You tin besides take to group a video wallpaper to your fastener screen.

After changing your wallpaper, your telephone will inquire you a group a civilization colour palette. Choose 1 that you deliberation champion matches nan wallpaper. Remember, nan colour palette you take will beryllium applied everyplace connected your phone.

2. Change Your Theme

If you don't want to spell done nan hassle of trying to find a wallpaper and fastener surface that match, conscionable instal a theme. Themes alteration your fastener surface and wallpaper—and immoderate moreover alteration your icons too.

You tin entree themes by going to Settings > Themes, aliases conscionable pat connected nan Galaxy Themes app. Make judge you've selected Themes connected nan bottommost paper bar. Here, you tin browse done dozens of free and paid themes that'll make your Samsung telephone look much beautiful.

3. Give Your Icons a New Look

Samsung besides gives you a measurement to alteration nan quality of your icons. Whether you dislike nan look of nan default Samsung icons aliases aren't excessively fond of nan icons that travel pinch your theme, caput to nan aforesaid Galaxy Themes app and deed Icons connected nan bottommost paper bar.

You'll find each kinds of nosy things here—some make your icons tiny while others make them look modern. Keep successful mind that installing 1 of these icon themes won't alteration each icon that you have. It only affects nan modular Samsung apps that travel pinch your phone.

4. Install a Different Keyboard

If you don't for illustration Samsung's default keyboard, you tin move to nan Gboard app that comes pre-installed connected each Android devices aliases take a third-party keyboard specified arsenic SwiftKey. The keyboard you take each comes down to your individual preference.

A speedy hunt connected nan Play Store yields plentifulness of keyboard apps for you to take from. Install nan keyboard app of your prime and unfastened it. Most keyboard apps let you to alteration your default action pinch conscionable a fewer taps.

5. Customize Your Lock Screen Notifications

You tin customize your fastener surface notifications by going to Settings > Lock surface > Notifications. Here, take from Icons only aliases Details to alteration nan style successful which you're shown notifications. For further privacy, toggle connected nan Hide content option.

You tin besides set nan Transparency slider arsenic per your taste. This way, nan bubble successful which notifications contented appears will slice and won't interrupt nan look of your wallpaper excessively much.

Sometimes nan notification's matter colour is excessively acheronian aliases excessively ray to beryllium decently visible connected your fastener screen. If that's nan case, move connected Auto-reverse matter color. This adjuvant characteristic changes nan colour of your matter depending connected nan colour of your wallpaper.

6. Customize Your Always On Display

Always On Display (AOD) shows nan time, date, artillery percentage, and notification icons against a achromatic inheritance erstwhile you're not utilizing your phone. You tin besides group it to show a monthly calendar, euphony info, nan fingerprint scanner, and charging info. To do this, spell to Settings > Lock surface > Always On Display.

First, toggle nan characteristic connected and prime erstwhile you want to spot nan AOD screen; take from Tap to show, Show always, Show arsenic scheduled, aliases Show for caller notifications. Next, alteration nan style and colour of nan AOD surface by tapping Clock style. Toggle connected Show euphony information to spot nan now-playing opus and creator name.

To spot nan fingerprint scanner icon connected your AOD screen, spell to Settings > Biometrics and information > Fingerprints and toggle connected Show icon erstwhile surface is off. To spot charging accusation connected your AOD screen, spell to Settings > Display and toggle connected Show charging information.

7. Hide aliases Show Items connected Your Status Bar

Your position barroom sits astatine nan apical of your surface and displays each your phone's vitals. It's wherever you cheque nan time, show your phone's artillery life, and spot really beardown your relationship is. When you get a ton of notifications, it tin quickly make nan position barroom look cluttered.

To limit nan number of notifications shown, spell to Settings > Notifications > Advanced settings, past pat Show notifications icons and prime 3 astir recent to show only 3 icons astatine once. If you want to do distant pinch notification icons altogether, prime None.

You tin besides adhd a artillery percent to nan position barroom by toggling connected Show artillery percentage.

8. Customize Your Edge Panels

Edge panels is 1 of nan most useful features connected your Samsung phone. You tin usage it to quickly entree your favourite apps and contacts by swiping nan separator of your screen. Not only tin you alteration nan contents of this panel, but you tin besides adhd aliases region full panels.

Once you enable separator panels connected your Samsung phone, you tin customize them arsenic per your style. Go to Settings > Display > Edge panels and pat Panels to show different sheet options. Aside from Apps, you tin besides adhd Tasks, Weather, People, and more.

Finally, spell backmost and pat Handle to alteration nan color, length, width, position, and transparency of nan separator sheet handle. You tin moreover make your telephone vibrate erstwhile nan grip is touched.

9. Alter Your Edge Lighting Style

Notifications tin beryllium rather obtrusive, particularly erstwhile you person them successful nan mediate of a movie aliases gameplay. Luckily, you tin alteration nan style successful which notifications popular up connected your screen. Go to Settings > Notifications > Brief pop-up settings > Edge lighting style.

Here, you tin alteration nan effect, color, transparency, and long of nan pop-up effect of your notifications.

10. Increase Your Screen Resolution

When you ain a powerful telephone for illustration nan Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, you should return advantage of its high-quality display. To summation your surface resolution, caput to Settings > Display > Screen resolution.

You get 3 different options: HD+, FHD+, and WQHD+. Don't hesitate to group your solution to WQHD+. You mightiness suffer a small much battery, but it's worthy it.

11. Move nan Back Button to nan Left Side

Other phones successful nan Android family thin to person nan Back fastener connected nan near broadside of nan navigation bar; Samsung places nan Back fastener connected nan correct by default. Head to Settings > Display > Navigation bar and commencement customizing. Here, you tin alteration nan fastener bid and moreover opt to usage swipe gestures arsenic a shape of navigation.

12. Change Your Navigation Type

Most Android users are accustomed to utilizing navigation buttons, but it's not nan only measurement you tin navigate your phone. We urge switching to swipe gestures for navigation since they consciousness much fluid and earthy than tapping fixed buttons connected nan navigation bar.

To do so, spell to Settings > Display > Navigation bar and prime Swipe gestures. You tin besides pat More options to set nan motion sensitivity of nan navigation aliases alteration Swipe to unfastened adjunct app which triggers nan adjunct without you having to opportunity nan hotword.

13. Change Font Size and Style

If you're not a instrumentality of nan default font style connected your Samsung phone, you tin alteration it to a different one. To do so, spell to Settings > Display > Font size and style. Here, you tin set nan font size and make it bold.

Tap Font style and take from nan pre-installed fonts connected your telephone aliases pat Download fonts to instal third-party fonts from nan Galaxy Store. Some fonts are paid, while others are free.

14. Create a Custom Sound Profile for Your Ears

You tin create a unsocial sound floor plan tuned for your ears to improve nan sound value of your Samsung phone. To do this, spell to Settings > Sounds and vibration > Sound value and effects > Adapt Sound.

Here, prime nan sound floor plan of your instrumentality based connected your age. You tin either take from nan 3 presets (Under 30 years old, 30 to 60 years old, and Over 60 years old) aliases create a wholly personalized sound floor plan based connected a elaborate proceeding test.

15. Hide Unused Apps From nan Apps Screen

Galaxy phones travel pinch a batch of pre-installed Samsung apps, and galore of them are of small usage to nan mean user. Most of these apps tin either beryllium deleted aliases disabled, but not all. For apps that can't beryllium removed, you tin still hide them from your Home and Apps surface truthful they don't create much clutter.

To do so, spell to Settings > Home surface > Hide apps connected Home and Apps screens. On this page, prime nan apps that you want to hide from your screen. Next, pat Done to finish.

Spruce Up Your Samsung Device

You won't get nan astir retired of your Samsung smartphone if you time off it pinch its default settings. The beauty of a Samsung telephone comes from each its customization options. Personalizing your telephone doesn't conscionable make it much convenient to use, it besides makes it overmuch much attractive.

If you want to customize your telephone moreover more, nan champion spot to commencement is nan Samsung Good Lock app. This all-in-one customization app has everything you request to redesign your Galaxy telephone nan measurement it fits your style nan best.

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