13 things Amazon announced at its September 2023 event, from Alexa to Fire TV

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A grid of caller Amazon smart location products
(Image credit: Amazon)

Well, Amazon has conscionable made our Christmas shopping lists a small spot easier – astatine nan tech giant's Devices & Services arena it announced updates to beautiful overmuch each of its biggest tech products, while besides introducing immoderate caller ones for illustration nan caller Amazon Echo Hub and nan temptingly inexpensive Fire TV Soundbar.

Aside from nan caller Echo smart speakers and Fire TV Stick 4K updates, nan biggest news was arguably that Amazon's Alexa sound adjunct is getting an AI-powered upgrade. Yes, Amazon's been dabbling pinch nan likes of ChatGPT and made its ain ample connection exemplary (LLM) to thief Alexa go much conversational, intelligent and, well, useful.

The bad news is this next-gen Alexa is only going to rotation retired slow successful nan US arsenic portion of a preview programme "in nan coming months". So successful nan meantime we'll person to amuse ourselves pinch nan hundreds of caller gadgets Amazon conscionable announced. Okay, hundreds is pushing it, but we did conscionable spot updates to its Echo Pop, Echo Show, Fire HD 10 tablet, Fire TV Stick 4K and tons more.

If you're willing successful a peculiar tech genre, usage our jump links connected nan near to hop to nan correct conception – or for a afloat digest of everything that was announced and each nan pricing, dive consecutive into our database of Amazon's caller 2023 gadget lineup...

Amazon Echo smart speakers

1. Amazon Echo Pop Kids

Two Amazon Echo Pop Kids speakers connected a chamber broadside table

(Image credit: Amazon)
  • $49.99 (around £40)
  • Available for pre-order today, shipping adjacent month
  • Australian motorboat specifications TBC 

The nosy small Amazon Echo Pop smart speaker now has a Kids type – which you tin bargain successful either Marvel’s Avengers aliases Disney Princess versions.

The thought is that kids tin chat pinch nan speaker's built-in characters by asking them for facts, jokes aliases moreover hidden easter eggs. You besides get six months of Amazon Kids Plus (usually $4.99 / £3.99 per month) pinch nan speaker, which gives you hours of Harry Potter, Lego aliases National Geographic contented to support your kids entertained.

Amazon says it's besides adding dozens of exclusive Audible audiobooks to Kids Plus, including Marvel’s Avengers and Disney Princess stories, which could beryllium useful for playground boasting.

2. Amazon Echo Show 8 (3rd gen)

The Amazon Echo Show 8 connected a array adjacent to 2 jugs

(Image credit: Amazon)
  • $149.99 / £149.99
  • Available for pre-order now, shipping adjacent month
  • Australian motorboat specifications TBC

The existent Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd gen) arrived backmost successful 2021 conscionable erstwhile video calls were astatine their peak, but Amazon's conscionable announced a successor pinch 1 peculiarly nifty instrumentality – nan expertise to admit really adjacent you are to nan speaker and alteration its contented accordingly.

For example, this 'Adaptive Content' characteristic tin apparently show you a elemental news header from a distance, but past move to a much elaborate position pinch touch controls erstwhile you're closer. It'll besides rotation retired to different Echo Show devices "early adjacent year".

What other is caller pinch nan Echo Show 8 (3rd gen)? It now runs your Alexa requests locally, which will apparently make its responses 40% faster. There's besides improved sound value pinch spatial audio and a newly-centered 13MP camera to boost video calls. It could beryllium a useful smart location hub too, acknowledgment to support for Zigbee, Sidewalk, Thread, Bluetooth, and Matter.

Amazon hasn't announced immoderate motorboat specifications for nan Echo Show 8 (3rd Gen) successful Australia, but has said nan 2nd Gen exemplary will person nan Adaptive Content characteristic update.

3. Amazon Echo Show 8 Photos Edition

Amazon Devices and Services Event 2023

(Image credit: Amazon)
  • $159.99 (around £130)
  • Available for pre-order now, shipping adjacent month
  • Australian motorboat specifications TBC

Looking for a smart integer photograph framework instead? Amazon's besides made an Echo Show 8 Photos Edition, which is mostly identical to nan modular 3rd gen exemplary supra speech from a typical photography mode and immoderate prize Amazon Photos storage.

This type apparently makes your chosen photos nan main attraction of its screen, rotating your snaps each 30 seconds. And you besides get 25GB of free Amazon Photos storage, too. Prime subscribers already get unlimited high-resolution photograph storage, but they could usage that other retention to backmost up videos, too.

This Photos Edition apparently comes pinch a six-month 'PhotosPlus' subscription which will renew aft six months for $1.99 per month. We're still clarifying what this subscription really entails and will update this communicative erstwhile we perceive back.


4. Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids and Fire HD 10 Kids Pro (2nd gen)

Amazon Devices and Services Event 2023

(Image credit: Amazon)
  • Both $189.99 / £199.99 
  • Available for pre-order today, shipping adjacent month
  • Australian motorboat specifications TBC

Despite its ridiculous sanction (a master tablet for children?), we've agelong hailed nan Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro arsenic 1 of nan best tablets for kids. Well, it's conscionable been fixed an update alongside its non-Pro sibling.

Both are 10.1-inch tablets that are apparently lighter and 25% faster than their predecessors. Otherwise, nan specs are mostly nan aforesaid arsenic before, pinch a 1080p Full HD display, 3GB RAM and a 5MP camera each connected board. 

The main quality betwixt nan 2 is who they're aimed astatine – the modular Fire HD 10 Kids is for 3- to 7-year-olds, while nan Fire HD 10 Kids Pro is for those 'professional' 6- to 12-year-olds. Actually, nan "Pro" exemplary gives your kid much state pinch web browsing and apps, truthful beware earlier you manus it to a toddler. 

You besides get 12 months of Amazon Kids Plus for free pinch some tablets, while a caller AI-powered Music Maker mode (which lets kids create songs pinch various instruments) is "coming soon".

Release specifications for nan Fire HD 10 Kids tablets successful Australia is yet to beryllium confirmed, but considering nary different Fire tablet is disposable Down Under, we're not going to clasp our activity successful nan dream for a launch.

Amazon Echo Frames

A personification wearing nan Amazon Echo Frames smart glasses

(Image credit: Amazon)

5. Amazon Echo Frames (3rd gen)

  • $269.99 (around £220 / AU$415)
  • No merchandise day yet, but you tin sign up to beryllium notified

Don't worry, Amazon's latest glasses don't fuss pinch mixed reality aliases creepy cameras – nan Echo Frames (3rd gen) are simply designed to beryllium your wearable, voice-controlled audio player.

The improvements this clip are a boosted artillery life (now astatine a claimed six hours) and nan expertise to brace nan glasses pinch aggregate devices. They besides apparently present improved bass and travel successful 7 caller styles, including a mates of beautiful stylish options from those respected purveyors of look furniture, Carrera.

The Echo Frames don't usage bone-conduction technology, alternatively utilizing small speaker drivers supra your ears to tube sound into them without covering them. This besides apparently minimizes what those astir you tin hear, though we'll person to spot really that plays retired successful reality. 

You besides get to take from different lens options, including sunglasses lenses pinch UV400 protection, prescription-ready ones, aliases bluish ray lenses. There's nary news connected a merchandise day yet sadly, but you tin caput to nan Echo Frames page to motion and beryllium notified.

For now, nan Echo Frames are only destined for nan US, pinch motorboat specifications for different regions to beryllium confirmed.

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Amazon Fire TV sticks and soundbar

6. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K (2nd gen)

Amazon Devices and Services Event 2023

(Image credit: Amazon)
  • $49.99 / £59.99 / AU$79

Just arsenic we predicted earlier this month, Amazon has updated some of its Fire TV Stick 4K models. The modular Fire TV Stick 4K now supports Wi-Fi 6 (if you person a compatible router) and is apparently 30% much powerful than nan past version, acknowledgment to its updated 1.7 GHZ quad-core processor.

Like before, you tin watercourse your TV and movies successful 4K Ultra HD pinch Dolby Atmos audio, and nan Fire TV Stick 4K besides offers wide HDR support successful nan shape of Dolby Vision, HDR, HLG, and HDR10+. 

More breathtaking is nan committedness of Fire TV's caller 'AI-powered search', which offers much conversational sound searches to thief you find what to watch. For example, a demo showed personification asking "find immoderate action movies for me", followed by "show maine nan ones I haven't seen yet" and past "which of these are okay for my teenagers to watch". It'll get connected Fire TV products arsenic a package update later this year.

7. Amazon Fire Stick 4K Max (2nd gen)

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max connected a array adjacent to popcorn

(Image credit: Amazon)
  • $59.99 / £69.99 / AU$119

We still complaint nan existent Amazon Fire Stick 4K Max arsenic 1 of nan best streaming devices, and it's conscionable been fixed different velocity and features boost pinch nan 2nd procreation update.

The Max trumps nan modular Fire TV Max 4K (above) pinch speedy Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, which intends little latency if you person nan correct router. It besides now offers doubly arsenic overmuch built-in retention (16GB) arsenic its predecessor for storing apps and games.

Alongside nan caller 'AI-powered' Alexa sound searches mentioned above, nan Max Stick besides gets a 'Fire TV Ambient Experience' which efficaciously turns your TV into a smart show (a spot for illustration iOS 17's caller StandBy Mode) aliases a portion of art, acknowledgment to its free integer paintings. Amazon is besides promising nan expertise to create AI-generated art, which will rotation retired successful nan US "by nan extremity of this year."

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8. Amazon Fire TV Soundbar

Amazon Fire TV Soundbar connected a woody array nether a TV

(Image credit: Amazon)
  • $119.99 (around £97 / AU$185)
  • Available to bid now successful nan US (no connection connected UK / Australian release)

This 1 was a flimsy astonishment – Amazon's caller Fire TV Soundbar is an incredibly inexpensive caller action for anyone who wants to springiness their TV (from 32in to 50in successful size) a patient audio boost for not overmuch cash.

As you'd expect for nan money, it's a beautiful elemental matter pinch 2 drivers and a 40W output, It besides supports some Dolby and DTS audio formats and connects to your TV complete HDMI ARC aliases optical, pinch Bluetooth connected manus for euphony streaming.

So what's nan catch? It evidently won't rival nan best soundbars for audio value and we reckon it's a shame Amazon didn't spell afloat wireless, considering it's designed to activity truthful good pinch Fire TV devices. Still, it's decidedly 1 to look retired for successful this year's Black Friday deals.

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Security and smart home

9. Ring Stick Up Cam Pro

The Ring Stick Up Cam Pro information camera mounted connected a wall

(Image credit: Amazon / Ring)
  • Battery version: $180 / £160 / AU$299
  • Solar version: $210 / £180 / AU$329
  • Plug-in version: AU$299
  • Available for pre-order now, shipping connected October 18

Amazon bought Ring backmost successful 2018 and nan latest of nan company's information cameras to get an upgrade is nan versatile Ring Stick Up Cam, which now has a Pro sibling.

The Stick Up Cam scope tin beryllium utilized indoors aliases outdoors. But because astir group equine them outside, Ring decided to motorboat this Pro type pinch radar-powered 3D Motion Detection (the aforesaid benignant you get connected nan Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2).

That intends you tin prime circumstantial zones for it to watch complete pinch its 1080p HDR camera, and nan Stick Up Cam Pro besides offers two-way talk, dual-band Wi-Fi and colour nighttime vision. A promising caller contender for nan title of best location information camera.

  • Blink Outdoor 4: $119.99
  • Blink Sync Module Pro: $49.99 (available early adjacent year)
  • Blink Outdoor 4 Floodlight Camera: $159.99 (ships October 17)
  • Blink Outdoor 4 Battery Extension Pack: $29.99 (ships October 17)

Amazon Devices and Services Event 2023

(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon's scope of Blink information cameras person agelong been affordable alternatives to their Ring rivals – and now its flagship battery-powered model, nan Outdoor 4, has conscionable been fixed a scope of caller accessories.

The Outdoor 4 itself launched successful August arsenic nan latest exemplary successful what Blink says is its best-selling camera line. But now it's been fixed 3 caller accessories to boost its powers. The Blink Sync Module Pro boosts its outdoor range, while nan Blink Outdoor 4 Floodlight Camera is simply a wireless, HD floodlight cam.

Lastly, nan Battery Extension Pack gives you moreover much artillery life, though nan Outdoor 4 is besides renowned for its two-year artillery life (from only 2 AA batteries).

The Blink camera scope is presently unavailable successful Australia, pinch nary mention of immoderate planned launch. 

11. Amazon Echo Hub

  • $179.99 / £169.99 / AU$329
  • No motorboat day yet, but later successful 2023

The Echo Hub mightiness conscionable beryllium nan item of Amazon's September 2023 motorboat arena – peculiarly if you've been pining for a wall-mounted tablet that tin power your smart location successful a somewhat sci-fi fashion.

A spot for illustration a slimmed down Echo Show, this 8in touchscreen instrumentality tin link to beautiful overmuch each portion of smart location tech acknowledgment to its support for Zigbee, Sidewalk, Thread, Bluetooth and Matter. 

That intends nan Amazon Echo Hub tin efficaciously beryllium your location dashboard, letting you position aggregate unrecorded camera feeds simultaneously and, adjacent year, serving up nan very promising 'Map View', which is simply a elemental ocular measurement to spot each of your smart location tech (it surely thumps nan accustomed list).

Like nan Echo Show 8, nan Echo Hub besides offers 'Adaptive Content' truthful that it tin set what it shows based connected really adjacent you are to nan screen. We can't hold to effort this 1 retired up of its afloat motorboat later this year.

12. eero Max 7

The eero Max 7 router connected a table

(Image credit: Amazon)
  • One-pack: $599.99 / £599.99 / AU readiness TBC
  • Two-pack: $1,149.99 / £1149.99 / AU readiness TBC
  • Three-pack: $1,699.99 / £1699.99 / AU readiness TBC
  • Available to pre-order now

If you request an highly high-end router pinch Wi-Fi 7 speeds, past nan caller Eero Max 7 could beryllium your caller networking powerhouse.

You tin show nan Max 7 is simply a superior mesh router because it offers nary little than 4 Ethernet ports (two 10GB ports, and 2 2.5GB ports). It tin besides enactment arsenic your smart location hub acknowledgment to support for nan likes of Matter, Zigbee and Thread.

With support for 3 wireless bands (2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz) and nan expertise to screen 2,500 quadrate feet pinch only 1 router (or 3 times that pinch nan 3 pack), this is simply a future-proofed action for those pinch monolithic homes.

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13. Alexa AI

Amazon Devices and Services Event 2023

(Image credit: Amazon)

Tying each of Amazon's launches together was nan announcement that its Alexa sound adjunct will beryllium getting a large AI-powered upgrade, powered by nan tech giant's caller ample connection exemplary (LLM). Yes, Alexa is yet getting immoderate ChatGPT-style smarts.

Amazon says Alexa AI will beryllium “more intuitive, intelligent, and useful” and besides little robotic, allowing you to person much earthy conversations. It'll besides beryllium capable to grip aggregate smart location requests (for definite devices) simultaneously, alternatively than you having to laboriously inquire it each 1 successful turn. 

Thanks to immoderate caller skills, courtesy of devices for illustration Character.AI, you'll besides apparently beryllium capable to person conversations pinch humanities characters and more. The downside? The caller AI-powered Alexa will only beryllium launching arsenic a preview successful nan US initially and we don't cognize precisely erstwhile that'll beryllium yet. But we'll decidedly beryllium among nan first successful nan queue to effort it out, truthful support your eyes-peeled for our first impressions soon. 

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