13 Best Portable Apps in 2023

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Downloading and installing package is tedious. Portable apps lick that problem. These devices tally connected a machine without installation.

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These apps tin thief you move betwixt your activity and location machine and grip projects from different devices. They let you to activity connected nan spell if you can't instal package connected nationalist computers.

Plus, these apps won't bog down your device.

Whatever nan reason, portable apps tin besides travel successful useful successful galore different situations. Check our database of nan champion portable apps for each instrumentality and browser. But first, let’s reside nan large question.

Are portable apps safe?

Like immoderate software, portable apps tin dispersed viruses to your computer.

But if you travel nan aforesaid anti-virus protocol you do for nan remainder of your computer, including utilizing anti-virus software, scanning your portable thrust for viruses, and backing up your system, downloading and utilizing portable apps is safe.

Best Portable Apps for Different Devices and Browsers

1. Google Chrome Portable — Best Portable Browser App for Chrome

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If you do astir of your activity connected Chrome, you’d emotion its portable version. Let’s look it, Chrome package takes a batch of disk space, and if you don’t cleanable nan cache regularly, it tin slow down your device.

And since you usage Chrome already, nan champion portion is that nan portable type is identical. It links to your Google account, offers bookmarks, and supports extensions.

However, it won’t prevention passwords by default, arsenic they’re encrypted and can’t beryllium retrieved from your device. But you tin opt-in for precocious password portability, which tin thief you prevention passwords.


  • Built-in malware strategy to support you secure
  • Auto updates available
  • Automatic sign-ups successful each your favourite Google services


  • Certificates are not portable
  • Specific settings are blocked by default; if you’d for illustration complete control, you must record a bug to nan support team, which tin return time.

What we like: Chrome is 1 of nan safest browsers available. The level keeps introducing caller information options, for illustration two-factor authentication. It's a safe prime for browsing nan web, checking emails, aliases thing other you mightiness request to do.

2. Mozilla Firefox Portable — Best Portable Browser App for Mozilla Firefox

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If not Chrome, past chances are you usage Mozilla Firefox for browsing. And if you request a portable type of Mozilla Firefox, this mightiness beryllium perfect.

Why? Because Mozilla Firefox Portable functions precisely for illustration Mozilla Firefox package — a accelerated and fully-featured web browser.

The portable app besides employs pop-up blocking and automatic updates, truthful it’s secure. Plus, it ensures your bookmarks and extensions are saved; wherever you return your portable app, you return them.


  • It offers fantabulous velocity arsenic it’s dual-mode (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • It is disposable successful galore languages; you tin download a preferred version


  • It tin impact your information (when you don’t support your browser updated)

What we like: Unlike Chrome, Firefox’s portable type doesn’t artifact passwords and certificates. There are besides nary default blocked settings. Mozilla Firefox portable gives an arsenic identical acquisition to nan software.

3. LMMS Portable — Best Linux Media Player

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Music creation and accumulation package return up a batch of difficult thrust space, bloating your device. This portable app tin thief you create euphony anyplace done a lightweight interface.

LMMS is simply a portable replacement for Linux. Without installing it connected your device, you tin create melodies and beats, operation sounds, and edit and adhd effects to your euphony samples.

It besides offers instrumentality and effect plugins. LMMS is unfastened root and compatible pinch galore standards, including SoundFont2, VST(i), LADSPA, GUS Patches, and MIDI.


  • You tin import MIDI, Hydrogen, and FL Studio files
  • Many powerful instruments for adding much tunes to your music


  • Lack of automatic updates

What we like: The astir powerful characteristic of LMMS Portable is its Piano-Roll editor, which edits patterns and melodies. It’s ace easy to usage — cleanable for beginners pursuing their passion for euphony creation.

4. Apache OpenOffice Portable — Best Linux Office Suite

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Apache OpenOffice app, besides disposable for Windows, is 1 of nan astir awesome alternatives to nan Office suite and is cleanable for you if you’re facing abstraction issues.

It’s a fully-featured agency suite that offers:

  • Word Processor.
  • Spreadsheet.
  • Presentation tools.
  • Writing tools.
  • Calculator.
  • Drawing tools.

It supports galore languages, including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. It’s free, truthful you prevention money utilizing it alternatively of nan costly Office alternative.


  • Available successful aggregate languages pinch an action to region unnecessary languages
  • Regular updates available


  • Not each languages are available

What we like: We emotion that you tin besides usage Apache OpenOffice connected Windows, and that excessively for free. It’s cleanable for beginners who don’t want to perpetrate to costly Office suites.

5. Stickies Portable — Best Sticky Notes for Windows

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You can’t contradict nan usefulness of sticky notes, either virtual aliases physical.

The impulse to seizure a caller thought earlier you hide it, erstwhile you request to beryllium reminded of immoderate important point you must do today, aliases erstwhile you conscionable want to jot down immoderate random thoughts — each you request is nan Stickies Portable.

The portable type supplies sticky notes that tin shop matter and images, and you tin connect a sticky statement to a website aliases archive and minimize them until you request it.


  • The “Always connected top” characteristic included
  • You tin alteration nan connection and size of sticky notes
  • It’s lightweight and unobtrusive
  • It’s free to use


  • Might person information issues

What we like: For me, nan astir important characteristic of a virtual sticky statement is “Always connected top.” If I usage a sticky statement arsenic my to-do list, I’d for illustration it to beryllium connected surface each nan time, moreover if I person opened galore screens, truthful I ever cognize what’s near to do. Stickies connection this feature.

6. VLC Media Player Portable — Best Media Player for Mac

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VLC is among nan astir celebrated media players, chiefly owed to its expertise to play almost immoderate audio aliases video format, including WMV, MPEG-1, DivX, OGG, and DVDs.

Since it tin grip files from immoderate location, including section drives, web storage, and streams, it’s a bully thought to download nan portable app erstwhile you’re having problem displaying an audio aliases video record connected your computer.

The champion part, this app is besides disposable for Windows.


  • Completely free to usage (no personification search aliases ads)
  • Easily customizable (you tin take from galore themes)


  • Lacks video editing capabilities

What we like: VLC media subordinate is 1 of nan astir celebrated media players, and we for illustration that it’s disposable for different operating systems. It’s disposable successful Mac, Linux, Windows, Ubuntu, and galore more, truthful immoderate OS you use, you tin usage VLC.

7. GIMP Portable — Best Image Editor for Mac

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One of nan astir comparable alternatives to Photoshop, Gimp provides an awesome array of photo-editing tools. You tin usage it nan measurement you want:

  • A elemental overgarment program.
  • An expert-quality photograph retouching program.
  • An online batch-processing system.
  • A mass-production image renderer.
  • An image format converter.

Editing and exporting images return up a batch of retention space. Opt for Gimp’s portable app type to edit your photos — for free.


  • Improved capacity (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions included)
  • Also disposable for Windows
  • Automatic updates


  • Limited third-party plugins
  • Limited customization options

What we like: The champion portion astir GIMP is that it tin beryllium multi-purpose. Meaning you don’t request different devices to execute elemental tasks for illustration editing, designing, and converting images — each tin beryllium done utilizing GIMP.

8. Inkscape Portable — Best Vectors Graphic Editor for Mac

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Inkscape is identical successful usability to Adobe Illustrator and is an awesome free alternative.

Inkscape Portable offers precocious features, including alpha blending, markers, and trace bitmaps, and has an intuitive interface. It lets you download files successful aggregate image formats — SVG, AI, EPS, PNG, and PDF.

If you’re a freelance designer carrying Inkscape portable astir connected a USB, it’s awesome because you’ve sewage nan devices for vector graphics, creating illustrations, charts, and logos astatine your disposal astatine each times.


  • Also disposable successful Windows and Linux
  • It is customizable pinch galore add-ons
  • Multilingual support


  • It isn’t updated frequently

What we like: Inkscape is cleanable for creating diagrams, graphs, and logos. Content writers, strategists, and researchers tin leverage its beginner-friendly interface to hole graphs to see successful reports aliases investigation papers.

9. LibreOffice Portable — Best Office Suite for Windows

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LibreOffice, a notable Microsoft Office alternative, offers akin tools, including a connection processor, spreadsheets, presentations, vector drawing, and databases. And it's free to use.

It performs galore of nan basal functions you’d require from Office without downloading space-taking package because you tin transportation it astir pinch you connected an outer thrust aliases via nan cloud.

It supports galore languages, and you tin region immoderate to prevention space.


  • Dark mode available
  • Advanced bookmark handling


  • Fonts are only disposable arsenic zip folders (as they return longer to load)
  • Sometimes takes clip to load

What we like: We for illustration LibreOffice complete Microsoft Office because it supports much record formats. It tin moreover fto you download files arsenic ebooks.

10. CCleaner Portable — Best Software Cleaner for Windows

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Downloading space-taking package to clear disk abstraction doesn’t make sense. That’s why utilizing CCleaner Portable is cleanable for you because you don’t person to instal nan software.

It’ll cleanable up your files and protect your machine from viruses. Along pinch clearing up space, CCleaner cleans retired cookies and files that could put your privateness astatine risk.

Overall, nan portable type enhances your device’s capacity and makes it much secure.


  • Real-time monitoring of your device’s health
  • You tin besides group scheduled cleaning


  • Most features aren’t disposable successful nan free version
  • The free proceedings is only for 14 days

What we like: CCleaner’s pro type has immoderate awesome features for illustration scheduled cleaning — you only request to group nan strategy once, and it’ll beryllium done automatically.

11. GeekUninstaller — Best Software Cleaner for Windows

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The problem pinch nan modular Windows add/remove fastener is that if you uninstall an app utilizing that, it isn’t wholly eliminated from your computer. There are still junk files aliases folders near behind.

GeekUninstaller permanently rids your machine of unwanted files, including immoderate unintentional residue near over. Plus, since it’s portable, it doesn't lend to clutter.


  • Works connected some 32-bit and 64-bit for accelerated performance
  • Force removal to region stubborn aliases surgery programs


  • Requires admin permissions to tally properly

What we like: Removing stubborn and sometimes inbuilt apps is basal but can’t beryllium done easily. The “Force Removal” action is cleanable for removing specified apps.

12. Emsisoft Emergency Kit Portable — Virus, Malware, and Badware Cleaner for Windows

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The Emsisoft Emergency Kit Portable is simply a replica of its package version. It’s cleanable for those who request a full-fledged cleaning strategy to cleanable their full device.

It tin scan nan infected PC for viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Adware, Worms, Dialers, Keyloggers, and different malicious programs — but this type is still constricted successful features.

You tin get complete protection by purchasing nan full Emsisoft anti-malware section version.


  • Enhances capacity by precocious cleaning
  • Doesn’t slow your computer


  • Most precocious features are disposable pinch premium plans

What we like: Emsisoft Emergency Kit offers galore features for complete cleaning. The instrumentality besides has centralized guidance for each features and real-time monitoring connected 1 dashboard.

13. LameXP Portable — Best Audio Converter for Windows

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LameXP portable converts audio into aggregate formats, including MP3, AAC/MP4, Ogg Vorbis, Opus, and FLAC. It besides supports multi-threaded batch processing. Plus, it’s free to use.


  • Available for some 32-bit and 64-bit versions
  • It tin beryllium utilized connected Windows arsenic good arsenic connected Linux


  • Not a beginner-friendly option

What we like: The champion portion astir LameXP is that it doesn’t trim nan quality. If you person your audio files, you’ll get almost akin quality.

Use Portable Apps to Enhance Flexibility

Portable apps prevention you from nan lengthy process of installing and deleting apps. By utilizing portable apps, you not only prevention your device’s disk abstraction but besides make it much unafraid and fast. Don’t opportunity you don’t want that.

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