12 Reasons Why Your Games Keep Crashing (And How to Fix Issues)

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When you bargain a caller game, you expect it to simply work. In astir cases that's what happens. But sometimes, games crash. Sometimes it's a responsibility pinch nan crippled itself, while different times it's owed to inadequate hardware aliases a slow net connection.

Working retired why your favourite PC crippled keeps crashing tin beryllium tricky. So, publication connected to find retired why your PC crashes while gaming and really to hole it.

Why Does Your Favorite Game Keep Crashing?

If you're not judge what is causing your crippled to crash, you tin return advantage of nan Windows Event Viewer instrumentality to support a log connected what is happening to your PC erstwhile nan crippled crashes. This tin beryllium utilized for diagnostic purposes.

It is besides worthy moving demo versions of games earlier installing nan afloat version, conscionable to guarantee that nan title will play correctly connected your PC.

If your AAA games support crashing, present are nan main reasons why that whitethorn beryllium happening:

  1. Your computer's spec is excessively low.
  2. You overclocked excessively high.
  3. The game's settings are wrong.
  4. Your schematic paper requires excessively overmuch power.
  5. You request to upgrade your operating system.
  6. You request to upgrade instrumentality drivers.
  7. Your web isn't accelerated enough.
  8. Digital Rights Management is causing problems.
  9. Games are moving successful nan incorrect mode.
  10. Your antivirus is crashing games.
  11. Using a VPN is slowing online games to nan constituent they crash.
  12. You person excessively galore browser tabs open.

Let's research these reasons why games support crashing connected your PC and find solutions for each of them.

1. Your System’s Hardware Specs Are Too Low

It mightiness look obvious, but group still omit to comparison their strategy specs pinch a game's minimum requirements. You wouldn't bargain diesel for a petrol-powered car, would you? So why bargain a video crippled without checking that it will work?

When buying games online from Steam and akin services, you tin cheque nan strategy requirements by reference nan game's description. Buying from a video crippled store? On nan backmost of a video crippled container you'll find nan minimum and recommended strategy requirements.

System Requirements Statement connected Steam

If your PC meets these earlier installing and moving nan crippled everything should beryllium fine. Otherwise, you'll astir apt acquisition problems pinch nan title.

Wikipedia is besides a awesome root of video crippled strategy specs, while nan publisher's website will supply nan aforesaid information. Settle doubts aliases questions by checking nan game's support aliases instrumentality forums for help.

System Requirements Statement connected Game Website

Without suitable hardware, you'll request to upgrade your PC earlier you tin play nan game. This tin mean thing from buying a caller gaming PC to adding other retention abstraction to your computer.

2. Games Crashing From Too Much Overclocking

Intel Core i5 CPU

Overclocking is erstwhile users tally their systems astatine higher speeds than nan shaper recommends to summation their performance. While overclocking isn’t arsenic popular arsenic it was, galore gamers still overclock their CPUs to summation capacity benefits. When coupled pinch bully ventilation and cooling, CPU overclocking tin reap awesome results, arsenic tin overclocking your GPU.

However, it isn't a cleanable method of expanding performance. Games tin still crash.

Troubleshooting an overclocked strategy intends resetting your processor (and GPU, if appropriate) to default settings. If this doesn't hole nan issue, past location is each chance it's related to thing else.

3. PC Keeps Crashing While Gaming? Get nan Settings Right

Most games, particularly those pinch precocious strategy requirements, person a dedicated video settings screen. Designed to thief you get nan astir retired of your game, it's communal these days for games to footwear pinch a configuration designed for your strategy hardware.

However, that doesn't ever activity out, resulting successful games crashing. It could beryllium anything, from top-end graphical experiences for illustration Elden Ring to thing much basal for illustration Minecraft crashing mid-game.

In immoderate cases, your full PC mightiness crash.

Avoid these problems by opening nan video configuration surface for your troublesome crippled and lowering nan settings. Switch each action down a azygous step, past effort playing again. Repeat until you deed nan correct operation of capacity and graphics.

Video Settings In Game

Admittedly, this solution isn't perfect. If nan graphics aren't up to scratch, it's clip to see nan best caller graphics card to extremity games crashing your PC.

4. Your Graphics Card Is Too Powerful for Your PSU

Gigabyte GPU

One communal logic for games crashing is simply a problem pinch nan powerfulness proviso portion (PSU). This is commonly linked to nan graphics adapter demanding much powerfulness than is available.

There is 1 elemental measurement to resoluteness this. Upgrade to the champion PSU tin of providing capable powerfulness to play nan game.

Before swapping retired nan PSU, however, cheque that nan graphics paper and PC interior is cleanable and free from dust. A build-up tin summation nan somesthesia wrong a PC and put further load connected nan CPU and video card. Greater load intends a higher temperature. If nan build-up of particulate is sizeable and nan fans are not capable for cooling, disaster will strike.

5. Games Keep Crashing nan PC? Upgrade Your OS

Also listed successful your game's strategy specification is nan correct operating strategy and type required to tally nan title.

Most games will tally connected Windows 8.1 and later. With nan correct hardware and compatibility layers, a immense magnitude of games tin tally connected Ubuntu and different Linux distros. Meanwhile, astir games intended to tally connected Apple computers typically require OS X 10.4 (Mojave), aliases later. Similarly, astir AAA games are designed for 64-bit systems.

Naturally, nan issues of operating systems and hardware are intimately linked. Older hardware moving Windows 7 is suitable for moving nan astir up-to-date video games. But utilizing an aged operating strategy is almost guaranteed to make your games crash.

6. It's Time to Update EVERYTHING

If you're wondering why games support crashing connected your PC, you mightiness person considered upgrading your hardware. But this is expensive. First, trying updating drivers instead.

Games tin clang for reasons beyond (but not unrelated to) unsuitable hardware and operating systems. Video drivers, for instance, should beryllium up-to-date, arsenic should nan crippled itself.

Learn much successful our guide to updating Windows.

7. Your Game Keeps Crashing Because of Network Issues

With online gaming, crashes tin hap erstwhile web problems origin delays successful nan crippled customer being updated by nan distant server.

Avoid this being an rumor by making judge that your web velocity is suitable for playing nan game. You should besides cheque your router and disable different net applications to guarantee that only nan crippled receives data.

Avoid Wi-Fi wherever imaginable pinch online games. Instead, link your PC to nan router complete Ethernet. If this isn't imaginable owed to architectural limitations, bargain 1 of the champion powerline adaptors.

8. DRM Is Why Your Games Keep Crashing

Incredibly, Digital Rights Management (DRM) tin origin capacity issues.

In immoderate cases, web issues tin lend to DRM hitting a game's performance. Usually, though, nan DRM customer aliases nan position of nan distant server will beryllium causing your crippled to crash.

If an offline play action is disposable present you should return it. This will forestall nan DRM from checking pinch nan distant server for suspicious activity successful nan crippled aliases account. Otherwise, you'll beryllium near pinch nary prime but to uninstall nan game.

9. Games Keep Crashing successful Windows 10? Try a Different Mode

It makes consciousness to guarantee that nary different package is moving while gaming. You mightiness request sound chat package for illustration Discord; beyond that your PC resources should beryllium focused connected moving nan game.

This is simply a norm that applies crossed operating systems, from Windows, macOS, and Linux, to iOS and Android. Close each different package earlier launching nan crippled you want to play.

But pinch Windows you person an further advantage: Games Mode. This is simply a authorities that you tin move into that reduces and limits different activity. Notifications are silenced; everything is focused connected nan game.

To alteration Games Mode:

  1. Open Settings (hold Win + I).
  2. Go to Gaming > Game Mode.
  3. Click nan toggle to alteration nan feature.
Switch to Game Mode to extremity games crashing connected your PC

Does this sound excessively bully to beryllium true? Well, it's surely worthy trying.

10. That PC Game Keeps Crashing Because of Your Antivirus Software

Another problem that tin make your games support crashing is antivirus and anti-malware software.

As noted above, thing that is moving successful nan inheritance tin effect nan capacity of gaming. But antivirus is somewhat different, arsenic it is actively looking for suspicious files. Sometimes, these files are scanned, resulting successful 2 imaginable issues:

  • The PC hangs, past crashes, owed to information scanning.
  • Your crippled crashes because an guiltless record is identified arsenic vulnerable and quarantined.

Is location a solution to this? You person 3 options:

  1. Reduce nan level of (or disable) record scanning erstwhile gaming.
  2. Change your information package for 1 pinch a "game mode".
  3. For nan long of your gaming session, disable nan package (if imaginable – antivirus package recognizes this action arsenic malware).

Check nan online thief for your information package to find nan correct steps connected these solutions.

11. Is a VPN Causing Games to Crash connected Your PC?

It isn't only information package that tin effect crippled capacity and perchance origin a crash. Your VPN package tin besides origin games to support closing connected your PC, peculiarly online games.

This tin hap if nan VPN server is brought down, aliases if nan VPN customer isn't capable to support a connection. Distance tin besides play a part. If you're attempting to play a circumstantial crippled server – possibly 1 based connected nan different broadside of nan satellite – past you person a dual rumor of latency and immoderate hold done nan VPN. Either of these unsocial tin lead to a crippled crashing.

Both happening astatine nan aforesaid clip will almost surely clang your game. So, what are nan solutions?

  1. Upgrade to a faster VPN.
  2. Invest successful a faster net connection.
  3. Avoid utilizing a VPN to entree that circumstantial server, moreover if it does mean restarting nan game.

Any of each of these options should thief to trim nan strain caused by your VPN.

12. 20 Open Browser Tabs Will Crash Your PC Games

Shutting down different apps erstwhile gaming applies to your browser, too. You mightiness get distant pinch a azygous browser tab—anything more, however, isn't worthy risking.

So, adjacent nan endless Reddit pages, Facebook instrumentality pages, and Twitter provender for your favourite games. If you request to entree them, do truthful connected your mobile.

Let your PC do nan activity you expect from it, giving you an awesome gaming acquisition without crashing.

Your PC Games Have Stopped Crashing

If you’ve been wondering “why does my crippled support crashing?” you should now cognize what nan problem is. You person everything you request to guarantee your games don't crash. So, person nosy gaming!

Are you uncovering that you can't play top-rated games because your hardware isn't up to scratch? Perhaps it's clip to see unreality gaming.

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