12 Email Marketing Trends Marketers Should Know [According to My Inbox]

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I nonstop HubSpot’s Marketing Blog email newsletter regular (a not-so-subtle reminder to subscribe). So, it’s my occupation to support a beat connected nan latest email trading trends.

A female smiles arsenic she checks her emails connected her smartphone. Other instrumentality specified arsenic a laptop situation her, besides showing email notifications; Email Marketing Trends

As a marketer, I often enactment connected apical of trends by reference up connected trading news, but erstwhile it comes to email, there's a overmuch simpler method — scanning my inbox.

I subscribe to a ridiculous magnitude of email lists, and while seeing 54,188 (and counting) unread emails connected my telephone is simply a small hair-raising, it provides a ample excavation of emails to tie from to find trends that instrumentality out.

So, without further ado (and astir apt a small judgment), we're going done my inbox to spot trends marketers request to cognize going into 2024.

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Email Marketing Trends for 2024

The first fewer email trends we‘ll screen person to do pinch privateness changes and Apple’s latest developments, and nan remainder are consecutive from my overcrowded inbox. Let's get started.

1. More Focus connected Data Protection and Privacy

64% of online consumers person discontinue doing business aliases moving pinch an statement for asking for excessively overmuch individual information.

Furthermore, 86% of consumers judge companies and organizations cod much accusation than needed.

As a consumer, I‘ve declined products and services from businesses that look excessively eager to stitchery individual accusation aliases bespeak they cognize much astir maine than I’m comfortable with.

For instance, past year, I contacted a moving institution to assistance maine arsenic I relocated from Florida to Pennsylvania. I gave nan institution my email reside and telephone number but yet decided not to usage movers.

Days aft exchanging information, I was bombarded pinch emails from respective different companies advertizing their moving services. Somehow, aft opting into nan first company's mailing list, I was besides added to respective others.

The thought of my email and telephone number being added to galore unusual lists that I did not motion up for made maine uncomfortable. I instantly unsubscribed from them each — including nan first company.

Data protection and privateness are important to consumers, truthful don't inquire for aliases usage much accusation than you request successful your email campaigns. Instead, springiness email recipients nan action to unsubscribe and let them to alteration their email preferences.

This improves information privacy, builds trust, and ensures a much engaged email list.

Data protection and privateness aren't conscionable trends; they’re besides a ineligible obligation. Your emails must besides comply pinch nan General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and travel its guidelines for practices specified arsenic acold emails and mailing database building.

2. Less Focus connected Open Rates

Speaking of privacy, I can‘t beryllium nan only email marketer trying to make consciousness of my unfastened rates pinch Apple’s caller Mail Privacy Protection (MPP).

In a mini study conducted pinch Glimpse, we recovered that almost one-third of marketers database unfastened rates among nan apical 2 metrics they way erstwhile sending and reporting trading emails.

However, MPP stops senders from utilizing invisible pixels to cod accusation astir a user, according to Apple. It besides prevents senders from knowing erstwhile recipients unfastened an email, and it hides their IP reside truthful it can’t beryllium linked to different online activity aliases beryllium utilized to find their location.

In different words, this Apple update prohibits marketers from seeing erstwhile and wherever users unfastened their emails, nan instrumentality nan email is opened on, and nan activity utilized to unfastened it.

Now that unfastened complaint is nary longer a reliable metric, we must displacement our attraction to nan pursuing metrics to get an meticulous publication connected nan occurrence of our trading emails:

  • Click complaint - The percent of recipients who click a nexus successful nan email
  • Conversion complaint - The percent of recipients who return action, specified arsenic making a purchase
  • List Growth - How accelerated you're gaining and losing subscribers
  • ROI - Revenue generated for each dollar invested successful email marketing

The metrics you way are going to dangle connected nan goals of your email trading campaign. So, I propose evaluating what you want your adjacent email trading run to execute and tailoring nan metrics you way to its purpose.

3. More Niche Content

At HubSpot, we precocious started experimenting pinch newsletters focusing connected circumstantial niches wrong our content.

For example, our newsletter, The Lead, covers nan latest news and trends successful marketing. The newsletter has featured timely commentary connected the “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” trading campaigns, Popeye's usage of TikTok's “Girl Dinner” trend, and more.

“Our trading news contented really compliments nan educational, evergreen contented successful HubSpot’s repertoire," Principal Marketing Manager and The Lead editor Lestraundra Alfred, explains.

She said, "By showing really companies are applying nan latest trading strategies successful real-time, we’re capable to support our assemblage engaged, taking them down nan scenes of nan latest and top campaigns to animate their ain work.”

Consider ways to amplify circumstantial marque niches that liking your target audience. For example, if you're a clothing brand, you tin nonstop retired a newsletter focusing connected nan latest manner trends and usage it arsenic a chance to showcase products that fresh those trends.

4. GIFs

Maybe it‘s nan millennial successful me, but I still adore GIFs and usage them contempt Gen-Z’s wide disinterest successful them. While GIFs whitethorn person fallen retired of manner connected societal media, I often announcement them successful my email subscriptions.

For example, nan email beneath is from ThredUp and features a GIF emphasizing nan opportunity for email recipients to triumph $500 of in installments pinch nan store.

GIFs are a awesome measurement to make your emails guidelines retired and time off an belief connected recipients. Use GIFs to stress deals and typical events aliases exemplify jokes.

5. Gamification

Who doesn't emotion games? Many brands entice email subscribers by offering a game-like experience. For example, I received this email from nan clothing marque Midnight Hour.

The email announces I‘ve earned 176 points from my past purchase, bringing maine person to nan number of points I’d request to triumph prizes specified arsenic free shipping.

Gamify your emails to create a fun, rewarding acquisition for your subscribers.

To gamify your emails, you tin usage a constituent strategy that customers tin redeem for rewards and perks (like Midnight Hour), aliases you tin promote subscribers to acquisition products done email for a chance to triumph a prize for illustration free onboarding aliases 3 free months of a merchandise characteristic that’s usually paid.

6. Challenges

This whitethorn autumn into nan gamifying trend, but I emotion this method truthful overmuch that it deserves its ain section.

One inclination I‘ve seen prime up steam is including challenges successful your email. For example, this email I received from Canva challenges subscribers to creation a temper committee utilizing nan platform’s creation tools.

If I make a temper committee and stock it pinch Canva, I could triumph a prize! Cool, right?

From a user perspective, I emotion that Canva is giving maine nan chance to beryllium imaginative and person nosy successful speech for a imaginable prize.

From a marketer‘s perspective, it’s clever because it showcases Canva's different devices and features by having users effort them independently.

The situation besides integrates pinch societal media by having users showcase their activity connected Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) on pinch nan brand's hashtag #CanvaDesignChallenge.

Canva tin past repost and stock these creations arsenic user-generated content.

So, successful short, this one challenge:

  • Creates a nosy and engaging acquisition for users
  • Showcases nan brand's devices and features
  • Boosts marque consciousness connected societal media via hashtags and contented sharing
  • Leverages user-generated content

In different words, it's a versatile inclination that tin beryllium nan gift that keeps giving. For your ain email campaign, deliberation astir a situation that will entertain your consumers, create shareable moments, and showcase nan champion qualities of your merchandise aliases services.

7. Engaging Feedback Surveys

I ne'er really thought of feedback surveys arsenic absorbing until I started seeing emails for illustration nan 1 beneath from New York Comic Con.

I emotion that this email suggests nan con doesn't conscionable want feedback; it wants attendees to thief style nan con for nan future.

It's overmuch much engaging and individual than a “How did we do?” survey. When sending feedback surveys, steer distant from asking really consumers liked nan merchandise aliases service.

Instead, fto them cognize their feedback and opinions are valuable successful shaping nan guidance of your business.

It's true. Consumer feedback is important to ensuring your statement is gathering nan needs of your audience, truthful fto them cognize their input has value.

8. Emojis

If you‘re for illustration me, you’re subscribed to measurement excessively galore email lists and find yourself aimlessly scrolling past hundreds of email taxable lines. After a while, they blur together, but nan ones that guidelines retired typically see emojis.

Again, let‘s look astatine this screenshot from my inbox. At a glance, which email catches your oculus first? It’s apt nan ones pinch nan emojis.

Bear successful mind nan bluish dots bespeak emails that stay unread, and it‘s nary coincidence nan only emails I’ve opened characteristic emojis.

And I'm not nan only personification dazzled by emojis; 53% of email recipients are likelier to unfastened an email pinch emojis successful nan taxable line.

So, successful your adjacent trading email campaign, deliberation astir emojis that tin exemplify and stress your connection and seizure attention. For instance, usage snowflake emojis (❄) to underscore a wintertime sale.

9. Emphasis connected Numbers

Almost each taxable statement successful nan trading emails I person focuses connected quantitative accusation — conscionable look astatine nan screenshot below.

“50% disconnected NOW … $7 rewards … 25% disconnected everything.” Including quantitative accusation astir deals instantly lets subscribers cognize why they should click and unfastened your email.

So, if you're offering vacation deals, see really overmuch consumers tin prevention successful nan headline.

10. Personalization

Personalization is little of a inclination and much of a necessity successful email trading — but brands for illustration Spotify are taking it to a full caller level pinch personalized incentives, news, and rewards.

I scroll past galore emails successful my inbox. But, if location is 1 sender I ne'er ignore, it‘s Spotify. That’s because Spotify takes my listening history and uses it to urge applicable concerts successful my area.

For example, I emotion pop-punk and reggaeton, truthful Spotify emails maine erstwhile artists for illustration Fall Out Boy and Bad Bunny travel to a metropolis adjacent me. Even better, Spotify alerts maine to exclusive releases from artists I perceive to nan most.

A fewer months ago, Remi Wolf collaborated pinch Spotify to merchandise an exclusive EP for Spotify listeners. Spotify emailed Remi's apical listeners (including me) astir nan one-of-a-kind recording, saying, “Remi Wolf made you thing special.”

Of course, I'm illusion — truthful I instantly clicked, reasoning she knew who I was. And I bought nan record.

On a superior note, brands are taking email personalization to higher heights by offering personalized experiences. To leverage this trend, usage nan accusation you've gathered astir your consumers to present personalized deals, invites, applicable news, and exclusive products aliases services.

11. Exclusivity

Many brands adhd worth to their trading emails by providing exclusive offers only subscribers tin access.

Recently, Amazon Prime sent exclusive invites to a screening of its crippled show “007: Road to a Million.” The email‘s taxable statement clarifies that nan connection is typical by reading, "You’re invited to an exclusive screening."

Exclusivity tin spark a fearfulness of missing retired (FOMO) and encourages subscribers to enactment subscribed. For example, I person nary liking successful crippled shows, truthful I'm not attending nan screening.

However, I americium a instrumentality of different Prime programming, and emails for illustration this support maine subscribed truthful I tin acquisition exclusive screenings of nan shows I do enjoy.

12. FOMO

And exclusivity takes america to nan last inclination I spot successful my inbox — nan fearfulness of missing out. No 1 wants to miss an opportunity to prevention money, get exclusive products, aliases person a one-of-a-kind experience.

And brands look to cognize that because almost each email successful my inbox plays connected my aggravated FOMO.

Notice nan emails supra person a consciousness of urgency:

  • “Hurry! 25% disconnected boots is almost gone.”
  • “LAST CALL Halloween Sale”
  • “Last Chance for 45% disconnected …”

Instilling a small FOMO successful your emails will promote swift action because consumers will cognize clip is of nan principle and they request to enactment now.

So, if your vacation waste is astir to wrap up, aliases a merchandise is astir to waste out, fto your assemblage cognize they’re astir to miss retired connected nan woody of a lifetime.

Sometimes it pays disconnected to person an overflow of emails successful your inbox.

If you're an email marketer for illustration me, it tin animate your adjacent run and support you informed connected nan latest trends.

When you get a chance, look done nan thousands of emails successful your inbox and return statement of nan trends you spot. Were location immoderate that I missed?


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