11 Solutions for When Your iPhone Doesn’t Ring for Incoming Calls

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If you're receiving notifications of missed calls yet didn't perceive your iPhone ringing for incoming calls earlier, it's apt owed to misconfigured settings, package bugs, aliases hardware problems. When these issues persist, continuing to unknowingly miss important family and activity calls is ne'er good.

But don't worry. We'll locomotion you done nan solutions truthful that you won't miss a telephone this measurement again. Let's look astatine what you tin do erstwhile your iPhone tin person calls but doesn't look to ringing astatine nan clip nan telephone comes in.

1. Test Your iPhone's Speakers

The first measurement is to trial your iPhone's speakers to norm retired hardware issues. Open YouTube aliases immoderate different euphony app and play something. Use nan Volume Up button connected nan broadside of your instrumentality to summation nan measurement level.

Once you're assured that nan speaker is working, nan apt reasons your iPhone doesn't ringing are bad settings aliases impermanent package glitches.

2. Turn Off Silent Mode

iPhone Ring/Silent switch

If your iPhone is group to Silent mode, it won't ringing erstwhile you get a call. To hole this, put your telephone backmost successful Ring mode by pressing the Ring/Silent switch towards nan screen. You'll find this move connected nan top-left broadside of your iPhone, supra nan measurement buttons.

When successful Ring mode, nan slider will beryllium person to your iPhone's screen. In Silent mode, it displays an orangish strip.

3. Disconnect Bluetooth Audio Devices

If you time off wireless audio devices for illustration AirPods connected to your iPhone, your incoming telephone ringtone whitethorn play done these alternatively of nan phone's speakers. This mostly happens pinch third-party earbuds that don't automatically consciousness erstwhile you're wearing them.

You tin disconnect each wireless devices by opening nan Control Center and tapping nan Bluetooth icon. The icon turns from bluish to grey erstwhile Bluetooth is disabled.

To disconnect devices individually instead, caput to Settings > Bluetooth. Tap nan Info (i) fastener adjacent to nan instrumentality and pat Disconnect. Once your Bluetooth devices are disconnected, incoming calls should play via your iPhone's speakers.

4. Turn nan Ringtone Volume Up

If your ringtone measurement is excessively low, you whitethorn not perceive a telephone coming successful if your iPhone is successful your bag. So, it whitethorn look that your iPhone didn't ringing astatine all. You tin quickly hole this by expanding nan ringing volume. Here's how:

  1. Open Settings and pat Sounds & Haptics.
  2. Drag nan Ringtone and Alert Volume slider to nan right. The further correct it is, nan louder your ringtone will be.

On nan aforesaid page, you mightiness besides want to toggle disconnected Change pinch Buttons. Doing truthful will forestall you from accidentally lowering nan ringtone measurement erstwhile you're changing nan measurement successful gaming aliases video apps. When this action is disabled, nan measurement buttons only alteration nan measurement for media, not your ringtone.

5. Choose a Different aliases Louder Ringtone

Sometimes, you mightiness miss telephone calls because your ringtone isn't large aliases piercing enough. In this case, you should effort retired different ringtones and usage nan 1 that's nan easiest to hear.

Follow these steps to alteration your iPhone's ringtone:

  1. Open Settings and pat Sounds & Haptics.
  2. Tap Ringtone.
  3. From here, pat to perceive nan different tones. When you've recovered 1 that suits you, deed Back.

The ringtone you group supra applies to each contacts unless you've added a civilization reside to someone. If you miss calls from only definite people, travel these steps to guarantee their civilization reside is clear:

  1. Open nan Phone app and spell to nan Contacts tab.
  2. Tap nan contact's name.
  3. If you spot nan Ringtone section, you person added a civilization reside for this person. Tap Ringtone, take a different reside for them, and pat Done erstwhile satisfied.

7. Restart Your iPhone

Restarting your instrumentality is simply a elemental and effective measurement to hole communal issues without overmuch trouble. If your telephone doesn't ringing moreover aft trying nan supra solutions, restart your iPhone by manually turning it disconnected and backmost on.

Fortunately, it's easy to restart your iPhone, moreover if its buttons are broken.

8. Enable Cellular Data aliases Connect to a Wi-Fi Network

This peculiar solution applies if you're receiving notifications of missed calls connected apps for illustration WhatsApp and Messenger, yet recovered that your iPhone did not ringing astatine each erstwhile nan caller was contacting you.

Such messenger apps require an progressive net relationship to work. Therefore, if your iPhone isn't connected, nan apps will only pass you that you person missed calls erstwhile your instrumentality has an net relationship later.

If you often usage third-party apps for texts and calls, it's champion to alteration mobile information aliases link your iPhone to a Wi-Fi web passim nan day. In nan Control Center, pat nan Cellular Data toggle. It turns greenish erstwhile enabled. For a Wi-Fi connection, spell to Settings > Wi-Fi and prime an disposable web to connect.

9. Fix an iPhone Stuck successful Headphone Mode

In uncommon situations, your iPhone whitethorn incorrectly deliberation it is still connected to wired earphones, moreover though it isn't. As a result, location whitethorn beryllium nary sound from nan built-in speakers erstwhile you play media aliases person telephone calls.

To get retired of this inconvenience, cheque retired how to hole an iPhone stuck successful headphone mode.

10. Try Turning Off Calls connected Other Devices

If you ain different Apple devices and person opted to receive iPhone calls connected your Mac, see turning this characteristic disconnected to spot if it fixes nan ringing rumor for you. Here's how:

  1. On your iPhone, unfastened Settings and pat Phone.
  2. Tap Calls connected Other Devices.
  3. Toggle disconnected Allow Calls connected Other Devices.

11. Update Your iPhone and Reset All Settings

By this point, 1 aliases much of nan supra solutions should activity if your iPhone has been receiving calls but not ringing. But successful lawsuit you're still having problems, make judge you update your iPhone.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update to spot if a caller iOS type is disposable for your device. Additionally, update your iPhone apps for illustration WhatsApp, Skype, and Zoom to guarantee app-specific bugs aren't causing nan issue.

Finally, if thing other works, unfastened Settings > General > Transfer aliases Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset All Settings. This won't erase individual information for illustration music, photos, and apps. However, each nan settings you've changed, for illustration Wi-Fi, your Home Screen layout, notifications, and more, will return to default.

It's a spot of a hassle, but it confirms that nary settings forestall your iPhone from ringing erstwhile you get a telephone aliases text.

Hopefully, Your iPhone Rings Perfectly Now!

The problem pinch your iPhone not ringing should beryllium fixed by now, ensuring you don't miss immoderate early calls aliases texts. To check, inquire a friend aliases family personnel to telephone you, aliases effort calling yourself from a Google Voice number instead.

However, if nan rumor persists, it's champion to interaction your mobile bearer aliases Apple Support for assistance.

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