11 Handy iPhone Shortcuts to Automate Everyday Tasks

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You astir apt do immoderate of nan aforesaid tasks connected your iPhone each day. When you get into nan car, you want to play your driving playlist. While taking your canine retired for a walk, you commencement listening to your favourite podcast. On your measurement home, you ever matter your important different your presence time.

These are repetitive tasks each of america do connected our iPhones. Wouldn't it beryllium awesome if you could automate them? Well, acknowledgment to Personal Automation successful your iPhone's built-in Shortcuts app, you tin do conscionable that. Let's look astatine immoderate of nan champion iPhone shortcuts you tin use.

11. Convert Video to GIF

convert video to gif iphone shortcut

GIFs are nosy to usage arsenic responses to a matter connection aliases an absorbing station you travel crossed connected societal media. Creating a GIF is nan tricky portion for galore people, though.

Thankfully, there's an iPhone shortcut that helps you trim and convert a video you want into a GIF. You don't request to download a third-party app aliases entree a desktop tract to create nan GIF.

For this shortcut, conscionable prime a video you want to person to a GIF file. Then, resistance nan achromatic arrows connected either extremity to specify nan conception of nan video you want to usage for nan GIF. Afterward, pat Save and hold for a fewer moments. Once nan GIF is created, prevention it to your Files aliases Photos app truthful you tin reuse them successful nan future.

Download: Convert Video to GIF (Free)

10. Set Multiple Alarms astatine Once

Multiple Alarms shortcut

If you request 3 aliases much alarms to aftermath up each day, it makes consciousness to create a shortcut that sets aggregate alarms astatine once. Using nan Multiple Alarms shortcut, nan Toggle Alarm action first enables an siren you've already created, and past nan Create Alarm action does conscionable arsenic it sounds.

In this example, a 5:45 AM siren was toggled, and a 6:00 AM siren was automatically created. After downloading this iPhone shortcut, you tin customize nan times to suit your needs.

Download: Multiple Alarms (Free)

9. Start a Timer

Start Timer shortcut

Timers travel successful useful each time for doing nan laundry, brewing coffee, boiling pasta, and more. If you find yourself having aggregate coffees a day, past you will use from this coffee-related shortcut, which you tin trigger from nan Shortcuts widget, aliases Siri.

For example, you could person a four-minute java timer that you trigger by simply saying "French press" to Siri, truthful that you tin proceed pinch different errands while waiting.

Download: French Press Timer (Free)

8. Play a Playlist

Play Playlist shortcut

You apt person playlists group up for different activities, for illustration moving out, driving, showering, aliases relaxing. The Play Playlist shortcut is simply a cool automation for your iPhone that comes consecutive from nan Shortcuts Library, and it's rather simple. Just prime 1 of nan disposable playlists to commencement enjoying your songs.

To take Repeat aliases Shuffle options, pat to edit nan shortcut, pat nan arrow for nan Play Playlist action, and past prime your penchant from there. If needed, you tin activate it pinch your sound by saying, "Hey Siri, play playlist."

Download: Play Playlist (Free)

7. Start a Podcast With Sleep Timer

Overcast Timer shortcut

If you person a wont of listening to podcasts erstwhile you spell to bed, past you'll use from a useful iOS shortcut built utilizing Overcast, 1 of nan celebrated podcast apps for iPhone.

When evoked, this shortcut will automatically resume your last-played section and will trigger nan slumber timer that you past used. This shortcut is ace useful for those moments wherever you're successful bed, sleepy, and don't want to person to look astatine your surface to find nan podcast section you were past listening to. However, return statement that it only useful if you usage Overcast connected your iPhone.

Download: Overcast Timer (Free)

6. Turn Off Wi-Fi for Real

Turn Off Wi-Fi shortcut

When you move disconnected Wi-Fi from nan Control Center, it doesn't enactment disconnected completely. The adjacent greeting astatine 5:00 AM, it re-enables automatically. This iPhone shortcut wholly disables Wi-Fi from nan settings truthful that you're decidedly disconnected and won't beryllium distracted by online messages popping up whenever you're trying to attraction connected activity aliases get to sleep.

Download: Turn Off Wi-Fi (Free)

5. Quickly Send a Predetermined iMessage

Predetermined matter shortcut

Using nan Send Message action successful Shortcuts, you tin nonstop a predetermined connection to 1 aliases much contacts utilizing nan Messages app. After adding nan Send Message action, adhd recipients and text. Disable nan Show When Run toggle to make this a inheritance process.

If you routinely nonstop nan aforesaid matter connection complete and complete to definite contacts, past this iPhone shortcut tin beryllium a immense clip saver. Rename nan shortcut to a Siri building you'd for illustration to usage to activate this shortcut without moreover rubbing your iPhone.

Download: Predetermined Text (Free)

4. Add a Song to Your Playlist

Add to Playlist shortcut

When you're exploring Apple Music and travel crossed an awesome song, you usually person to pat rather a spot to adhd it to 1 of your favourite playlists. But an iPhone shortcut makes it easier.

Initiate this shortcut erstwhile you're playing nan song, prime nan playlist, and you'll adhd it to nan extremity of nan list. You tin besides publication our guide to Apple Music playlists for much tips and tricks that thief you to prevention clip and make Apple Music better.

Download: Add to Playlist (Free)

3. Calculate a Tip

Calculate extremity shortcut

Calculate Tip shows you conscionable really useful nan Shortcuts app is. One of nan champion iPhone automations retired there, this shortcut tin switch a extremity calculator app aliases a spot of back-of-the-napkin math, making mundane calculations easier and faster erstwhile you're successful public. Avoid immoderate awkwardness by smoothly calculating nan required extremity for your server.

Download: Calculate Tip (Free)

2. Set a Custom Do Not Disturb Mode

Do Not Disturb shortcut

iOS offers respective ways to enable Do Not Disturb connected your iPhone, specified arsenic enabling it for an hr aliases until nan evening. But what if you want to group it for 15 minutes, aliases an hr and a half, without having to manually move it disconnected aliases spell done nan hassle of mounting up a Focus schedule? With this iPhone shortcut, you can.

Initiate nan shortcut, type successful nan applicable number of minutes aliases hours, and Do Not Disturb will activate for nan group duration.

Download: Do Not Disturb Timer (Free)

1. Get Ready for Bed

Power Down shortcut

You should build this iPhone shortcut yourself, depending connected your nighttime routine. You mightiness do 1 aliases each of nan pursuing tasks erstwhile you spell to bed:

  • Turn connected Do Not Disturb mode.
  • Turn disconnected cellular and Wi-Fi.
  • Start playing a podcast.
  • Turn disconnected your smart lights.
  • Listen to immoderate calming music.
  • Something other entirely.

You tin load each of nan supra into a azygous shortcut. Create a caller shortcut and hunt for nan supra actions, for illustration Wi-Fi, Do Not Disturb, etc. Then, sanction it "Good Night" aliases thing akin to easy activate it pinch Siri.

Next clip you spell to bed, conscionable show Siri "Good Night" and watch arsenic it does everything successful your iPhone shortcut 1 by one.

The Shortcuts app and automation features successful iOS are not often talked about, and if you haven't utilized nan app before, you mightiness deliberation they're analyzable because you request to understand what each action does and really a shortcut useful to create one.

Luckily, location are tons of free shortcuts that person already been created by others and that you tin adhd to your iPhone easily! The supra are conscionable a prime fewer we person covered. We dream these iPhone automation examples thief make your life easier and possibly springiness you much ideas for your ain iPhone shortcuts.

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