11 Awesome Amazon Prime Benefits You've Probably Overlooked

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Free next-day shipping and Prime Video convinced complete 200 cardinal users to support an progressive Amazon Prime membership. But that's conscionable nan extremity of nan iceberg. Starting astatine $15 per period (plus tax), an Amazon Prime subscription includes complete a twelve different benefits. We'll show you really to make nan astir retired of your rank aliases nan 30-day free Amazon Prime trial.

The Best Amazon Prime Benefits: An Overview

Here's a summary of nan astir notable Amazon Prime benefits that travel pinch your subscription:

  • Free two-hour, one-day, aliases same-day shipping
  • Prime Photos (unlimited retention for photos)
  • Prime Music (unlimited ad-free streaming)
  • Prime Video (unlimited ad-free streaming, positive Amazon Channels add-ons)
  • Prime Gaming (free games, in-game content, and 1 monthly Twitch.tv subscription)
  • Prime Reading (unlimited entree to free ebooks)
  • Prime Fresh (exclusive Whole Foods Market discounts and one-hour market delivery)
  • Prime Early Access (see Lightning Deals earlier everyone other does)
  • Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card (earn 5% backmost connected each Amazon.com and Whole Foods Market purchases)
  • Prime Try Before You Buy (try earlier you bargain for 7 days erstwhile shopping for clothes)
  • Membership Sharing (add up to 1 adult, 4 teens, and 4 children to your account)
  • Free one-year Grubhub+ rank (free delivery; disposable to caller and existing Grubhub+ members)

Does that sound for illustration an Amazon Prime rank is worthy it? Let's unpack what each of these perks entails.

1. Free Same-Day and Two-Hour Grocery Delivery to Your Garage

Amazon Prime One-Day Same-Day Delivery

Did you cognize that Amazon Prime members successful definite cities tin not only get free one-day transportation and free same-day delivery, but also two-hour market transportation and cardinal in-garage delivery? Amazon's shipping benefits are extensive, but they travel pinch strings attached. For example, to suffice for one-day aliases same-day delivery:

  • Your bid full must beryllium astatine slightest $25.
  • For same-day delivery, each items must beryllium marked same-day eligible.
  • For one-day delivery, each items must beryllium marked one-day eligible.
  • You must cheque retired earlier nan cut-off time, usually astir noon.
  • For same-day delivery, two-hour market delivery, and Amazon cardinal in-garage delivery, nan shipping reside must beryllium successful an eligible zip code.

What's more, you tin take your individual "Amazon Day" and person each your orders each week automatically delivered connected your preferred day. This work is disposable crossed nan US and does not require you to meet a minimum bid threshold.

Whether you extremity up pinch a Prime subscription aliases not, beryllium judge you understand how to return an point connected Amazon and get your money back successful lawsuit you're not happy pinch immoderate of your purchases. Also, cognize what to do if your Amazon bid ne'er arrived.

2. Prime Membership Sharing

Share Amazon Prime Benefits Family Teens

Did you cognize that you tin share your Amazon Prime membership's benefits pinch up to 1 different big and 4 non-adults? Yes, that's right: 5 others tin make usage of your Amazon Prime benefits without giving them nonstop entree to your relationship (i.e. sharing your relationship password, which breaches nan Amazon Terms of Service).

The only stipulation is that these group must unrecorded astatine nan aforesaid reside arsenic you. Or, successful different words, rank tin only beryllium shared pinch existent members of nan aforesaid household.

To induce somebody, you'll request to cognize their name, birthday, and email address. When they judge nan invitation, they'll request to cognize your birthday. Learn much astir how to stock Amazon Prime pinch family.

3. Unlimited Photo Storage With Amazon Photos

Amazon Photo Prime Benefits

All Amazon customers commencement pinch 5GB of free information retention pinch Amazon Drive. This includes thing from photos to videos, documents to euphony files, and immoderate other you mightiness want to shop connected there.

As an Amazon Prime member, your free unreality retention scheme is expanded and allows for unlimited full-resolution photograph retention arsenic portion of nan Amazon Photos program. All photos, whether antecedently uploaded aliases uploaded successful nan future, do not count against your unreality retention information limit. In addition, Amazon Prime members get 5GB of free video storage.

Photos must beryllium smaller than 2GB. Supported formats see JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and RAW formats for Nikon (NEF), Canon (CR2), and Sony (ARW) cameras. Prime Photos is only meant for personal, non-commercial use.

4. Ad-Free Video Streaming With Prime Video

Amazon Movies and Shows

Prime Video is simply a apical contender to Netflix aliases Hulu, packed pinch fantabulous TV shows worthy watching and each kinds of Prime movies ranging from classics to modern hits. And while Prime Video has agelong been seen arsenic inferior to Netflix, it's catching up fast.

Amazon Studios reached caller heights erstwhile it won 2 Academy Awards (Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay for nan Amazon Original film, Manchester by nan Sea), and it has been winning 1 grant aft nan different since. Other notable Amazon Originals see The Lord of nan Rings: The Rings of Power, The Boys, and The Wheel of Time.

5. Ad-Free Music Streaming With Prime Music

Amazon Music Prime

While there's a batch of intermezo worth successful Prime Video, it's not nan only streaming work offered by Amazon. If you already watercourse your euphony aliases bask listening to podcasts, past Prime Music will flip your world upside down, and it's included pinch your Prime membership.

Amazon maintains a room of complete 100 cardinal songs and complete 70,000 podcasts that Prime members tin entree for free. Prime Music includes unlimited skips, nary ads, and entree to handcrafted Prime Playlists. Don't for illustration them? Feel free to create your ain playlists instead.

If you're looking for on-demand euphony successful HD value and pinch spatial audio, look into Amazon Music Unlimited. This abstracted subscription work offers a 30-day free proceedings and starts astatine $9.99/month thereafter. Prime members person discounted monthly and exclusive yearly plans.

6. Free Gaming With Prime Gaming Titles

Prime Gaming Free Games

Love playing video games? Then you'll emotion nan Prime Gaming use that comes pinch Amazon Prime. It gives you entree to free in-game content, free games, and you tin subscribe to a Twitch channel for free each month.

If you already person a Twitch account, you tin link your relationship to a 30-day free proceedings of Amazon Prime to commencement reaping nan benefits.

7. Free Reading With Prime's Audible Narration

Audible Book Selection

Amazon Prime members who ain Kindle e-readers, Kindle Fire tablets, aliases usage nan Kindle reference apps for iOS and Android tin entree thousands of ebooks, e-magazines, e-comics, and much for free. Rented titles person nary owed dates and tin beryllium shared crossed immoderate devices connected to your Amazon account.

But Prime Reading includes Audible Narration, meaning you tin move betwixt reference and listening to your book. You tin entree nan audiobook done Audible, and your advancement syncs up to nan Kindle copy.

There's besides nan Amazon First Reads program, which allows Prime members to download 1 free ebook each period from nan Amazon First Reads picks. These are not-yet-released ebooks that are made disposable arsenic "first picks" 1 period earlier their charismatic release.

8. Get Exclusive Grocery Deals and Ultra Fast Delivery

whole foods storefrontImage Credit: Raysonho @ Open Grid Scheduler / Scalable Grid Engine/Wikimedia Commons

As a Prime member, you tin gain 5% backmost connected your Whole Foods Market market hauls erstwhile utilizing nan Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card. You tin besides prevention 10% connected apical of waste prices and deals connected seasonal items.

Combined pinch free market pickup aliases one-hour delivery pinch Amazon Fresh (in prime cities), you won't want to shop anyplace else.

Your section Whole Foods Market besides accepts Amazon returns pinch nary container aliases explanation needed. This work is independent of a Prime membership.

9. Pay Less for Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Student Exclusive Offers

If you're presently enrolled successful a assemblage aliases university, and you person a valid .EDU email address, you tin registry arsenic portion of nan Prime Student program, which grants a six-month free proceedings for Amazon Prime. When nan proceedings ends, you tin upgrade to a afloat Amazon Prime rank astatine half nan regular price.

This free proceedings only includes free two-day shipping and unlimited photograph retention pinch Amazon Photos. Prime Video, Prime Music, Kindle Owners Lending Library, and rank sharing are only disposable to afloat Amazon Prime memberships.

10. Lightning Deals and Prime Day

Did you cognize that Amazon has an awesome woody programme called Lightning Deals? In short, a Lightning Deal is simply a discounted point that's only disposable successful a definite amount for a definite magnitude of time.

The Lightning Deals programme isn't exclusive to Prime, but Amazon Prime members person thing called Prime Early Access. This lets you get a 30-minute caput commencement connected astir (but not all) Lightning Deals, which is awesome because these deals waste retired amazingly fast. Visit nan Lightning Deals page to spot what's disposable astatine immoderate time.

Amazon Prime members are besides eligible to participate connected Prime Day, which is an yearly arena wherever thousands of items crossed nan full tract are marked down. If you've been reasoning of buying an Amazon device, Prime Day is nan champion time for it.

11. Free One-Year Grubhub+ Membership

Amazon Prime Grubhub Plus Membership

Whether you're a caller aliases an existing Grubhub+ member, if you motion up for Amazon Prime, you get a free one-year Grubhub+ membership connected top.

With Grubhub+, you salary $0 for transportation and little work fees connected orders complete $12 earlier tax, tip, and fees astatine eligible merchants. After nan first year, nan Grubhub+ rank is $10 per month.

Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

To entree each nan benefits supra and more, an yearly Amazon Prime Membership will group you backmost $139, which is conscionable $11.58 per month. Or, you tin opt for a monthly subscription astatine $14.99 per month. If you're a student, your complaint will beryllium $7.49 per period aliases $69 per year. Is location immoderate different online subscription that offers this overmuch goodness for specified an affordable price?

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