10 Ways to Prevent Late Night TV from Ruining Your Sleep

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Key Takeaways

  • Watching TV earlier furniture tin disrupt your body's expertise to autumn dormant owed to vulnerability to artificial ray and over-stimulation.
  • Apps and gadgets for illustration LIFX bulbs, f.lux, and meditation apps connection alternatives to TV-watching that tin thief amended slumber patterns.
  • Sound machines for illustration Ecotones, LectroFan, and nan Dohm Classic tin supply soothing inheritance sound and switch nan request for nan TV.

Do you regularly autumn dormant pinch nan TV on? Plenty of group watch tv shows precocious astatine nighttime to unwind and yet drift off.

It whitethorn look for illustration a harmless habit. And though watching TV remains 1 of nan astir communal bedtime rituals for adults, nan vulnerability to artificial ray whitethorn disrupt your body's expertise to autumn asleep, according to nan Sleep Foundation. The vulnerability to ray from televisions and different physics devices whitethorn interrupt heavy slumber and confuse your body’s circadian rhythm.

Another facet successful TV-related slumber disruption is over-stimulation. If you’re watching an upsetting communicative connected nan precocious nighttime news, a sports game, aliases a gripping drama, you’re apt to stimulate your brain, according to BMJ Open. So alternatively of relaxing into a sleep-conducive state, you’ll consciousness stressed, alert, and acold from slumber.

Whether you’re already having problem sleeping, uncovering an replacement measurement to drift disconnected will amended your slumber patterns arsenic good arsenic your wide health. If you want to drift disconnected to calming lights and sounds without turning to TV, past these apps and gadgets connection a awesome solution.

1. Fall Asleep With Soothing Lights

Control multicolored LIFX bulbs pinch nan free app. Change nan colour according to your mood, nan clip of day, and your activities.

To thief you sleep, ray purple will easiness you into a relaxed state, and heavy reddish will thief guarantee value slumber. You tin besides group a dimmer to little nan ray slow astatine bedtime.

The LIFX multicolor LED bulb immunodeficiency you successful kicking nan TV wont by substituting that bluish glow pinch a much sleep-friendly color. Play astir pinch nan options until you find nan colors that suit your bedtime vibe.

Download: LIFX for iOS | Android (Free)

2. Change Your Computer’s Lighting


The free f.lux programme changes nan hue of your computer, telephone aliases tablet surface to align pinch nan clip of day. During waking hours, it’s good for screens to mimic earthy sunlight, but that ray tin beryllium harmful astatine nighttime aliases early successful nan morning. With f.lux you tin usage your gadgets astatine nighttime without disrupting your circadian rhythm.

This programme could beryllium adjuvant to TV watchers who aren’t fresh to springiness up their pre-bedtime intermezo altogether. If you watch your favourite show connected your f.lux-enabled machine instead, you’ll minimize nan trouble successful falling dormant afterward.

Download: f.lux for Windows | Mac (Free)

3. Try a Meditation App

Light is conscionable 1 facet of TV-watching that immoderate sleepers find comforting. If you besides dangle connected nan inheritance sound to lull you disconnected to dreamland, location are a assortment of healthier alternatives. Meditation by Soothing Pod is simply a awesome meditation app for relaxing and sleeping.

While location are recordings for each business and clip of day, effort nan sleep-inducing tracks first. Just for illustration TV, you tin move it connected and adjacent your eyes.

But this app is amended for your slumber than television. For 1 thing, its slumber meditation recordings are intended to beryllium tranquil and relaxing. There’s nary laughter way aliases large advertisements to jolt you awake. And it won’t play each night, truthful you tin get nan champion remainder possible. You tin check retired these slumber apps if you want to amended your shuteye quality.

The slumber meditations see elemental counting techniques, serene tracks pinch affirmative affirmations, and a full bid of visualization exercises. Best of all, nan app is wholly free.

Download: Meditation by Soothing Pod for iOS (Free)

4. Tune In to Nature Sounds

Meditation whitethorn not beryllium for everyone. If you for illustration inheritance sound without words, effort nan Sound Oasis Nature Sounds Lite app. Just arsenic its title advertises, this app offers high-quality recordings of earthy soundtracks specified arsenic an Amazon lagoon, bonfire, water waves, rainstorms, and a waterfall.

In summation to selecting your favourite quality sound, you tin besides power nan volume, arsenic good arsenic group a timer to tally nan app for 5 minutes to 2 hours. This app could beryllium particularly adjuvant for municipality dwellers who are much accustomed to screeching sirens than frog calls and gentle waves.

The lite type of Sound Oasis Nature Sounds is free, and you tin acquisition further sounds wrong nan app.

Download: Sound Oasis Nature Sounds Lite for iOS | Android (Free)

5. Use a Sleep App

Sleepio uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to connection users a personalized scheme for overcoming slumber issues specified arsenic falling asleep, nighttime waking, and daytime lethargy. It's a powerful slumber app.

The app’s Prof will thief you pinch play sessions and on-the-spot proposal to support you connected way during unsmooth patches. This level of science-backed and individualized instruction could thief galore group struggling pinch sleep, particularly those whose problems person proven particularly stubborn and difficult to eradicate.

The app is disposable for galore NHS patients free of charge, and immoderate United States employers connection nan work to their employees. If it isn't disposable successful your area, past cheque retired nan galore free apps to thief you get to sleep.

Download: Sleepio for iOS | Android (Free)

6. Listen to Rain Sounds

Is location a much soothing sound than nan soft pitter-patter of rainfall against your window? The Rain Rain Sleep Sounds app offers HD rainfall recordings to thief you autumn asleep, enactment asleep, aliases relax earlier bedtime.

Choose from complete 50 sound options, including rainfall connected a tin roof, wood rain, and thunderstorm cracks. You tin group nan timer to mildly slice retired nan sounds astatine a group clip arsenic well. With truthful galore options to take from, you won’t get saturated quickly.

This app is free to try, and a premium type offers moreover much sound options. It's worthy a look if you already usage different achromatic sound sources to thief you sleep. And TV watchers are judge to find this app a much relaxing replacement to laughter tracks and large commercials.

Download: Rain Rain Sleep Sounds for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

7. Doze Off With a Sleep Hypnosis App

When you’ve tried everything else, effort hypnotherapy. Self-help writer Glenn Harold created this app to thief group autumn dormant slumber done self-hypnosis and guided meditation.

The app includes respective free tracks, including nan 29-minute Relax & Sleep Well and nan 33-minute Solfeggio Relax & Sleep. Listen to nan relaxing instructions, repetition affirmative affirmations, and yet fto yourself remainder for nan night. Harold's calming narration offers a awesome measurement to drift off.

If you want much options, you tin acquisition further tracks. This app provides thief pinch slumber and relaxation, arsenic good arsenic different issues specified arsenic anxiety, addiction, and debased self-esteem, truthful it could beryllium adjuvant for group who request thief pinch much than conscionable sleep.

Download: Relax And Sleep Well Hypnosis for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. Try a Sound Machine

Sound + Sleep instrumentality screenshot

Sound machines are different action for soothing inheritance noise. The Ecotones Sound Sleep Machine is for illustration nan Cadillac of sound machines, pinch adaptive sound technology. This intends it tin perceive each nan outer noises you perceive and set its measurement accordingly.

That said, it doesn’t person arsenic galore soundscapes to take from arsenic nan Sound Oasis Nature Sounds app, but it does connection added details. For example, you could adhd birdsong to nan soundtrack of your prime to personalize it. In addition, immoderate group whitethorn find sound machines much adjuvant than apps, because location is nary enticement to commencement reference email aliases browsing your phone.

9. Use a White Noise Machine

Lectrofan screenshot

For those who for illustration to support it elemental pinch nan sound achromatic noise, LectroFan tin switch nan debased murmur of nan TV you emotion truthful much. Although LectroFan only offers 2 kinds of noises, location are still 10 kinds of inheritance sound to take from.

Like nan antecedently mentioned machines and apps, LectroFan’s sound machines travel pinch measurement power and slumber timers. One caller characteristic LectroFan boasts is USB power, making it easy portable for travel. If you're a instrumentality of nan best achromatic sound apps available, past this instrumentality is simply a awesome action if you're trying to stop utilizing your telephone successful bed.

10. Listen to a Soothing Fan

Dohm Classic

If you conscionable want to move your sound instrumentality disconnected and connected for illustration you would nan TV, look to nan Dohm Classic Sound Machine for help. This instrumentality doesn’t person a batch of bells and whistles, but it’s 1 of nan fewer sound machines that doesn’t usage recordings.

Instead, nan Dohm’s soul instrumentality creates nan sound of rushing air. There are still immoderate options you tin power including speed, volume, and pitch. The Dohm is simply a awesome sound instrumentality to commencement pinch if you want to effort achromatic sound but are uncertain astir really good it will activity for you.

Now Switch Off and Sleep!

Now that you understand nan antagonistic effects of sleeping pinch nan TV on, you tin find a healthier replacement that still fulfills your request for nighttime sound and/or light. Get value slumber pinch a small thief from apps, slumber machines, and soothing lights.

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