10 Tips And Tricks Of Google Maps That You Shouldn’t Miss!

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Google Maps is 1 of nan astir celebrated mapping applications since February 2005. It has a batch to connection and tin beryllium utilized for various purposes, specified arsenic asking for directions, exploring caller places, and readying trips.

This web work provides elaborate and meticulous accusation astir geographical regions worldwide by offering aerial and outer views of various locations.

The tips and tricks cited successful this article will beryllium a bully instauration for utilizing Google Maps. So, publication nan full write-up successful item to unlock its afloat potential.

Tips And Tricks For Navigating Google Maps Like A Pro:

Here are immoderate tips and tricks that will thief you get nan astir retired of Google Maps:

1) View GoogleMap History

It is imaginable to position nan full Google Maps history arsenic a timeline. All you request to do is to position Google Map’s timeline website to position nan representation of each nan places you person been to.

To find and position nan Google Maps history connected your phone, travel nan steps below:

  • Open Google Maps connected your smartphone and motion successful to your Google account.
  • Search for nan “Your Timeline” action and pat connected it.


  • Soon, you will beryllium taken to a surface displaying your timeline history.


  • Scroll up and down to navigate nan timeline and prime circumstantial dates to spot your history connected those days.
  • If required, nan dates tin beryllium edited aliases deleted from your timeline by clicking nan “Edit” button.


2) Find Public Transportation Details

Google Maps is basal for uncovering nationalist carrier details, including buses, trains, trams, subways, and ferries.

Tap connected nan “Transit” fastener to position a database of disposable nationalist proscription options for your route.


It besides suggests nan champion way and guidance and displays stops, stations, and terminals connected nan representation for locating them quickly.

Doing this simplifies nan full process of accessing nationalist carrier and makes it overmuch much accessible.

3) Changing Directions Using Drag And Drop

If you are looking for directions connected nan desktop type of Maps, you tin easy gimmick your way aliases spell done immoderate different measurement utilizing nan drag-and-drop option.

This is really you tin do it:

  • Open Google Maps successful nan web browser and click nan “Directions” button.


  • Enter nan starting and nan destination points successful nan hunt bar.
  • Click connected nan “Get directions” fastener to show nan way connected nan map.
  • Finally, click and clasp nan bluish way statement to resistance it to a caller location.


  • Doing this will consequence successful updating nan alteration of route.

4) Download Offline Maps

Downloading Google offline maps is an fantabulous measurement to benefit, particularly if nan personification gets stuck successful a business pinch constricted aliases nary net connectivity.

This will beryllium adjuvant successful lawsuit of walking wherever you request to position your location aliases hunt for places without a unrecorded net connection. Also, it will thief successful minimizing information usage and prevention connected information charges.

Follow nan steps to download offline Google Maps:

  • Open Google Maps and past pat connected nan profile image connected nan correct side.


  • Select “Offline Maps” and past “Select your map” for downloading it.


  • Tap connected nan “Download” option.


Note: Offline Google Maps will not see real-time postulation updates, nationalist proscription information, aliases nan latest details.

5) Share Your Location

Sharing location connected Google Maps is simply a adjuvant measurement to supply real-time directions to others. It allows you to stock your coming location pinch group for a circumstantial period.

Sharing your location pinch a circumstantial interaction will fto them spot your moving tract successful existent time.

Follow this guideline to Pin Point Multiple locations connected Google Maps.

This is really you tin do it:

  • First, motorboat nan Google Map connected your instrumentality and motion successful pinch your Google Account.
  • For sharing location, pat connected your floor plan icon connected nan apical of nan surface and past take “Location sharing.”


  • Soon after, you will get nan action to stock your location pinch your contacts for different periods of time.


6) Use Voice Commands

Google Maps is known to support nan built-in Google Assistant sound commands that heighten nan navigation experience.

You tin inquire nan Assistant to navigate adjacent places by giving commands. Simple and earthy phrases make it easier, aliases you tin commencement by saying, “Hey, Google” aliases “OK, Google.”

This is really you tin usage nan sound commands successful Google Maps:

  • Open Google Maps and pat nan microphone icon to activate nan sound input.


  • Ask your mobility aliases speak.
  • Soon, Google Maps will process your sound input and supply you pinch directions based connected your request.


7) Inside Access

Google Maps useful excellently moreover indoors, specified arsenic navigating done malls, airports, aliases immoderate different large complex.

Look for nan Google Map location connected nan map, click connected it, and past scroll to Directory. Certain places besides support nan Live View wrong and springiness you directions pinch nan thief of animated arrows.

8) Search For Directions With A Single Click

Google Maps is adjuvant erstwhile looking for directions pinch a azygous click aliases tap.

With a azygous click aliases pat connected nan Google Maps app, you tin entree this powerful, user-friendly navigation instrumentality for providing elaborate directions.

Just type your destination reside aliases right-click connected nan map, and it will instantly punctual you to return retired a database that you tin usage later to find directions to aliases from that location.


9) Turn On The Incognito Mode

If you don’t want to time off footprints, move connected nan Incognito Mode. It is highly beneficial regarding privateness and individual information but doesn’t make you wholly anonymous.

Turning connected Google Maps successful Incognito Mode will not prevention your browser aliases hunt history successful your relationship aliases moreover nonstop you immoderate notification. Also, Google will not usage your activity to personalize Maps successful Incognito Mode.

here is really you tin usage Incognito Mode connected Google Maps:

  • Open nan Google Maps and pat nan profile picture successful nan apical right.
  • Select “Turn connected Incognito mode” from nan menu.


  • In Incognito mode, you tin position a acheronian barroom astatine nan apical of nan app, indicating that you’re utilizing nan Incognito Mode.


10) Check Traffic Before Time

Google Maps is an fantabulous instrumentality for checking postulation up of time. It gives america real-time postulation accusation and different features to thief america navigate congested routes.

You tin easy usage this postulation characteristic and make decisions regarding your recreation plans by avoiding traffic-congested areas and ensuring a soft and businesslike journey.

To cheque postulation conditions and scheme routes utilizing Google Maps, travel nan steps below:

  • Open Google Maps connected nan smartphone and link to nan net for real-time postulation updates.
  • On nan Search bar, participate nan destination and pat nan “Directions” button.


  • Google will cipher nan region based connected your existent location and spot nan estimated recreation clip and space.


  • Look astatine nan representation and position nan postulation overlay based connected nan colors:

Green: Clear traffic

Yellow: Moderate traffic

Orange: Slow-moving aliases congested traffic

Red: Heavy traffic

  • Soon aft this, Google Maps will urge nan route. To position alternate routes, pat “Routes” astatine nan bottommost of nan screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can The Google Location Be Changed?

Yes, you tin alteration nan Google location connected your Android telephone aliases tablet.

Say, “Hey Google, unfastened Assistant settings aliases navigate to nan Assistant settings straight and add, change, aliases delete your address.

  1. Does Google Maps Work Offline?

Yes, Google Maps useful offline. Download maps for circumstantial areas connected your instrumentality and usage them moreover erstwhile you don’t person an net connection.

  1. Does Google Maps Use GPS?

Yes, Google Maps uses personification input, real-time postulation data, and GPS information to supply meticulous and up-to-date information.

  1. What Is The Difference Between GPS And Google Maps?

GPS is utilized for outdoor activities for illustration hiking and driving since it tin activity without an net connection.

Google Maps is utilized for municipality navigation, provides postulation updates and replacement routes, and besides shows nan velocity connected nan screen.

Final Words

Google Maps acts arsenic your trustworthy guideline erstwhile it comes to navigation and exploration.

Therefore, nan tips and tricks mentioned successful nan write-up will heighten your acquisition and thief successful an effortless collaboration.

Let america cognize which 1 is your favourite and really it was helpful.

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